Project Earth Science : Astronomy

Project Earth Science : Astronomy

by P. Sean Smith

Paperback(Older Edition)


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Project Earth Science : Astronomy by P. Sean Smith

Why does Earth have seasons? What is a light year? Astronomy can be a daunting subject to tackle in the classroom - for student and for teacher. Project Earth Science: Astronomy was developed to suit the needs of both. For the student, hands-on, teacher-tested activities bring the concepts of astronomy down to Earth. For the teacher, background information, supplementary readings, and suggestions for integrating other disciplines provide a framework to launch a successful introduction to astronomy.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780873551083
Publisher: National Science Teachers Association
Publication date: 03/01/1992
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 160
Age Range: 10 - 15 Years

Table of Contents

Getting Ready for Classroom Instruction
Activity 1: It's Only a Paper Moon
Activity 2: Time Traveler
Activity 3: Solar System Scale
Activity 4: Hello Out There!
Activity 5: How Far to the Star?
Activity 6: Solar System Soup: The Formation of the Solar System
Activity 7: The Goldilocks Effect or "This Planet is Just Right"
Activity 8: The Greenhouse Effect
Activity 9: Creature Feature
Activity 10: Reason for the Seasons
Activity 11: Ping-Pong Phases
Reading 1: Angular Diameters
Reading 2: What is a Light Year?
Reading 3: Hubble Space Telescope
Reading 4: Scale Measurements
Reading 5: Scouting Earth/Moon
Reading 6: The Parallax Effect
Reading 7: Understanding the Earth as a System
Reading 8: After the Warming
Reading 9: Grand Theme 2: Atmosphere, Oceans, Cryosphere, and Hydrologic Cycle
Reading 10: The Greenhouse Effect
Reading 11: Grand Theme 4: Interaction of Human Activities with the Natural
Reading 12: Reasons for the Seasons
Reading 13: Phases of the Moon
Reading 14: Understanding the Moon Illusion
Master Materials List
Annotated Bibliography

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