Project Five Fifteen: First Light

Project Five Fifteen: First Light

by Samantha Summers

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What do you do when you’ve always dreamed of a hero; your knight in shining armour, only to find when he arrives he isn’t a hero at all?

... He’s a killer.

Ronnie Rose is trying to cope with the loss of her father; now it looks like she might lose everything else that’s dear to her too. Huge debts threaten to destroy her family, her childhood home and her future. Only one person cuts through her pain.

Kalen Smith has just moved to town. He’s trouble and everyone knows it. He and his mysterious friends keep to themselves and the town likes it that way.

But when Kalen mourns at her dad’s funeral, Ronnie wants to know why and her investigation plunges her into a dangerous world of murky government secrets, with deadly consequences. Ronnie knows she should walk away from Kalen before it’s too late. Problem is, she’s falling for him…

Can we choose who we fall in love with?

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BN ID: 2940033230129
Publisher: Samantha Summers
Publication date: 05/10/2012
Series: Project Five Fifteen , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 727 KB
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

Born in London, an only child with an overactive imagination, Sam spent much of her childhood telling ghost stories to her younger cousins and dreaming about far away places. She graduated university with a BA in marketing, but it wasn't long before her passion for storytelling and travel got the better of her. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia, where you'll probably find her hidden away in the corner of a park somewhere - writing, reading, dreaming or watching movies on her iPad. She loves everything spy and assassin and has a slightly unhealthy obsession with Star Wars, mainly Darth Vader.

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Project Five Fifteen - First Light 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book! It has a very good story plot and I love the characters. Ronnie is the best she has spunk and fights for herself. Then there r K (kalen) and his friends. Love kalen becuase he tries very hard to showbher that he loves her and gain her trust. His friends are pleasant characters my favorite Ace him being the youngest and all. If u read thus book ull find theres alot of detail and it can be funny , and very action filled in certain scenes
rockygirl1 More than 1 year ago
This story reminded me a lot of Altered which I LOVED! I fell a little in love with each of the boys, but especially Kalen. I loved how protecive he was of Rose. She has been on her own for so long and it is great to finally see someone finally take care of her. I really enjoyed the writing style and overall the books were great! Samantha Summers really had a great style and really made you care about all the characters. I found myself caring about all the boys in the story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have enjoyed reading First Light  on several occasions. I found Ronnie a very likeable character and Ronnie and Kalen a loveable couple. You find your self wanting them together . The bad boy mystery is very exciting and Kalen becomes an adorable character from the very start. I found that I first gasped at the prologue, and was already effected from Jesse's death so much that I wanted  to read on and find out more about this boy's circumstance that led to his untimely death. The story that followed did not disappoint my excitable nature. I found I did not what to put the book down.  Each and every character and situation was displayed clearly by the writer and  you felt like you were there with them through out the read.
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
Ronnie Rose is 17 years old, and even though her sister Rachel is 9 years older than her, she has always had to be the adult in the family. Her father has just died after an extended illness. Ronnie had taken time off from school to take care of him. While at the funeral she sees a mysterious boys from around town there, staring at her from across the way. She thinks this is odd, but then when she looks back again, he is gone. When Ronnie was 14 years old, she was attacked while walking home one evening on the beach. A stranger saved her. Ever since the attack, her coping mechanism has been to daydream about him, though she never really saw his face. Ronnie finds herself in a local cafe after her father's death, doing just that. She realizes that she has forgotten her wallet and the waitress starts to make a big deal about her not paying, when once again, this mysterious boy pops up, paying her tab. She later manages to find him, and tries to pay him back, but he's not interested in her money. She agrees to meet him the next day, and though not in either of their best interest, becomes friends, and then much more with Kalen. Kalen lives with his four other "friends," who are more like brothers to them. They all share a secret, dark, and dangerous past, a past which can not only destroy them, but could destroy Ronnie also. The story begins to unravel about Kalen's mysterious past when he finally opens up a little and shares it with Ronnie. A series of treacherous, life-threatening events occur, and Ronnie must choose between the boy she has come to love, and what is left of her family, but can she do this before it's too late to save anyone? I found First Light to be a very interesting and enjoyable read. The plot is very unique and original, which I really liked, keeping my interest from beginning to end. I enjoyed Ronnie's character. She has been through a great ordeal in her life, and has made some mistakes, but is also mature beyond her years. Kalen is mysterious, dangerous, athletic, and totally hot with the whole bad boy thing going on, as are is four friends, Ace, Nash, Denver, and Laith, who I also liked, with the exception of Laith. I enjoyed the romance between Kalen and Ronnie also. They were attracted to each other from the very beginning, but their relationship was built over time, and also involved some heart-wrenching decisions on both parts. First Light is also action-packed, and filled with mystery, intrigue, conspiracy, and murder. Overall, I really enjoyed this YA romance/thriller. If you are looking for a book that has a different twist, with some romance, conspiracy, and action, then you might want to check this book out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago