A Promise Forged

A Promise Forged

by Cara C. Putman


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ISBN-13: 9781602607576
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/03/2010
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Cara C. Putman lives in Indiana with her husband and four children. She's an attorney and a ministry leader and teacher at her church. She has loved reading and writing from a young age and now realizes it was all training for writing books. An honors graduate of the University of Nebraska and George Mason University School of Law, Cara loves bringing history to life. She is a regular guest blogger at Generation Next Parenting and Writer Interrupted, as well as writing at her blog, The Law, Books & Life.

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A Promise Forged 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous 23 days ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
This story feels like it could be a part of the movie, "A League of Their Own," but with a Christian basis and a budding romance. I enjoyed the historical perspective and the old-fashioned values that are rarely found these days.
Andrea_Renee_Cox 3 months ago
Fresh Look at the All-American Girls Professional Baseball Team Ever since I first saw A League of Their Own and adored the character of Evelyn (portrayed by Bitty Schram), I have admired the story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. What I didn't know until I read A Promise Forged was that it began as the All-American Girls Professional Softball League. I love it when an author prompts me to look further into a topic, thus teaching me stuff I didn't before know. We definitely learn something new each day. In addition to that, I liked that Kat's spunky personality reminded me of the movie's Evelyn. That was a fun comparison! Another thing I liked was how the backdrop of WWII drifted into the background as the baseball took the foreground for this story. It was a delightful reprieve from the war-heavy novels I'm used to reading in this genre. (Don't misunderstand me: I am a WWII fiction fan and love seeing all different aspects of the genre.) The only things that bugged me were the two uses of a replacement profanity. It's a word that most people don't realize is a replacement for using the Lord's name in vain, but when you look up the etymology of the word, it's plain as daylight. However, I did not dock any stars for this, because it was also considered teenage slang at the time of this book, and perhaps it wasn't with the intention the etymology infers. One thing that made me chuckle was that a redhead was stated to have a tan. Um, this isn't believable from this redhead's perspective. I can freckle and I can burn, but I have never had the ability to tan. Hearing from many other redheads in my life, this seems to be a consensus. Perhaps there are a few true redheads in the world with that capability, but I haven't met them yet. Research shows that redheads are generally more sensitive to the sun and not only burn easily but also gain sun-induced headaches and fatigue. Anyway, this line made me laugh. Overall, I adored this story of a girls' softball/baseball team and the journalist shadowing them. It was a treat well appreciated in the midst of a busy weekend. Be sure to read the first two books in the series, though, as the Buckeye Promises build atmosphere as they go.
MeezCarrie 9 months ago
A Promise Forged immerses readers in 1940s America, when morale needed to be lifted and autographed photos were given out with the purchase of a war bond. The good and the bad of the era is matter-of-factly woven throughout Kat and Jack’s story, and it makes me want to learn more about the women’s professional baseball leagues of the day. Richly-drawn characters, including Kat and Jack, and a vivid setting also put readers right in the middle of the action, from the crack of a bat to the cheers from the stands. Whether you’re an avid baseball fan or, like me, are more interested in the history, this is an entertaining and touching romance from start to finish. (I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book)
J_Augustine 10 months ago
1 girl & 1 reporter take on the world...together... So, sports have never been my thing, not even a drop of interest. But...the reason that I really wanted to read this novella is that I've been fascinated for quite awhile by the girls softball/baseball leagues that sprang up while the boys were away during WWII. The negativity that Kat, and the real women, faced because of their gender is shocking by today's standards but through the adversity they helped pave the way for today's girls and women to follow their dreams toward whatever career they wish. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the baseball details and scenes, but, it was Kat and Jack that really stole my heart. I just loved them both! She's a bit naive, he's a bit jaded, but they are perfect for each other. Whether you are a sports fan or not this novella is a fun read and a great start to the series. Batter up! (I received a copy of this book from the author. All opinions are entirely my own.)
Kathae 10 months ago
Kat was just a girl who wanted to play ball. Jack, unable to serve in the armed forces, worked as a reporter for a local paper, until he could get something better. I loved how Kat was so focused on doing her best for the team and honoring the Lord in doing so. She was spunky and fun, and knew how to work the crowd. Yet she was humble and did not seek the spotlight. It took me a while to be able to trust Jack, but he eventually proved himself. It was fun being an insider to the All-American Girls Softball League, but it was eye-opening to see what a challenging job that was. If you're familiar with the movie A League of Their Own, you will appreciate this book. It's great for anyone who wants to learn more about America's favorite pastime, the WWII era, and experience a little romance in the midst of it. I received an e-ARC of this book from the author, through Celebrate Lit, for review purposes. The thoughts expressed here are my own.
MeganHope 10 months ago
This book was so sweet! As with a lot of novella's it has that rushed feeling because it is so short, but even though this one kinda of had that feeling it was still a great read! And again, it was so sweet. Y'all the spiritual content was so good! Kat's struggle to keep God first in her life, with her busy schedule really spoke to me. It's something I struggle with as well, and to see her go through it, and to read her prayers, it was really encouraging. And isn't the cover so cute?? I loved seeing this aspect of baseball as well. I didn't know much about the women's baseball teams and how they got started and this book was so informative without boring you with all the history. She weaved a wonderful story filled with romance, history, and that feeling that leaves you with a happy sigh at the end of the book. The characters felt real, and when Kate was tensed up during a game I found myself tensed as well, waiting to see what would happen! Definitely a cute little story that I will re read! And isn't the cover so cute?? I was sent this book from Celebrate Lit for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
ARS8 10 months ago
A Promise Forged was a sweet little romance that captured the fun, excitement, and difficulties of the first women’s baseball/softball team. Kat Miller, who is seventeen, and away from home and family has been accepted on one of the teams. As this is her first time away from all she holds dear, she learns that not everyone is as welcoming or loving as she has known. Enter cynical reporter Jack Raymond, who wanted to do his part in the war but do to an injury cannot, decides to focus on Kat and make her a star. This move makes her other teammates more jealous and puts Jack and Kat in close proximity. As they get to know each other Jack and Kat, (despite Kat still having a year of high school left), begin to have feelings for each other regardless of their age difference. I really enjoyed this romance as it brought back memories of my own courtship with my husband (I was 17 and he a bit older than me). It was interesting to see that even at that young of age, Kat knew what she wanted. That she relied on her upbringing to get her through a tough and cynical world, with rules for the women players that were obnoxious and unfair and easily broken. I like the progression of Jack’s character as he begins to see his world, in light of Kat, in a whole new way. I received a complimentary copy of this novel. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
conniet729 10 months ago
My favorite movie is "A League of Their Own" so I was super excited to read this book. I loved the storyline. The research that the author has put into this book is amazing. When I read a historical book, I want to learn something. I did with this one. Well written characters, intriguing storyline, draws you in within the first few pages. I could relate to the main character, I am not a "girly girl". If you love baseball, heartwarming stories, and historical stories this is the book for you. I received a copy of this book through the Celebrate Lit blogging program, all thoughts are my own.
amandainpa 10 months ago
This was such a fun story! I loved following Kat as she played on the All American Girls Softball League. She is young and innocent but strong in her faith. She faces some obstacles during the story but handles them with grace and dignity.  I wasn't as much a fan of Jack...it took me a while to warm up to him (although I think this was possibly the author's intention).  There are many similarities to the movie "A League of Their Own", which I loved but this story still has many unique facets and perspectives.  The time period was described very vividly, and what an interesting time it was. America during WWII was a bit tumultuous and stressful but also fun and the author does a good job at portraying that.  For a shorter story, this book packed a big punch. It was a quick, fun, easy read...great for a summer day! I received this book from the publisher/author to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
DKStevens119 10 months ago
If you like history in a fictional story… You will enjoy this one! A young lady earns a spot on the first All-American Girls Professional Softball League and we get to travel with her as she struggles with long road trips, grueling practices, and older teammates. And then, there is this irritating, but handsome reporter who has been assigned to cover her and he is going to make her a star! I really liked how the author portrays this bit of history. Loved it! I was gifted a copy through CelebrateLit and no review was required. My review is voluntary...
MaureenST 10 months ago
The author had me thinking about just how different life was during WWII, and she brought my attention to how things changed, but stayed the same. While the men were away at war a woman’s major league was established, and thus the basis of this book. We put faces to one of the teams, and in particular one of the players, a seventeen-year-old high school girl, Kat Miller. While I liked this main character, and the guy who turns her head, a reporter with the local paper, but there is an age difference here that concerned me. Now if the girl was 20 and he 27, not so bad, maybe things were different during the war. I did enjoy how these women played their hearts out, and think how much people must have enjoyed having a bit of normalcy in their lives. I loved being back in this time period. I received this book through Celebrate Lit, and was not required to give a positive review.
KimPotter 10 months ago
A Promise Forged by Cara Putman is the third book in the Buckeye Promises series formerly known as the Ohio Brides series. Kat Miller is chosen to play for the All-American Girls Professional Softball League. A league started by Mr. Wrigley to try to bring in some money since a lot of the male players had been called to join the war. Kat struggles with fitting in with the other jealous players, the long road trips and constant practices. Then there’s the reporter who wants to make a name for himself at all costs. While Kat struggles to keep her faith from faltering can she also help Jack to see his need for a renewal of his faith. This story wasn’t so much about a war-time trial baseball league as it was the story of a young girl turning into a woman. Learning to handle the hard life-lessons thrown at her along with learning to believe in herself. You felt all these struggles right along with Kat. Who hasn’t struggled with keeping God first when all around you life keeps galloping along. Mix in the thrill of getting to play America’s favorite pastime and you have the makings of a truly intriguing story. I received this book from the Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest review.
MollyzReviewz 10 months ago
It's been sometime since I read a Cara Putnam book, and when the chance arose to read this one, I jumped on it. I'm a big WWII lover, and Cara Putnam is a wonderful writer of  history and this novel was no different. Her characters become real, her plot lines full of grace and mercy. This was a journey I won't soon forget!  If you loved the movie A League Of Their Own, you'll fall in love with Kat and want to see her dream come true. Watching her venture out for her dream, and watching Jack enter her life was so captivating. The chemistry between them is beautiful, and the messages that Putnam threaded throughout, really kept me engaged for the long haul.  Each page turn brought something new for me, and I fell more and more in love with this book. Cara Putnam has once again created a 4 star worthy novel and I look forward to reading more just like it! Well done, Ms. Putnam! Well done!  *I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.*
Virginiaw 10 months ago
This was a fantastic novella that talks about the women’s softball/baseball league that was formed during WWII. I loved learning reading about this team so much that I had to research it a little more to see how long it lasted. The characters were really fun. I loved the reporter, Jack and how he trailed Kat during the season and almost made her a hero. I could see her reaction of dislike, too. It was a wonderful read. I received a copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
lolly-pops 11 months ago
A PROMISE FORGED is a reprint of one of Ms. Putman's earlier Heartsong Presents novels that has been republished with a beautiful new cover. Kat is seventeen, a softball whiz, and a redheaded spitfire though she tries to contain that part. Jack is a college graduate, a sports-reporter who dreams of bigger, better things than writing about a womens' softball team. Really? Who ever heard of such a thing? Apparently baseball fans felt the same way because turnout was terrible. So Jack is tasked with writing positive things to fill the stands. Kat immediately catches his attention and his heart, but what is he thinking? She's just a "baby in diapers" and he's "older than her brother". Besides, she needs to finish school and wants to go to college. This ends with the possibility of a HEA and with the age of the heroine, that is acceptable. I'd hesitate if my almost seventeen year old fell in love with a man in his mid-twenties. At that age, there is a huge difference. Fans of Ms. Putman's romantic suspense might want to read her earlier books that contributed to her becoming the writer she is. This is not suspense, but it is sweet, squeaky-clean romance with a strong faith message. I was given a copy free (included in Ohio's Brides collection with Barbour) and all opinions are my own.
SBMC 11 months ago
If you've read Cara Putman's legal thrillers, this book is very different but equally fun and delicious. This is book 3 of the Buckeye Promises series and, though it can be read as a stand-alone, reading the first two novels in the series would definitely have enhanced my enjoyment of the secondary characters. The story takes place in Ohio/Indiana in 1943 during the inaugural season of the All American Girls Professional Softball League. It centers around a seventeen-year-old shortstop named Kat and a twenty-five-year-old news reporter named Jack. The story has all of Cara Putman's trademarks - fluid writing, well-developed and well-researched plot, wonderful characters, and a nice thread of faith and surrender. Kat gets recruited to play for a women's softball team just as she finishes off her junior year in high school. Supported and loved by her family, she enters the grueling circuit of semi-professional ball playing. Despite the turmoils that follow her career, she remains faithful to God and maintains her sweetness, innocence, and desire to serve God wherever she goes. Jack is a small-town news reporter who is waiting for a chance to re-enter the big city news reporting. He is hardened by life and lives a selfish life and begrudges his role in covering the women's league but finds himself falling in love with the young Kat. Their attraction and angst of insecurity in how things can work out are pretty intense and gripping. Jack's salvation scene is inspiring and how he changes from his previous ways after he surrenders to the Lord is uplifting to read. If you love historical romance or love Cara Putman's writing, this book is definitely for you! I received a copy of the book from the author/publisher through Celebrate Lit Tours and was under no obligation to post a positive review. All comments and opinions are solely my own.
MelissaF 11 months ago
This story definitely has the vibe of a League of Their Own, but cleaner I enjoyed the tension between our two main characters and the constant push and pull of their reletionship. The added stress for Kat of dealing with older, more mature players and being so young made it interesting. I will say it wasn’t until the last sixty pages or so before I really liked this story. I honestly wasn’t sure if I would finish it because it really wasn’t grabbing me. I felt like things we too contrived and I wasn’t fully buying the motivation behind things. But I am glad I did. It had a satisfying ending with the hope of a new beginning. A copy of this book was given to me through the Celebrate Lit Team. All opinions are my own.
Phyllis_H 11 months ago
A Promise Forged by Cara Putman A Summer of Softball and Surprises Kat adored playing softball and was so talented the boys on her older brother’s team had her fill in whenever they were short a player. When the opportunity arose for her to try out for the newly forming All-American Girls Professional Softball League, she was absolutely thrilled! And terrified. She was one of the youngest women trying out. Jack was a disgruntled, cynical reporter, stuck in a podunk town reporting on a women’s softball team. He was so convinced that it was beneath his abilities and was determined to push through until he could be recognized for the amazing writer he knew he was. Of course, that didn’t stop him from complaining and criticizing the women on the team in the process… I have to confess that when I first reading about Kat being seventeen and about to enter her senior year of high school (would she still be considered to be a rising senior in high school or is that only for college?) and then saw Jack was in his twenties, it just seemed wrong to me. Yeah, I know it wasn’t necessarily that uncommon in that day and age but it seemed strange. The irony of this is the simple fact that I was 18 and still in high school when my husband, then 29, proposed to me. Hmm. Kat was very likable. Her strong faith and determination to do right was admirable, especially for a young girl away from her family for the first time. And especially for a young girl away from her family with older women who despised her for her convictions and youth. I wasn’t as much endeared to Jack. He was a bit too worldly for my tastes, especially for a sweet girl like Kat. He was a terrible flirt and had women sitting on his lap. I did appreciate the faith journey he took, however. The majority of the story was short snippets of things that happened on a single day told in either Kat’s or Jack’s perspective. Though that gave a sense of time and allowed the story to not appear to all happen in a matter of just a few days, it also made it seem a little choppy. Read the full review of A Promise Forged by Cara Putman with a Preview and Guest Post at AmongTheReads.net I would like to thank Celebrate Lit for giving me a copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.
Anonymous 11 months ago
“Never forget that you’re here to show us women can play like men, while never letting us forget that you’re women” (Philip Wrigley). Cara Putman certainly knows how to tell an engaging story, and I enjoyed A Promise Forged very much. The story has unusual character depth for a novella, and beautifully combines history, romance, and spiritual elements. Although not a sports fan, I found the backdrop of women’s baseball during the WWII years intriguing. From tryouts, to competition between teams, to jealousy among players, to the politics involved, Putman does a great job conveying what that time period was like. I had heard of women’s baseball, but didn’t realize the idea originated with Mr. Wrigley. Jack and Kat have a good chemistry between them, although I’m not sure my mom would have approved of the age difference. At 25, Jack’s goal was to be a reporter for a large newspaper, and resented his assignment of covering the women’s baseball league – especially as this was an experiment with no guarantee of success. All Kat wants to do is play a sport that she loves professionally, and the first season begins during the summer before her senior year in high school. What I loved most about their relationship is how they so beautifully met each other’s needs. Jack believed in Kat’s ability and was her encourager. And Jack’s weakness of spiritual faith was countered by Kat’s quiet confidence and peace about God’s plans, whether it be women’s softball or something entirely different. I know this story had to end, but I’d love to see the development of their relationship through the next few years. Recommended. I received a copy of this book through Celebrate Lit and Cara C. Putman. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
Ourpugs 11 months ago
A Promise Forged Kat and Jack’s story is very enjoyable and inspiring. Set in 1943 where the first the first women’s softball/baseball team. Reading the story makes me want to read more about that time. Kat was the youngest player but one of the best, I felt bad for her at times on how the teammates weren’t very friendly to her. Jack is the newspaper reporter who is assigned to follow the team to report on the women’s team. At times he writes about Kat’s playing the most. The other players are not too happy about that. I did love the characters of Kat and Jack, like a lot of books there could be more to their story, only because of getting attached to the characters. Love how supportive her family was. I received an complementary copy of the book from Celebrate Lit. I was not required to write an positive review. This is my own opinion.