Promise Me

Promise Me

by Hilary Wynne

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BN ID: 2940151568999
Publisher: Hilary Wynne
Publication date: 02/17/2015
Series: The Alexa Reed Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 453
Sales rank: 287,823
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Have you ever woken up one day and said, "Today's the day I'm going to do (insert thing here)?"

Well, I did, and the result is my first novel, Stay. Â I always thought of myself as a decent writer, and then a trip down memory lane through my ninth grade book of poetry confirmed it. Â I realize that I have always had a romantic side and a way with words. With support from my husband and kids (and an unspoken agreement to leave me alone for a few hours every night), I embarked on this incredible writing journey.

I'm originally from sunny Southern California and spent my summers in South Florida. I attended college at FSU and received my Masters in New Mexico. I finally settled in the Washington, DC area. My happy place has always been anywhere near the water.

When I'm not writing, I help run a business with my husband, watch an inordinate amount of sports (my kids play something 365 days a year), indulge my competitive spirit on the tennis court, and spend time with my awesome family and friends.

I am an avid reader, but find my characters feel neglected when I hang out with other author's characters for too long. When I do read, historical fiction is my favorite genre. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, places, and times.

I feel so blessed that my love of books inspired me to finally do something that I forgot I had always dreamed about doing.

My someday has arrived!

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Promise Me 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Julian & Alexa are back again. I was so happy to have them back in my life. This book made me crazy! I laughed, cried and at times I was so mad at the characters. This is an EPIC love story! Is love enough? I don't want to spoil it for readers but this book left me wanting more.... Hilary Wynne has done it again! I just can't get enough of Julian Bauer and Alexa Reed! You must one click this book, you won't be sorry!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved, loved, loved this series and could't put it down! They are a must series to read! I hope she continues to keep writing and would love to read more on the future of these two!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read the first book and i was hooked. Continued to read 2&3, could not put them down and when i was all done with the series i started all over again. The sign of a good book.
wont More than 1 year ago
I spent my weekend reading this book. The angst created by events in the storyline are akin to being dragged across cut glass. Yet I never considered stopping. I was completely entranced by these characters. At various times it seemed completely hopeless. But somehow out of the wasn't. I read the author is considering a fourth book. I don't know really what else could be written for this couple, but I hope she decides they deserve another book. It's a rough ride, but IMO, definitely worth it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I lived it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This entire trilogy is smoking. Not only that but the emotion is crushing! Love
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had my doubts...that's all I can say! I don't want to spoil any great parts of the book, but, what a fantastic story about Julian and Alexa! There are a few things I would like answers to, so I hope that means there will be more books in the series!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing series!!!  I am re-reading all three books, Stay, Hold On, and Promise Me.  Worth the money and more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Epic ending to an awesome series. I hope the author can bring us one more installment at some point. I would love to see more of them in their HEA. As a Spanish teacher, I really took a liking to the dialogue in this series. It was different and I appreciate originality when a lot of trilogies nowadays are cookie-cutter. So glad I took a chance on purchasing these books!
KatieLR More than 1 year ago
I loved all three of these books & I really hope this isn't the end of their love story! I'm really hoping they haven't reached EPIC yet, and there is more to come...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this series and thought this was an awesome ending!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellently written. No repeating info like so many other authors. The story was so captivating and the love scenes weren't  cheap. I would buy all her books if anything like these. Would like to know if she was going to try to continue this series? 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story continues to blow me away, I will be rooking for Lexie and Julian for a long time!
Brittanys_Book_Blog More than 1 year ago
Julian and Alexa continue their story in book number three. At the end of Hold On, Julian and Alexa have talked and decided they were going to try again. But there’s one giant problem that could make or break this relationship… Luke. Alexa has grown throughout this series and now stands her ground when her and Julian start to argue. She believes in their relationship and wants it to work. But things come to a crashing halt one morning as Julian was making breakfast. Imagine your life and everything you know it to be changes in an instant. One sentence, one admittance just breaks it all. The person whom you thought would love you unconditionally turns their back on you and you’re just cohabitating. There’s no love, there’s nothing worth fighting for. Except Alexa knew things could be better. She stuck around, waiting for Julian to realize that what they have is epic and extraordinary. Will Julian finally come around and realize that love is enough? AHHH. I LOVE Hilary Wynne. I remember the first time I read Stay. I fell in love with the story, with the characters. I became captivated and enthralled. I was raptured by Julian and Alexa. In Hold On, Hilary had my heart racing, my butt on the edge of the chair. My knuckles were white from gripping my Kindle so hard. Hilary knew what it would take for the readers to feel suspense. And she does the exact same thing in Promise Me. Every turn of the page, you wonder if that’s the page where it all comes out. And then once that happens, you turn each page, hoping it’s the page where Julian realizes he’s being an ass. I know a lot of people that read Stay and Hold On believed that Lexie was stupid and annoying for running all the time. Well, when you experience what she has and find the strength to stay, let me know how you do it. But that’s not the point here. In Promise Me, you can tell a HUGE change in Lexie. She’s strong, she’s a fighter. She’s grown in so many ways! There were moments where I mutter under my breath “Punch her!” And Lexie, being the strong woman she is, resists the urge and instead makes a witty comeback. This book is definitely the best out of the three that Hilary has written so far. It’s suspenseful, definitely steamy and hot, and one that will keep you from sleeping at night. It’s a definite page turner! I highly recommend this book! You will not want to miss out on the conclusion (or is it?) of Alexa and Julian!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Epic! She did it again. I purchased the book this week and couldn't put it down. Now I have to read them all again. Join the emotional journey of Alexa and Julian. It's well worth it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jenn_Raunch More than 1 year ago
*There are spoilers if you haven't read books 1 and 2. Promise Me is book three in the Alexa Reed Series and may or may not be the final in the series (Hilary may or may not be toying with the idea of a fourth book).  Julian and Alexa have been on a wild, up and down journey towards epic and I believe you will all love their ride to get there.  This is a story of love, self-growth, friendship, and the fight for the love that we deserve. “Jerry… the test results please?! Don’t keep us waiting any longer!” Drumroll… “Julian Bauer, you are NOT the father!” And with my over active imaginations enactment of that story line, we pick up in Promise Me where Hold on left off, springing back into the lives of one of my favorite fictional couples. Julian and Alexa have work to do, individually and together, but stay, hold on and I promise you, you’ll enjoy the ride (puns intended). Julian has an amazing ability to read Lexie; emotionally, physically, sexually, and materialistically. This is one of my favorite things about him. Who wouldn’t want a man who can give you the exact toe-curling orgasm you’re looking for and pick out a pair of shoes every girl on the street will envy as you walk by. Any sane woman, that’s who. We see a little bit of a darker side to Julian in this book, stemming from his fear of losing Lexie and his fear that she is just going to keep running and breaking his heart. Julian is strong and has the patience of saint but he is also stubborn and prideful. It’s time for him to receive some of the reassurance he has always provided Lexie. Excerpt “More than anything it hurts me to know I’ve made you doubt yourself. You’re the most amazing, loving, loyal, strong and patient man I’ve ever known, will ever know. You didn’t make one wrong step Julian. Since the moment I met you I didn’t feel worthy of your love. You gave me your love and despite all my craziness, you still wanted me. I couldn’t understand why and to be honest I still struggle with those feelings of doubt. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in my life and everything I convinced myself I would never have. I understand how you feel about me and about all of this and as much as it sucks, I can’t blame you for how you feel. I didn’t fight for us when you needed me and I will always, always, regret that. But I’m fighting for us now and I’ll continue to fight until you either believe in your heart we’re meant to be together, or you ask me to leave. I won’t leave you, Julian. I promise.”   In the Facebook community of groups and one on one contact I hear chatter about different books and I see the love and the criticism of the writing, plot, and characters among people looking for their next book. I am a fan of Hilary’s and the Alexa Reed Series and I have seen chatter about how Alexa isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve heard that she is overly emotional and people don’t understand the running. I have never been one of these people; I can understand the fear of commitment, of being hurt, of letting people in. I understand how you feel when you’re dealing with something big, as Lexie has been. This series spans about a 8-month time and in the beginning Alexa wasn’t in a good place. I’ve heard criticism of how she deals. But I am telling you, I believe Promise Me will change these naysayers minds. Through this journey Alexa has overcome her demons and found strength to hold herself up high, and be able to be there for the others in her life. Alexa is tired of running and her time to be the rock has come. Well I have stated my hatred for “He who must not be named” before, in previous reviews of this series. No, not that “He” guys, stay focused, wrong story! I’m talking about the Alexa Reed Series equivalent to Voldermort. Okay, okay, I guess I am being a little dramatic. I mean our villain here isn’t walking around performing unforgivable curses and trying to take over a whole world. But close enough. I don’t want to waste much time on "Puke" but I will say he does try to redeem himself with an act of selflessness to help Lexie… Well good, he should! CoughJ@ck@ssCough. Thanks, but not forgiven.  This novel has it all; a sizzling setting of South Beach, an alpha hotelier with a romantic side, sex scenes too hot to handle, amazing friends, and a couple finding strength in themselves and each other. I cried, laughed, got goose bumps, fist pumped, gave snotty looks at my kindle mocking Serena and Alejandra (b****es), and fell in love with Julian, with Alexa and Julian as a couple, and with the story. This is a series you should not miss and I do hope we haven't seen the last of all these characters yet. Pre-order your copy now and see the epic ever after for Julian and Lexie.
TSRBR More than 1 year ago
Overall Rating:  5 Rockin Stars If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way! Sometimes loving someone is not as easy as it should be.  Alexa and Julian have struggled to find a way to their HEA!  This is the final chapter in their story or maybe it’s just the beginning of their life together. Promise Me, by author Hilary Wynne is the third book in the Alexa Reed trilogy. The author once again revisits the journey her two main characters are on to find each other. In the second book we are left wondering if our two lovers are really star crossed, fated to just be out of the others reach!  So many obstacles are thrown in their way that it leaves you wondering if they can surmount them.  Alexa has a tendency to run away instead of standing steady and facing her problems.  Julian, who has always seemed to be a rock, now exhibits his own doubts about their future.  The chemistry between the two sizzles and threatens to consume them in its fire.  Will they be able to put those uncertainties in the past and heal?  Or will the sizzle be extinguished?  When they are given a second chance Alexa realizes that she has to be strong for the man she loves.  She can no longer run away when things are difficult but she also knows that it will not be easy to convince Julian that she will not run again.  Julian wants to believe in their future, but so much has happened to destroy his confidence in Alexa steadfastness.  His heart and body will always love her, but can he open his mind and put the past behind and forgive? You’re either in it together, or you’re not in it at all…There's no room for anyone else. Do not let people in your past destroy your future... they are in your past for a very good reason! Hero –Julian Bauer: 5 stars Heroine –Alexa Reed: 5 stars Steam: 5 stars  Plot: 5 stars  Cliffhanger: No Would I recommend this book: Yes! This is the perfect book for those readers that enjoy reading extraordinary love stories filled with sexual intensity and mental anguish.  The big plus is always when true love conquers all adversities and finds their HEA.  Would I recommend this author: Yes! I have yet to be disappointed with this amazing author and her remarkable work.  Once you have read a book by this author, you will not be disappointed either and Ms. Wynne will become a favorite on your must read list!  ***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***
ShannanC More than 1 year ago
Note:  I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is book 3 in a 3 book series.  After reading the first 2 books, I was so excited to get my hands on this one!!  I read it in 3 days - I just couldn't put it down!!   We are back to the story of Alexa Reed and Julian Bauer.  They are back together and all is fine - or is it?  Lexie still has a secret that she has to tell Julian about.  Then she has the dilemma - to tell him or not to tell him.  It is tearing her up inside not to tell him, but she knows that she will lose him forever if she does tell him.  Needless to say, their relationship can't continue as it is until she says something. Promise Me is a perfect example of how to finish a story, wrap up all the lose ends of the storyline, and take you on an emotional ride all at the same time.  I can honestly say that I laughed and I cried throughout this book.  Hilary Wynne was able to evoke so many emotions and keep me so involved in this book that I just kept on reading to see what was happening next! My favorite scene would have to be when Julian is by Lexie's side at the hospital, yet allows her to be strong for her family.  We are able to see Lexie's inner strength come through, even though we know she needs the strength of Julian by her side.  I won't go into too much more detail because I don't want to give away too much of the story, but this scene was definitely in the top 5 for this book! One word can be used to sum up this book for the series:  EPIC!  Well done Hilary Wynne!  You have truly outdone yourself with this one!
wifetoalineman02 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book. Promise Me is the 3rd book from Alexa Reed series. Promise Me is worth waiting book to read. It is very EPIC. Ms. Hilary Wynne did an amazing job of this book three so as first and second books as well.  Promise Me will wreck your hearts. It is very emotional. There are times I need to take few breaks just to let go of my emotions. I cried many times in this book. I also yelled at Julian lol. Alexa Reed character's really grow up. She is a fighter and very strong woman. It is the best side of her that I noticed in the third book.  There are many beautiful scenes in this book. I cannot give that away. You need to read it for yourself. This book is very sexy and steamy as well. It is also fashionable. I rate this book a 5 *****'s Promise Me is EPIC and what a perfect end to Julian and Alexa's roller coaster scary but fun ride.