Promises In The Dark

Promises In The Dark


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What began as a casual dinner with friends quickly blossoms into a beautiful friendship for Rachel Adams and Derek Williamson. In time, it will develop into something much greater than either could have ever imagined. The pair have each had their share of tragedy and heartbreak that time has yet to heal. As their friendship evolves into something much more, Rachel begins to open up to the man she has fallen in love with about secrets that have consumed her life for so long. Just when life seems to be opening up possibilities for the two of them, inexplicable and unsettling things start to happen. When these mysterious occurrences begin to invade their happiness, they are faced with the reality that they must find the truth about what haunts them. Will they survive as they uncover some of these long-kept secrets? Will these mystical forces that linked the lovers together so long ago be the same to destroy them in the end?

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ISBN-13: 9781494393625
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/22/2014
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

Originally from Kings Mountain, NC, Princess Racena McConnell now resides in Summerville, SC. She has long had a passion for reading, and after completing several English courses has taken an interest in writing as well. She is married and has three grown children. "Promises in the Dark" is her first novel, and is the beginning of "The Secrets of the Mystic" trilogy.

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Promises In The Dark 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
LoveofBooksAM More than 1 year ago
This book captivated me from the beginning! The characters are true to life, realistic and strongly written.  Rachel, broken by her ex-husband, dealing with lack of confidence due to a failed marriage that she blames herself for. The ex-husband, Mike, is a guy who causes good guys to lose out because he's so terrible that it makes you feel all men are that way. Derek, widower, still loyal to his late wife, fighting prejudices that his father held him to, striving to live his life alone. Joanna, woman that makes it scary to have female friends who may not value friendship over sex. Ken and Jan the (sometimes overbearing) friends with really good intentions. This is a great story of two heartbroken people finding solace through friendship that becomes more. This isn't just a book of romance though, there are underlying secrets that are revealed. There are a few scenes that are painted so vividly with words that the imagery gave me chill-bumps!  There is also a great message of not letting the worlds bigotry get in the way of what your heart feels. The ending is surprising and keeps you wanting more. Looking forward to reading Book 2! 
As_You_Wish_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness! This book had me captivated from the beginning, the suspense and the unanswered questions had me turning the pages. The characters were so real to me and the story line was great! The mystery of the unknown drew me in while the bond between the characters had me wrapped up and feeling every emotion the characters had throughout the story. I actually teared up twice with uncontrolled emotions, the characters seemed to come to life and the connection they had was powerful! Rachel finds herself in the midst of her best friend, Jan's upcoming wedding as the 'Maid of Honor' but if that is not bad enough Jan's trying to set her up on a blind date with her fiance's 'Best Man', Derek. Both want to back out of their dinner date with their friends, unsure of meeting someone new after everything they have been through recently. Each trying to get their friends to fess up and quite lying to them about it being just a casual dinner meeting with no such luck. Forces beyond their control fall into place prior to the dinner date both Rachel and Derek dread attending and they miss their chance to back out on their friends. Upon entering the restaurant late, Rachel completely embarrasses herself when she runs into Derek for the first time. Derek on the other hand is so captivated by Rachel and how she hangs on his every word throughout the evening, he cannot get the thought of her out of his head all night. During the next few months of helping their best friends plan their wedding, the rehearsals they have to attend and the dinner dates to discuss details, Rachel and Derek become close as friends. They begin to spend more and more time together, surprising both of them how comfortable they feel around each other. Jan and Ken only wanted them to become friends after all, little did they know their friends had set their fate into motion from the very beginning. While both Rachel and Derek have mysterious pasts lives, encounters that have no explanations, they find comfort in each other, the pieces start to fall into place and their deepest secrets start to unravel over time. Opening up to each other more and more and finding out the truths of their past together. While Rachel and Derek know that their chance meeting was arranged by their best friends, they did not know it would end up changing both their lives forever. I cannot wait to find out what the author has in store for me in her next installment in her 'Secrets of the Mystic' series. The ending to Promises In The Dark completely blew me away. Once you star there's no turning back, the questions build as the answers start to trickle in you find yourself wanting to know more and how the story ends.
mrswalker1220 More than 1 year ago
The story is about Rachel and Derek, two people thrown together for their best friends’ wedding, and little did they know that even though there were obstacles to overcome that they would grow into great friends and even more. The story follows as their relationship unfolds, but there is so much more to why they are together and why they have such a connection to one another. The story gives you bits and pieces of history that helps tie things together throughout the story.  Throw in the paranormal, things have happened in Rachel’s past and as she decides to confide in Derek, things start to happen, things that are definitely not of this world. The two of the try to work through what is going on and keep delving deeper into a situation that there seems to be no getting out of Promises in the dark is a  fantastic story!  I have not read a paranormal story in a very long time and this was such a refreshing read for me!  Ms. McConnell has brilliantly written a story that was easy to follow and intense to read! I found myself thinking about the story, trying to figure things out, and anxiously reading through the pages because I just had to know!  I look forward to reading more of Ms. McConnell’s stories in the future because she has written a great story! 
WordForward More than 1 year ago
This was a really cool paranormal story.  The story starts off with the main character being set up on “not a date”.  The main character was getting over a bad divorce and wants nothing to do with dating. The author did a wonderful job developing the relationship between Rachel and Derek.  Both were not ready to start dating but neither could deny their attraction to each other.  They did not rush into the relationship regardless of how bad each wanted to. As the story goes on, we start to get hints of a paranormal twist involved.  This was really cool to see how this piece was slowly introduced into the book.  The author was very subtle with bringing the paranormal part into the book.  So subtle that when I realized what was going on, I had to think back of the different things that happened that turned out to be hints at paranormal. We get hints throughout the book as to Rachel’s background but near the end, the author tells the story as to what is going on and how Derek is part of the puzzle.  Also, we can see something darker is at work but again, it is very subtle and more of a side story that anything that is directly affecting the main story right now. The book wrapped the story up really well and left the reader with a better understanding as to what supernatural abilities Rachel possesses.  However, we also see the darker side of the paranormal piece starting to take hold and see how it is not going to be an easy road for Rachel and Derek.  This ended on a cliffhanger definitely making me excited for the next book.   This darker being that was introduced sounds terrifying and I can’t wait to see how it fits in with this story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This author captures you and keeps you up reading until you find yourself finished with the book. I was on edge with each page to see how it would end only to find out that a book two will be here soon. So looking forward to book two and more from this author. I even follow her on Facebook. I love when she gives sneak peeks into Shattering The Damn book two. Worth following and on pins and needles for the next book.