Proofreading at the Computer, 10-Hour Series (with CD-ROM) / Edition 2

Proofreading at the Computer, 10-Hour Series (with CD-ROM) / Edition 2

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Cengage Learning
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Proofreading at the Computer, 10-Hour Series (with CD-ROM) / Edition 2

With the 10-HOUR SERIES books from South-Western Educational Publishing, users can become proficient in a variety of skills in only a short amount of time. These books are ideal for incorporating a new skill into the classroom, workplace, or home. The 10-HOUR SERIES provides solid information when it's needed, where it's needed. The series utilizes the Internet to bring users closer to today's technology for research and instruction. The instructional design of these books is brief, uncomplicated, and requires little or no instructor intervention. The activities at the end of each lesson allow users to work with skills they've just learned. The appearance of documents leaves readers and potential customers with a strong first impression. Learn how to take advantage of word processing software to ensure that the impression is a lasting and favorable one. In ten brief lessons, users will learn key desktop publishing techniques, including how to make design and typography decisions, handle multicolumn documents, insert and edit graphics, and create styles and charts.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780538728560
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 03/25/2005
Series: 10 Hour Ser.
Edition description: 10-Hour Series: Text/CD
Pages: 96
Sales rank: 774,287
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.20(d)

Table of Contents

UNIT 1. PROOFREAD FOR KEYBOARDING ERRORS. 1-1. Correct as You Key. 1-2. Proofread Sentences. 1-3. Proofread a Paragraph. 1-4. Proofread a Newspaper Story. 1-5. Proofread an Invitation. 1-6. Proofread a Memo. UNIT 2. COMPARATIVE PROOFREADING. 2-1. Compare and Correct Paragraphs. 2-2. Compare a Flyer to a Proof Copy. 2-3. Check a Flyer Against a Calendar. 2-4. Proofread a News Release Against a Marked-Up Copy. 2-5. Check a Memo Against a Phone List. UNIT 3. PROOFREAD NUMBERS. 3-1. Check a Check Register. 3-2. Check Invoices Against a Price List. 3-3. Check a Monthly Report Against Receipts. 3-4. Compare a Registration List to Cards. 3-5. Compare a Report to Expense Slips. 3-6. Check ZIP Codes. UNIT 4. USE THE SPELL CHECKER. 4-1. Spelling-Checker Stumpers. 4-2. Spell-Check a Paragraph. 4-3. Check Spelling in a Letter. 4-4. Spell-Check and Proofread a Report. 4-5. Spell-Check and Proofread Newsletter Articles. 4-6. Get Help with Confusing Words. 4-7. Proofread a Legal Decision. 4-8. Proofread an E-Mail. UNIT 5. TEAM PROOFREADING. 5-1. Proofread Foreign Terms in a Team. 5-2. Revise a List and Proofread in a Team. 5-3. Proofread a Manual File in a Team. 5-4. Proofread a Newspaper Advertisement in a Team. 5-5. Proofread Web Page Copy in a Team. 5-6. Key Web Page Copy and Proofread in a Team. 5-7. Proofread a Scanned Document in a Team. UNIT 6. USE THE GRAMMAR CHECKER. 6-1. Proofread for Run-ons and Sentence Fragments. 6-2. Proofread for Parallel Sentence Parts. 6-3. Proofread for Subject-Verb Agreement. 6-4. Proofread for Pronoun Case. 6-5. Proofread for Plurals. 6-6. Proofread for Possessives. 6-7. Proofread Sentences for Grammar and Style Errors. 6-8. Check Grammar in a Memo. 6-9. Proofread a Report. 6-10. Check Grammar in an Intranet Posting. 6-11. Check Grammar in a Report. 6-12. Get Grammar and Style Help Online. UNIT 7. MAKE THE PUNCTUATION CHECK. 7-1. Proofread for Commas and End Punctuation. 7-2. Proofread for Colons and Semicolons. 7-3. Proofread for Apostrophes and Quotation Marks. 7-4. Proofread for All Punctuation Marks. 7-5. Check Paragraphs for Punctuation Errors. 7-6. Apply Six Basic Punctuation Rules. 7-7. Proofread an E-Mail for Punctuation Errors. 7-8. Proofread a Letter for Punctuation Errors. 7-9. Proofread a memo for Punctuation Errors. 7-10. Proofread a Report for Punctuation Errors. UNIT 8. PROOFREAD FOR MECHANICAL ERRORS. 8-1. Find Capitalization and Italics Errors. 8-2. Find Abbreviation, Italics, and Number Errors. 8-3. Proofread a Resume. 8-4. Proofread a Flyer. 8-5. Proofread an Intranet Posting. 8-6. Proofread a Letter for Usage Errors. 8-7. Proofread a News Release. 8-8. Proofread a Tri-Fold Brochure. UNIT 9. PROOFREAD FOR CONSISTENCY. 9-1. Proofread Sentences. 9-2. Proofread Paragraphs. 9-3. Proofread a Memo. 9-4. Proofread Board Minutes. 9-5. Proofread Merged Letters. 9-6. Proofread a Newsletter. UNIT 10. FORMAT COMMON DOCUMENTS. 10-1. Check Letter and Memo Parts. 10-2. Proofread a Business Letter for Formatting Errors. 10-3. Proofread a Personal Letter for Formatting Errors. 10-4. Create a Memo Template and Memo. 10-5. Proofread and Format a Two-Page Letter. 10-6. Compose a Personal Letter. 10-7. Create a Fax Cover Sheet. 10-8. Format and Proofread a Report. Simulation: Around-the-World Travel Club. Index.

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