Property Tax California Style: A Practical Resource for Property Owners, Property Managers, Appraisers, Attorneys, CPA's, Controllers, and Others Who are Involved in the process of California property taxation

Property Tax California Style: A Practical Resource for Property Owners, Property Managers, Appraisers, Attorneys, CPA's, Controllers, and Others Who are Involved in the process of California property taxation

by James S. Bone

Paperback(Illustrations: 65)


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ISBN-13: 9780966331073
Publisher: Santiago Press
Publication date: 05/31/2000
Edition description: Illustrations: 65
Pages: 428
Product dimensions: 11.00(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.87(d)

Table of Contents

Section IOverview
Chapter Organization
Chapter 1Property Tax Overview
Classifications of Property
Property Valuation
Ownership Changes and Construction
The Assessment and Collection of Tax
Section IIChapters on Property
Chapter 2Physical Property
Property Definition
A Place in Space
Real Property
Real Property Components
Real Property Attributes
Land Identification and Description
Summary of Physical Real Property
Chapter 3Property Rights
With Property, You Get Rights
Transferring Property Rights
The Two Major Rights--to Sell or Use
Right to Use vs. Profit from Use
Summary of Property Rights Concepts
Chapter 4Property Ownership
Ownership Concepts
Ownership Interests
Estates in Property
The Importance of Ownership
Chapter 5Overview of Property
Real Property Attributes
Property Rights
Real Estate vs. Real Property
Section IIIChapters on Taxable Property
Chapter 6Nontaxable Property
Government Property
Intangible Property
Chapter 7Exempt Property
The Welfare Exemption
Exempt Property
Business Personal Property
Exemptions Affecting Individuals
Claims for Property Tax Exemptions
Section IVChapters on the Value of Taxable Property
Chapter 8Property Value
The Appraisal Process
Step 1Problem Definition
The Appraisal Date
The Appraisal Unit
Value Definition in Property Taxation
Complex Definition Problems
Step 2Data Collection and Verification
Step 3Approaches to Value
Step 4Reconciliation of the Indicators
Step 5Conclusion and Report
Chapter 9Approaches to Value
Rule 3 Approaches to Value
The Comparative Sales Approach
The Cost Approach
The Income Approach
Reconciliation and Value Conclusion
Assessors' Handbooks on Value
Chapter 10Valuing Leased Properties
Property Owners and Users/Lessees
Valuation Approaches
Chapter 11Valuing business Properties
Defining a Business
The Foundation of Appraisal
The Fourth Factor of Production
Factors of Production in Valuations
Income Approach in Complex Properties
The Comparative Sales Approach
Appraisal Approaches by Property Type
Special Valuation Rules
Chapter 12Valuing Business Equipment
Unique Aspects of Personal Property
Taxation of Personal Property
Classification of Improvements
Valuing Business Equipment
Cost Approach
Comparative Sales Approach
Other Personal Property
Section VChapters on the Assessable Value of Taxable Property
Chapter 13Base Year Value
Implementation of Proposition 13
The Base Year Value System
Changes in Base Year Value
Maximum Assessable Value
Declines in Value
Calculating Assessable Value
Base Year Value Summary
Chapter 14Change in Ownership
Definition of a Change in Ownership
Tenancies in the Entirety
Tenancies in Common
Joint Tenancies
Life Estates & Estates for Years
Possessory Interests
Foreclosures and Tax Deeds
Legal Entities
Interspousal Transfers
Eminent Domain
Other Reassessable Events
Other Nonreassessable Events
Effective Date of a Change
Reporting Changes in Ownership
Chapter 15New Construction
Proposition 13 and New Construction
New Construction Property
Valuing New Construction Property
Appraisal Dates for New Construction
New Construction Assessment
Decline-in-Value Assessments
Section VITaxation of Special Properties
Chapter 16Possessory Interests
Definition of a Possessory Interest
Changes in Ownership
Taxable Possessory Interest Value
Notice to the Assessor
The Difficulty of Assessment
Chapter 17Mineral Properties
Mining in California
Mining Economics
Mineral Interests
Ore Reserves
The Appraisal Process
Approaches to Value
Appraisal of The Physical Property
Proposition 13 Implementation
Other Adjustments to Value
Taxable Value
Procedures for Petroleum Properties
Chapter 18Restricted-Use Properties
Preferential Taxation for Public Benefit
Agriculture's Importance in California
Description of the Williamson Act
Valuation Methodologies
Valuation of Other Property
Historical Properties
Scenic and Open-Space Properties
Chapter 19Homes and Homeowners
The Homeowners' Exemption
When Values Decline
The Construction for Resale Exclusion
Eminent Domain Transactions
The Veterans' Exemption
Assistance--Seniors, Blind, & Disabled
Deferral--Seniors, Blind, & Disabled
Intrafamily Transfers
Seniors' Replacement Residences
Notices of Valuation
Chapter 20Mobilehome Taxation
Sales Taxes on Mobilehomes
Property Tax and Mobilehomes
Section VIIChapters on Assessment, Billing & Collection, & Assessment Appeals
Chapter 21Assessments
The Assessment Process
Types of Assessment Rolls
Types of Assessments
Assessor's Records
Chapter 22Billing and Collection
Tax Rolls
Collection Procedures
Tax Bills and the Liens they Create
Removal of Liens
When Taxes Attach as a Lien
Chapter 23Assessment Appeals
The Assessment Appeals Process
The Functions of the Board
Agents and Representatives
Application - Form and Deadlines
Before the Hearing
The Hearing Process
The Hearing
The Decision Process
Appeals of the Decision
Chapter 24Planning an Assessment Appeals Hearing
Preparing for the Hearing
Testifying at the Hearing
Assessor's Presentation
Rebuttal Presentation
Preparing a Summary
Section VIIIAppendixes and Lists
Appendix AProperty Taxes on the Internet
State of California
Appendix BAssessment Offices Contact Information
State Offices
County Offices
Appendix CProperty Tax Cases
Appendix DGlossary
Appendix EBibliography

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