Prophecy, Revelation, Armageddon, and God's Kingdom: as Spelled out by Jesus in Five Modern Revelations

Prophecy, Revelation, Armageddon, and God's Kingdom: as Spelled out by Jesus in Five Modern Revelations

by Walker Thomas


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Jesus says--in one of His modern Revelations titled THE REVEALED TRANSLATION OF JOHN'S REVELATION:

"The government of the United States must be renovated, prepared, and changed, which is to be made ready under the hand of God; but first it must fall--not through war with other nations, but its fall will be in its complete change. It is true that its government was first constituted upon the basis of freedom, opportunity, justice, and protection of the masses, but it has varied and deteriorated from this standard until it is now the hold of man's worst vices, where suffering and depression befall her people, and men live lavishly in the arms of selfishness. "

In order to respond to Jesus clear instructions, we divide this book into five sections:

1. In THE PROPHECY FACTOR, we analyze the prophecies made by the Jewish Prophet Daniel and by Jesus' Apostle John Zebedee, who was the scribe for THE BOOK OF REVELATION. In fact, Daniel and John were scribes for all of their prophecies, since Jesus actually transmitted to Daniel and John the visions for their prophecies because they acted as Jesus' "mouthpiece" to prophecy our future in "the latter days."

2. In THE REVELATION FACTOR, we study Jesus' prophecies that we will be establishing a higher and higher level of communication by revelation from Angels and other spirits not only in our own lives, but also in our societies at all levels. This will allow us to create a more sophisticated society as we become more spiritually advanced.

3. In THE KINGDOM FACTOR, we collect a surpris-ing number of descriptions by Jesus of what the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will actually look like, once He has returned for His Second Coming and personally instructed us on how to create the "Kingdom of Jesus Christ"--another of many names for the same "new society."

4. In THE ARMAGEDDON FACTOR, we dispel layer after layer of fear that has built up in our collec-tive consciousness from the dire predictions that John's BOOK OF REVELATION has lodged in our minds for 2,000 years, but which are not true as foretold. Oh yes, we will have "a time of trouble"--as Jesus describes it--but that is categorically different from "blood and guts everywhere" as we have been led to believe by John in his telling of the Revelation.

5. In THE FOUNDING PRINCIPLES FACTOR, we offer specific political, economic, and social proposals that are meant to prepare the way for Jesus' Second Coming; then we can all transition in the best and the most peaceful way from our present social chaos to the social order which we can foresee in the "Kingdom of Heaven on Earth."

We can thereby put the basic pieces together for how we can create a peaceful planet according to God's Laws; then we can live on our planet together after saving it from the rising ocean levels due to Global Warming, as we put into practice the behaviors we learn as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

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