Prophecy: What the Future Holds for You

Prophecy: What the Future Holds for You

by Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison
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Prophecy: What the Future Holds for You by Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison

In Prophecy, Sylvia Browne turns her psychic wisdom to the puzzling, often contradictory predictions proposed by major historical and contemporary figures, ranging from biblical prophets and Nostradamus to George Washington and NASA scientists.

Examining the most famous-and notorious-prophetic voices throughout the ages, Browne offers a clear and fascinating vision of the world as it will be from five years into the future to five hundred, with a startling and revealing look into the future of our nation and our world-and a beacon of hope in these uncertain times."I've personally witnessed Sylvia Browne bring closure to distraught families, help the police close cases, and open people's hearts to help them see the good within.

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ISBN-13: 9781101210321
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/05/2005
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 718,780
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Sylvia Browne is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Other Side and Back and Adventures of a Psychic. A working psychic for nearly fifty years, Ms. Browne has appeared on The Montel Williams Show, Sally Jessy Raphael, Larry King Live, Unsolved Mysteries, CNN, and Entertainment Tonight.

After 47 years giving psychic readings, 27 years of television appearances and 25 years of paranormal research, countless hours of pro bono work with medical, psychiatric and law enforcement agencies across America--and having published a best-selling biography--Browne's psychic skills and spiritual advice continue to be invaluable to the many lives she touches.

Born Sylvia Shoemaker in Kansas City in 1936, Browne was raised predominantly a Catholic, but also absorbed the Jewish, Episcopalian and Lutheran backgrounds of her extended family. At the age of five, she first learned of her psychic powers when she had frightening premonitions of the deaths of her two great-grandmothers just weeks before their passing. With the help of her grandmother, Ada Coil, also an established and respected psychic counselor and healer, Sylvia came to understand her many psychic gifts, which include the ability to communicate with spirits from "The Other Side."

After spending 18 years as a Catholic schoolteacher, Browne decided it was time to dedicate her life to her passion for spiritual knowledge and her desire to help others with their religious and spiritual quests. Readings in her home with 15 to 20 friends soon grew to gatherings of two or three hundred people in churches and town halls. Before long, she was making television appearances on such programs as "The Montel Williams Show" as well as appearing before standing room only audiences of two to three-thousand around the country.

A student of theology and comparative religion, Browne is also an accredited hypnotist. In 1974, she founded the Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research (now the Sylvia Browne Corporation). In 1986, she established a church called the Society of Novus Spiritus (New Spirit), which has a membership in the thousands. The society's beliefs are based on Catholic theology, but the church rejects such concepts as sin, guilt and retribution.

Today, Sylvia Browne continues to give individual readings as a spiritual advisor in California, and she travels throughout the country helping others understand how the psychic world works in their lives and how they can use their knowledge of "The Other Side" to harness their own self-healing powers.

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Prophecy: What the Future Holds for You 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just like Sylvia Brownes other books that I have read, the book 'Prophecy' was a real eye opener. Syliva Browne writes the way she talks and her books are both life changing and entertaining to read. I read this book cover to cover in one sitting as I couldn't put it down. She is a psychic was fairly high accuracy rate. According to Sylvia there will be a medical breakthrough next year in year 2005 as there will be a cure for AIDS/HIV! She says it's directly related to the dog disease 'Parvo'. Only the wealthy nations will have access to the cure for AIDS at first, and AIDS will actually worsen in other third world countries for years to come because of ignorance. Some individuals might find some of the predictions hard to swallow. Aliens pretending to be humans, Acid rain, Polar tilt, Domed cities, police being able to lock those with warrents for their arrests in their own homes as every North American home will be fully computerized and hooked up via satellite. I found the book truely amazing. I would recomend the book to anybody with an open mind.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Even the most outspoken 'Que Sera, Sera, the future's not mine to see'' kind of person will be intrigued by Sylvia Browne's latest peek into the future. A psychic for over half a century, Ms. Brown is the author of several bestsellers, most notably 'The Other Side and Back,' and attracts standing room only crowds to her lectures. I'll admit my bias up front - I'm a non-believer in psychic wisdom, nonetheless the author's description of the roots of prophecy, beginning with the biblical prophets, was fascinating. And, her predictions for the future make interesting listening and, it seems to me, merit consideration. She informs us that the common cold will be a thing of the past in another five or six years. Also, that in the 2020s 'We'll have to wear protective headgear and clothing in the rain - not to keep us dry but to keep our skin from being badly burned or worse.' Ms. Browne also shares her thoughts on a cancer cure, nuclear war, and a host of other worries about the future. Is she controversial? Yes. Does she offer food for thought? Yes. Voice actress Jeanie Hackett offers a suitably somber and sincere reading of what tomorrow may bring. - Gail Cooke
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Guest More than 1 year ago
Browne gives apercus of many leading prophets of various religions, including American Indian tribes, and explains what a prophet is and how one, as well as herself, might gain insight into the future by astral travel (traveling in dreams), spirit guides, infused knowledge from the other side, and Akashic Records (collective memories). Browne¿s ideas of the ¿other side¿ are similar to Betty Eadie¿s in Embraced By The Light, and sequences. Some of the animated statements sound like a fairy tale, but a few concepts I found believable such as what evil really is and communal knowledge being infused from one to another. I find the book inspirational, though not profound. A part of the book is devoted to her prophecy in regard to ecology, weather, space travel, and gets definitive about new politics which is interesting. She has some inspirational prophecy about religion collaborates and appearance of the antichrist. Being a teacher for eighteen years, she elaborates on what lies ahead in education. Technology and crime fighting, DNA, fingerprinting, and lie detecting take on unimagined edge. Health, medicine and ¿aura scanning¿ will be highly developed and also a way for cancer cells to destroy themselves. She elaborates on spiritual and mental health. No matter what faith you claim, the book can broaden your view if read with an open mind. Trish New, author of The Thrill of Hope, South State Street Journal, and Memory Flatlined.