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The Prophets' and Apostles' Doctrine

The Prophets' and Apostles' Doctrine

by Woodrow Alexander


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Here are 8 bible study topics presented in plan and simple language without any need to have a degree in theology to understand. Plenty of scriptures are included within the text of the study so that all you need is this handy book to study God's word anytime, anywhere.


1. Scattered And Divided - An explanation of how the world got populated and where the different races originated?

2. God's Plan Is Eternal - God's sovereignty over all of His creation. Plus an explanation of God's salvation plan.

3. Spiritual Seed/Kingdom - God's places more emphasis on the spiritual more than the physical.

4. The Ram That Became The Lamb - An examination of the nature and character of God.

5. Baptized In The Lord - Baptism explained, the physical and spiritual applications.

6. Our Blessed Hope - Death and resurrection explained.

7. Secret Rapture - The Second Coming of the Lord and surrounding events.

8. To Be Like Him - An examination of Christian life in comparison to the life and teachings of Jesus.

This book covers only a few of the doctrines presented by the Prophets and Apostles to the early Christian Church. Church leaders today have neglected to teach some of these doctrines and untruths have crept into others. When you throw out those unsubstantiated truths you end up with what the prophets and apostles taught.

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