Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment: ICPMSE-6

Protection of Materials and Structures from Space Environment: ICPMSE-6


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ISBN-13: 9789048164561
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 12/22/2010
Series: Space Technology Proceedings , #5
Edition description: 2003
Pages: 561
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Section A.- A New Era for Canada in Space.- Space and Atmospheric Environments: From Low Earth Orbits to Deep Space.- Materials Interactions with Space Environment: International Space Station - May 2000 to May 2002.- Photoconductivity in Transparent Arcproof Coatings.- Effects of Space Environment Factors on Optical Materials for Space Application.- A Study of Synergistic Radiation Effects of Protons and Electrons on Teflon FEP/Al Degradation.- Dose Rate Effects in Polymer Materials Irradiated in Vacuum.- Towards a Database for Assessment of Near-Earth Space Radiation Effects on Optical Glasses.- The Role of Proton and Electron “Abnormal” Formations in Radiation Impact on Construction Elements of Spacecrafts.- A Study of Methylsilicone Rubber Damage Behavior Induced by Proton Irradiation.- Section B.- A Unified Space Environment Effects Database for Russian and North American Organic and Inorganic Materials.- The Effect of Heating on the Degradation of Ground Laboratory and Space Irradiated Teflon FEP.- On the Thermal Stability of Polyimides for Space Application.- Synergistic Degradation of CV-1144-O Due to Ultraviolet Radiation and Heat.- Behaviour of Thermal Control Coatings Under Atomic Oxygen and Ultraviolet Radiation.- Ground Testing of SCK5 White Silicone Paint for LEO Applications.- Study of Polymer Coatings Resistance After the Longterm Exposure on Space Station “MIR”.- Issues and Consequences of Atomic Oxygen Undercutting of Protected Polymers in Low Eerth Orbit.- Effect of Space Gaseous Environment on the Thermophysical Properties of Materials and Structures.- CLeanliness Support of the Launch Vehicle for Putting into Orbit the Spacecraft Meteor-3M with the “Sage-III” Instrument.- Section C.- Irreversible Shrinkage Effects of Carbon Fibers in Polymer Matrix Composites Exposed to the “MIR” Space Enuironment.- Combined Effect of Thermal and Mechanical Stresses on the Viscoelastic Properties of a Composite Material for Space Structures.- Hyperthermal Reactions of Oxygen Atoms with Saturated Hydrocarbons.- A Review of Lubrication on the Canadarm 2.- Degradation of Polymers by O(3P) in Low Earth Orbit.- Iridium Metal as Potential Substrates for Experiments in Space.- The Influence of the Atomic Oxygen Plasma on the Surface and on the Photoelectric Properties of Solar Arrays.- Some Aspects of Simulation of Outgassing Processes in Thermal Vacuum Exposure of Coatings Applied to Space.- Section D.- Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Characterization of RF Air Plasma and Effects on Polymer Films.- Studies of the Surface Oxidation of Silver by Atomic Oxygen.- Determination of the Energy Level of the Atomic Oxygen Flux Generated by the Space Simulation Apparatus Using a Thermal Modeling Method.- Design and Testing of a Mini-spectrometer System for On-Orbit Degradation Studies of Optical Materials.- Kapton as a Standard for Atomic Oxygen Flux Measurement in LEO Ground Simulation Facilities: How Good Is It?.- Temperature and Impingement Angle Dependences of Atomic Oxygen-Induced Erosion of Polyimide and Polyethylene Films Measured by Quartz Crystal Microbalance.- Integrating Sphere Unit for Precision Measurement of Absolute Reflectance and Transmittance of Spacecraft Materials in a Vacuum Chamber.- Numerical Simulation of Thermal Stress Induced by Thermocycling in Hot Rolled 1420 Al-Li Alloy.- Changes in Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Hot Rolled 1420 Al-Li Alloy Subjected to Thermocycling.- Section E.- Photosil™ Surface Modification Treatment of Polymer-based Space Materials and External Space Components.- Atomic Oxygen Resistant, Low Alpha, Anti-static Polyimides for Potential Space Applications.- Deposition and Characteristics of Atomic Oxygen Protective Coatings Using Plasma Polymerized HMDSO.- Development of Protective and Passive Thermal Control Coatings on Carbon-based Composite Materials for Application in Space.- Structure and Composition of Non-Metallic Solar Array Materials Retrieved After Long-Term Exposure Overboard the “MIR” Orbital Space Station.- Micro- and Macrotribological Properties of Solid Lubricants in 5 Electronvolts Atomic Oxygen Exposures.- ZnSe Coatings for Spacecraft Electrochromic Thermal Control Surfaces.- Perfluorocyclobutane (PFCB) Polyaryl Ethers for Space-based Applications.- Section F.- Fast Three-Dimensional Method of Modeling Atomic Oxygen Undercutting of Protected Polymers.- Development and Verification of a Predictive Model and Engineering Software Guide for Durability Evaluation of Polymer-Based Materials in LEO.- Comparative Study of Low Energy C and O Atoms Impact in a Hydrocarbon Surface.- A Direct Trajectory Dynamics Investigation of Fast O+ Alkane Reactions.- Mathematical Simulation Methods to Predict Changes of Integral and Spectral Optical Surface Characteristics of External Spacecraft Materials and Coatings.

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