The Protector (Crossfire Series #1)

The Protector (Crossfire Series #1)

by Gennita Low

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ISBN-13: 9780060591106
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 12/28/2004
Series: Crossfire Series , #1
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 4.18(w) x 6.75(h) x 0.96(d)

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Gennita Low is a former translator who speaks fluent Chinese, Malay, German, Russian, and English. Gennita is co-owner of a roof construction business and quite probably the only female roofer in central Florida. She is the author of four previous novels -- The Hunter, The Protector, Facing Fear, and Into Danger -- and is a winner of the Romantic Times Best Romantic Intrigue Award of 2003.

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The Protector

By Low, Gennita

Avon Books

ISBN: 0060591102

Chapter One

Beer in hand, Jazz leaned back against the sticky wooden counter and surveyed his men and a bunch of other military outfits having their version of civilized fun. Who cared that half the guys here had dried blood on their clothes? Or that some had weapons out in the open?

After a week toting submachine guns and C-4 around in a hot jungle in Southeast Asia, his team had netted twenty-two kills without a single casualty. Twenty-two lives gone and three government hostages freed. They had disappeared back into the darkness when the expected "aid" had arrived to clean up. Such was the nature of covert operations. All the fighting and none of the glory. Now, as they relaxed in this little bar, it wasn't easy putting back the thin veneer of humanity. Most of the boys didn't even bother. Who cared in a noisy, flashy bar this side of civilization?

Jazz crossed his legs and took a long swig from his bottle. He was tired, but this was as good a place as any to hang out until their ride arrived. He and his team had just finished a bloody battle with a gang of drug lords who were holding some local officials hostage. The drug lords, however, were revered as rebels by the locals, and the government didn't want to be the ones to get their own.

So let's send in those crazy Americans, thought Jazz cynically as he took another swig. Those stupid commandos would go in where no other governing body would. OperationKum Quat. The little golden fruits. He had no idea why it was called that until he saw the "lords." He shook his head and finished his beer, setting the bottle on the bar counter. A fresh ice-cold one appeared immediately, and he twisted the cap open.

He shook his head again, trying to clear the image of the two little boys with fat cigars in their mouths, carrying small Uzis like pros. They had been sitting on some sort of double throne, passing judgment on the captives when Jazz and his men surrounded their hideout.

Unfuckingbelievable, Cucumber had whispered into his radio mouthpiece. Jazz couldn't have agreed more. Here they were—eight SEALs, trained to operate in the deadliest of situations—and they had to deal with two kids who didn't look older than ten or eleven. Except they weren't two ordinary kids. One of them had pointed his weapon casually at the first prisoner, and before anyone could move, the captive was dead.

That was when Jazz put aside the thought that those were kids. Their operation was to extract the hostages, and one of them had just been eliminated. No time. The command had come over his helmet intercom and the battle began . . .

Jazz finished his second beer, looking around again to check on his men. Cucumber and Mink were relaxing by the piano. Crazy guys had their Hollywood sunglasses on. They had gone to D.C. to do some unkoshered favor for Hawk and his cousin Steve McMillan, and Steve's girlfriend had given them to the boys later. They even got a pair for him. Hawk was talking to some chick in the corner. Of course, no surprise there; he was a chick magnet.

As if he knew he was being watched, Hawk turned his head to meet his eyes, a silent question between cocommanders. Jazz shrugged. Everything was A-OK. Hawk shrugged back and returned his attention to the female.

His other men were sitting quietly conversing by the door. Two of them had volunteered not to drink tonight—their job was to sit by the entrance and to be alert for anything. They were in a strange land, after all, and not everyone was friendly to Westerners here, only to the almighty American Dollar.

There were other soldiers around, mostly Americans, and they had given Jazz and his men little attention since they'd strolled in separate small groups into the bar. Their mission was completed, they had no need to draw attention to themselves, except as regular military personnel out having a good time . . . with blood on their clothes.

Jazz downed his beer. Another one slid down the counter. He didn't even glance at the bartender as he caught the beer bottle with one hand. What he needed was a good buzz. He wanted to wipe out the jungle scene in his head. Maybe they would have a few days of down time before the next job. Just . . . him and his dog, if possible.

"Yo, Jazz, we need some tunes!" Cucumber yelled out.

"Yeah, come over here and give us some of your blues, man!" Mink encouraged, waving his beer bottle in the air.

Jazz grinned. The two men looked ridiculous in their sunglasses as they executed a series of Blues Brothers moves. These were his brothers-in-arms, celebrating the fact that they were still alive. He uncrossed his leg and sauntered to the corner of the dark bar. The guy at the piano stood up, waving him the rights to the seat. Obviously, Cucumber and Mink had told him that Jazz was the entertainment tonight.

Jazz sat down and looked at the yellowed keys of the piano, automatically testing some chords. Someone at the bar liked music, obviously. The piano had been recently tuned.

He took another long swallow of beer and smacked his lips. A big smile surfaced as he glanced at the expectant faces of the men standing around the piano. Boys would be boys. And military boys, fresh from combat, the smell of jungle still in their hair and clothes, in need of a shave and a hot shower, always needed entertainment.

He cracked his fingers exaggeratedly and waggled his eyebrows. "Blues, eh?" he asked. "My specialty, as you know."

Cucumber leaned a big arm on Mink's shoulder and pretended to play a harmonica ... Continues...

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Protector 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
thewalkinggirl on LibraryThing 3 months ago
The setting is very dark, but the pace is fast enough and the interactions between the romantic leads and their support teams is positive enough to make the overall story enjoyable. (Squeamish, yes I am.) Vivi and Jazz are operatives for a contract agency and the Navy SEALs, respectively. They're in a southeast Asian hellhole with the goal of rescuing children caught in the sex trafficking industry while also tracking the moves of an international crime kingpin. If you've seen the anime Black Lagoon, it kind of reminds me of a romantic version of that in a lot of ways. World building was thorough, the linguistic abilities of the author shine, the heroic characters are all enjoyable, the villains are super villainous, and the characters in the gray area are nicely nuanced. I tend to skip over fight scenes, so I don't have much to say about those. Overall, reminds me quite a bit of '90s era Lowell or Howard. I'm looking forward to trying more by this author.
Joey442 More than 1 year ago
The Protector starts out with Jazz, a SEAL, getting arrested when he tries to help a young girl who has been forced into prostitution in Asia. He pays for the girl for two days so he can get her away from the other men but this happens during an Interpol sting set up by GEM operator Vivian Verreau. The sting was targeting servicemen who frequent brothels. It looks like Jazz is paying for her services but he is really just buying her some time away from that life. Jazz is cleared of the charges by his commanding officer but he and his team of SEALs are told to join forces with Vivi's team to take down an international arms dealer. The dealer is working on partnering with the local Triad gang. In general I was very uncomfortable reading about the female teenagers in third world countries being treated so badly. I also found the sex scenes in the first part of the book very disturbing. I liked the blurb and thought it would be entertaining. It really isn't entertaining but a very difficult read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
My first Gennita Low novel, and I was not disappointed. Loved everything about this book - the humour at times, the story, the romance, and especially her well-developed characters. Can't wait to read the rest of her books!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gennita Low has done it again with her third book The Protector. Jazz is an extremely hot cajun who is a SEAL working on a mission in Vietnam. Vivi is a GEM who is also working on a mission there herself. The story involves prostitution, and child prostitution and how Vivi who once escaped such a fate for herself wants to help these girls. Vivi a mix of Asian/Caucasian does not like men in uniform especially the kind that Jazz wears, because she remembers the American soldiers who comes in and out using the girls as prostitutes whether they were old enough or not. However, Jazz with his sexy attitude comes in and breaks down all her defenses. There is an interesting mystery where Vivi is looking for her childhood friend she left behind when she made her escape from a life darkness and depravity. Is her friend still alive? All these years Vivi has survivor guilt, and she cannot forgive herself until she finds out what happened to her friend. Three out of three for Gennita Low. That is amazing for an author to be able to write three incredible books in a row. What I think this author does so well is that she match make such wonderful heros and heroines. They are so well matched that you believe that they will have a wonderful marriage and live together for the rest of their lives. What I always like about is that neither the heros or heroines ever protest too much about not wanting to be with each other. You do not have to wait for the last few pages for the characters to finally realize that they love each other. Instead what you see is a progression of how the characters start to feel the attraction and eventually it moves to love. And it is so wonderfully done that you just want to keep on reading till the end. This book definitely gets a 5 for the story itself, and the writing. But if I could give another 5 it would be for the intense sexual tension, sexy hero and his 'band of brothers' (whose stories I'm still waiting for), beautiful and likeable heroines, and secondary characters like Stephen whom I just can't get enough of. This is a must read, and there is no doubt in my mind now that Gennita Low will continue to produce such quality romance. This truly is romance at its best and I am more then happy to announce that I am a romance reader and proud of it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ms. Low has set high standards with her previous books and I'm happy to report that she lives up to them and more! This book is action packed with a strong hero and heroine and a story that sizzles. Not only that but this is also a book that tugs on the heartstrings. There were moments where I had tears in my eyes. This book will touch you in all the right places.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gennita Low delivers the goods in the goods in her newest story The Protector. Navy Seal Zola ¿Jazz¿ Zeringue and his team are having some down time after their latest mission. He tries to stop the selling of an under age girl for sex but gets caught in the sting by Interpol. Gem Agent Vivi Verreau releases Jazz after the facts come to light and he is innocent. Vivi intrigues jazz, even more so when she is the leading op on their next mission. Having a woman as a lead is a new twist on things for Jazz and his team. But Vivi proves she is the right person for the job. The interactions between the guys are priceless, funny and serious at times. It¿s fascinating to listen to the male mind at work. Jazz and Vivi are thrown together when something unexpected happens in the trap they set to stop the trafficking of these young girls. Their lives depend on trusting each other and this makes their passion more explosive. Watching Jazz break down Vivi walls one kiss at a time will touch your heart. Their chemistry is sensational. Gennita Low writes and action packed, emotional, all out sexy book. I could not put this book down once I started. Looking forward to the next book, The Hunter¿
Guest More than 1 year ago
Trying to save a woman child from at least a night or two of depravity, Jazz gets arrested, only to be saved by Vivi Verreau, a woman with more than one face and many secrets, ones Jazz is determined to learn. This is how he and his men find themselves recruited into Vivi's covert operation to stop a drug cartel in Asia and how Jazz finds himself falling in love with a lady as dangerous as he is. .............................................................. * *** Prepare to board a roller coaster when you start this book. Action and adventure pause only long enough to raise your blood pressure in other ways. Ms. Low is rapidly proving herself a force to be reckoned with in romantic suspense. ****
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gennita Low turns from CIA/espionage stuff to SEAL action adventure in her new book, The Protector. .... The story line is different, though, from the usual SEAL plots. This one is set in Southeast Asia, with a half-Asian heroine. .... Cajun-yummy Navy SEAL Jazz Zeringue finds himself in hot water when he tries to rescue a young girl from prostituting herself. Mistaken by Interpol as someone trying to take advantage of a child, he's taken into custody. .... Vivi Verreau, the Interpol liaison, believes Jazz to be innocent and sets him free. Things get interesting when Jazz realizes that Vivi isn't just working for Interpol, but is also a GEM operative who will be working closely with his team. .... It's fun to see the testosterone fly when eight SEALs are told they have to follow a woman's orders! Gennita Low's male dialogue seems very true to life and at times very amusing. .... I really enjoyed the 'guy' camaraderie in her story and it's fun to be reunited with Hawk (yum-yum), Cucumber, Dirk and Mink again, as well as several other members of the SEAL team. .... If you've enjoyed Ms. Low's other books, I guarantee you won't be disappointed with this one.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome!! Another winner from Ms. Low who just keeps getting better and better. .... Jazz Zeringue, Navy SEAL, is put behind bars for an act of kindness. A mysterious stranger, Vivi Verreau, comes to his rescue. Sparks fly from them moment these two meet. .... Jazz wants to know more about the woman behind the Interpol liaison but he first has to gain Vivi's trust and Vivi has to see the man beyond the warrior in the uniform. .... This book is a roller coaster ride. I just can't praise it enough. Anyone who likes romantic suspense with a Navy SEAL hero and a sympathetic heroine will love it, too! .... I really anxious to read her next book - it will be Hawk's story. We've seen Hawk in at least two of her books (Into Danger and The Protector) and I can tell his story is going to be AWESOME!!
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Southeast Asia, Covert Ops SEAL Zola ¿Jazz¿ Zeringue intercedes when a pimp and a GI barter over an underage girl by paying cash for her. When the elderly grandmamson tries to stop him from following the child into the back room, he ignores her to make sure the child is safe. Interpol arrests Jazz for having sex with a minor........................... Grandmamson is actually Vivienne ¿Vivi¿ Verreau working undercover g for GEM, but currently serving as the liaison between the United Third World of Women and the UN. Vivi interviews Jazz, who says he just wanted to protect Rose, who affirms his testimony. Vivi frees him..................... Jazz is attracted to Vivi, but she hates soldiers who kill or rape and plunder. Vivi and GEM lead Jazz and his squad on a mission to stop European weapons dealer Dilaver peddling his toys to the Triad brothers, dealers in drugs and girl prostitution. They are to allow GEM to extract the girls and steal the weapons, but allow Dilaver to escape thinking the Triad attacked him. This is the first step in a widening plot to catch bigger fish........................ This is a strong suspense thriller that excitingly ties together the fight against international drug, weapons, and underage girl trafficking into a fine tale starring two likable strong lead protagonists. The locale and the secondary cast add authenticity to the fine story line. Readers will shake their heads when the lead couple stops while on the lam to make love. Although the cleverly devised final confrontation is more a set up to Hawk¿s future tale than a closing climax, romantic suspense readers will gain high levels of pleasure from THE PROTECTOR................. Harriet Klausner