Proverbs Continued

Proverbs Continued

by Evangelist Jan


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This book sets the scene for diving into all kinds of relatable topics that people may be having or might know someone else who is dealing with these kinds of issues in their life, intimate relationship, family, in their hearts, pondering in their minds, etc.

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ISBN-13: 9781504340502
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/07/2016
Pages: 470
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.95(d)

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Proverbs Continued

By Evangelist Jan

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Evangelist Jan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4050-2


Who Did God Call? (4)

Evangelist Jan 5-29-10

God didn't call a woman to preach – so, gone on – and, sit yourself, down

The first twelve – Jesus appointed – were men – not a woman – among them was found

At least, this is the illusion – some want you, to – grasp, as the Holy Grail

Interpreting – what they feel, Scripture say – as though, they are reading, brail

Only the blind, first, feel words – intending, to see – what the writer – advise

Scriptures aren't, to be invoked -------- to impend, a woman's – demise

Nor – misconstrued – in such, a way – it causes, listeners to – stumble

When Women of God, receive the call – as a ball, they will not – fumble

What you mean – a woman can't preach, man – The Church is ----- a her I don't have to argue – no, mess I'm not one – to stir

But – I d-double dare you, fellas – to say, "The Church is not a girl" Hey – isn't that – who Jesus commissioned – and – sent out – into the world?

Okay, okay – I am a lady – with the call of God – upon my life I'm not going to neglect my gift – I tell ya – Men, you are also – classified, as a wife

The entire Church body – Jesus – has named – to be His Bride The title is gender specific – she'll live, forever – at- His side

I have encountered – a few men – being offended – I herald the Word Isn't that – the most ridiculous thing – that, you have ever heard

Sounds like – when the disciples told Jesus – those others – preaching – are not with us But Jesus' Word – calmly – quieted them – from that silly fuss

Stating – if they are not against me, brethren – you – should very well, know I will never – stop – or – silence them – as many of them – would – too – can go

We all have a job to do – the womenand – the men And – that is to minister – in unity – regardless – of – who– He send

Inspiration: Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it Psalm 81:10b

Thought: God used a jackass' mouth. A jackass wasn't created with intellect or to speak with translatable dialogue. God said if we don't praise Him, the rocks would cry out. Rocks are neither animal, nor vegetable. Rocks are mouthless minerals. Therefore, if he used an asses mouth, and can cause something that is not human to praise Him, then I know that the Lord has no problem using women in ministry.

No Telling! Evangelist Jan 7-17-12

I can not be, discouraged – even when it, might not – seem That things, don't appear, to be – unfolding, the way, I – deem

HIS Word was, direct – exponential and precise The exclusive, predestined promise – which GOD, spoke into – my life

The vernacular, which HE used – was transparently, crystal – clear Um, um – there is no, mistake – oh I, did not – mishear

For none can, enunciate – to make, us – understand What is being, said – to us, they way, the FATHER – can

Internationally – fluent, no speech – where – HE'S – unheard Ordaining, every language – so, all people, could hear – HIS WORDS

I have, no good, reason – to fear, or to – doubt The things, HE has promised – me, will shortly – come about

GOD has established, everything – HE already, sanctioned my – fate That portal that, I thought, was due ------ GOD did not, use that – gate Canceling my, expectation byusing, some other – source Flexing almighty, power – and showing, its, tremendous – force

HIS WORD was, quick and powerful – declaring, HIS true – intent But without, the ins and outs – of just, how – HE meant

For this, relevant promise – to happen, to come – to pass Leaving it, really up, to HIM – that can be, such – a gas! Can't ever put, a finger – on how HE is, going to – bring My miracles and my blessings – the route, which they – will spring Up and overtake, me – these bearers, of – good news HE in whom, I trust ---- does these things, the way – HE'LL choose

I can not get, discouraged – before, my GOD – is through If things, don't appear, to be – coming, a way, I – knew Always, feeding, my addiction- of loving, to – recollect On GOD'S ability, of doing things – in ways, I didn't – suspect

Inspiration: God's faithfulness to my son, Chuck Yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. Psalm 37: 25b

Kintrey Evangelist Jan 10-20-10

Kin and connected – to the Trinity
Inspired and encouraged – supernaturally to be
Nurtured by the teachings – of God's Holy Word
Transitioned into being – what you have heard
Reaching above and beyond – my expectation
Excellence of spirit – is your culmination
You're the grandson – of whom I'd dream – a child like you – is who God – deem

Inspiration: Prophetic blessing with Kintrey my grandson's name that God gave me.

Happy Versus Happiness Evangelist Jan 7-3-12

Happy comes, to visit – it's not, there to – stay It just resides, a little while – and then, it goes – away

It will come, to pass – on, another special – time To uplift feelings, of merriment – these symptom's, are its – sign

It is something, real – that lasts, about – a mile That's where, it gets off ---- it only, thrives a – little while

Happy comes on, strong – but too soon, then it – gets weak Then begins, to long – for something, else, to make – it peak

Especially, when it's things – that makes, it come – alive Therefore without, these certainties – it just, can not – survive

At first, it comes on, strong – but too soon, then it – gets weak Then begins, to long – for something, else, to make – it peak

Happiness is a job, that – you definitely, have – to work! A permanent, employer – who uses, itself as – a perk Can't assume, this position – thinking, you won't, have – to sweat It calls, for executives – that have, a thing, for – getting wet Forces to be, reckoned with – for rolling, up their – sleeves For revenue, from discipline – of what, they – believe Rewards with, deposits – of what, they can – withdraw Pursuing, a career – with happiness, underwritten in – its law

Or else, happy comes to visit – it won't, be there – to stay

It just resides, a little while – and then, it – goes away

Thought: Happiness is a seed that must be planted, watered, and cultivated to reap sustenance to nourish your life. It is an all-around spirit that morphs into laughter, joy, peace, love, and all of the other finer things in the spirit and in life. But, like any other relationship, happiness must be maintained by the attitude and or the work you are willing to invest towards it! Happy Versus Happiness – two different powers and strengths. Why not elect the pure essence of happiness rather than the fleeting scents of happy cologne!

Got Kids! Evangelist Jan 3-18-11

Soon after, we got together – I became, pregnant, with – his child In my mind – "the perfect world" – I was geeked, to walk – the aisle

I shared, with my companion – I was in, the motherly – way As far as, our relationship – "in it" – he did not – stay

I ended up, beginning, a family – a single parent, on – my own Abandoned – being left, high and dry – little boy's, daddy split – and gone

That's when, I met – another guy – that swept me, off – my feet So romantically, wining and dining, me – I thought, he was – so sweet Well --- about three months, into it – is when, it all – began To his surprise, there I was – pregnant, all over – again I couldn't believe, when – the doctor, said – "mom, you're with twins!" Even, this man too, soon left me – but --- I still, get – his "ends"

It didn't take, any time – at all – to become, a mother – of three Feeling, too young – to be alone – though, my parents, did not – agree

Oh my gosh, I'm on, a roll ---- I snagged, a brand new – guy Had – another baby, that daddy's gone - I thought, to myself – oh my But I went on, to another – and, then on through – some more And each and every one, of them – walked, right on out – my door

Long leaving me, behind – to care for, and – to tend My many innocent, children – from all, these – different men I have girls and I have boys – just the twins, share – a dad The other kids – each have, their own – I know, my truth – is bad

I started young, no where, near old – marriage, is still – my plan So the kids, won't keep me, from ----- staying cute, all I – can

Don't have, a problem – attracting, a man, I look – very nice Problem is, a wedding - and after, well wishers, throwing – rice

Inspiration: for more arethe children of the desolate then the children of the married wife, saith the Lord. Isaiah 54: 1c

Thought: That there will be an awakening because this is madness!

I Am Not Like Obama Evangelist Jan 8-13-10

Um-um – oh no – I'm telling you – for the, umpteenth – time I will not ----- accept it ----- that baby ----- is not ----- mine

Why – are you determined – to pin – this baby on me I'm not ready – for, that kind – of responsibility

I'm not trying – to hear that – you better – apologize When we take – the DNA – it will prove – you're telling lies

You need to go – and find – your real – baby-daddy I won't take – this baby run – I am not – that kind of caddie

Not trying to take – what I had with you – to this kind – of level Girl – you are tripping – and – you ain't nothing – but the devil

When "you" – got pregnant – according – to my estimation Certain months – don't add up, to – a – 9 month Gestation

So – by this calculation – there is no way – at all You are guesstimating – to make – this kind of call

I have no children – I know of – and – even if I did What you need – to know is – I just don't want – a kid

You might as well – stop crying – about the way – I feel Cut it out – get a hold of yourself – I'm just – being real

Ain't this, a blip ----- stop, bugging me ----- I am, working ----- to expand And - a baby is, the stumbling block ----- interfering with ----- that plan

I don't want, the baby ----- or ----- the baby's ----- mama As a, good – family man – would – like, President Obama

Take it from – this horse's mouth – I am not – your baby's – father If you think – I will agree – hey, do not even – bother

Free ----- is ----- how I, will stay ----- free ----- as ----- a bird If – you thought – something else – now – you got – the word

Um-um – oh no – I'm telling you – for the, umpteenth – time I will not----- accept it ----- that baby ----- is not ----- mine

Inspiration: For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 1 John 2: 16

Would God Use Me? Evangelist Jan 8-13-12 1 of 2

I have this, burning question – would God, use – even me? Lets check out, the bible – it's full of, things you need – to see

Rahab was, "the girl" ----- who literally, hosted – the spies That scoped out, the Canaan land – and backed them, with – her lies When asked, if they were, with her – with a straight face, she said ----- nope Then ----- secretly, lowered them, from the wall ----- in her basket, with a ----- rope Rahab was of, Jericho ----- but she was, used ----- to show That God, will use ----- anyone ----- hey Rahab, was ----- a hoe

David was, the king – who exercised, God's – wrath But this king got, sidetracked – as he watched, her take – a bath Bathsheba was her, name – she was, Uriah's – wife Uriah was a, mighty man – that Dave, robbed of – his life David took, this little – ewe---- Uriah's --- only one Scooped her up, for she was – now, pregnant with – his son

God sent, Prophet Nathan – whose mission, was – to tell This great king, this one thing – that he, had not – done well Then, David "so," repented – for that, very – thing Therefore God, forgave him – establishing --- him – as king Throughout generations, his seed – would keep, the – throne God continued to, bless him – though, this murder, HE didn't – condone

Abraham became, the father – of nations, as he – was told Him HE chose, who had, no child – just how – would – this – unfold? Soon Sarah, offered Hagar – in the role, of a – concubine But God's pick, was still Sarah – who – Abe – had – all– the time One hundred years, was Abraham – God really, set – the stage Sarah being, ninety --- "a couple" --- God used, despite – their age Through them, was born, Isaac – and Sarah, did give – suck To their promised, baby boy --- as God's, awesome – power- struck

Now --- Tamar didn't think, the deceit – was none, too fun When she, was not, handed – to Judah's, baby – son For he had, promised – when Er, and Onan – died But Shelah wasn't, given – so she, could be – his bride

When she saw, this wasn't done – she then, devised – a plan And disguised herself, in harlot's clothes – to tempt, this – lying man Falling for, this beauty's – plot, he satisfied – his need And when he left, she went – her way – but – pregnant with – his seed

Oh this might, seem sinister – but this, was the – tradition When Judah, kept – his only, son – this then, became – her mission But Judah, did not, know – that Tamar, was- this girl Transformed to get, what's wanted – most, back then, in – her world To be the bearer, of a child – to love on, and to – tend God not only, gave her one – but gave, that child – a twin

Judah ----- so unexpected – in a serious, parent – trap For the twins, that she gave – suck, directly from – her pap's Pharez one of, Tamar's twins – it's noted, that his – name Is read, in genealogy – from which, the Savior – came

Now look – time and ink, would fail – to mention, all – the rest That were used, at some point – but – were not, at – their best Your question --- no longer – burning, it should, now – be quenched Since HE used one's, such as these ----- using you, should be – a cinch

Thought: God can use you despite your inefficiencies!


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