Proverbs for Life for Teachers: Everyday Wisdom for Everyday Living

Proverbs for Life for Teachers: Everyday Wisdom for Everyday Living

by Zondervan


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ISBN-13: 9780310801917
Publisher: Inspirio
Publication date: 02/20/2004
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.82(w) x 6.82(h) x 0.65(d)

Table of Contents

1.The Big Day (Confidence)10
2.Staying the Course (Perseverance)12
3.A Better Way (Truthfulness)16
4.Tough Questions (Answers)18
5.Keep Your Cool (Anger)20
6.Places Everyone (Discipline)22
7.An Atmosphere of Learning (Peace)26
8.A Direct Line (Prayer)28
9.Making Your Words Count (Speech)30
10.A Spoonful of Sugar (Kindness)32
11.Before the Bell Rings (Meditation)36
12.Finding the Answer (Wisdom)38
13.A Time to Laugh (Humor)40
14.Holding the Line (Respect)42
15.United We Stand (Parents)46
16.It's the Principal (Authority)48
17.Failure Isn't Final (Hope)50
18.Praises Given and Received (Inspiration)52
19.The Right Destination (Future)56
20.Nobody Said It Would Be Easy (Righteousness)58
21.Hearts Lifted Up (Encouragement)60
22.That's Not Fair (Justice)62
23.Planning for Success (Preparation)66
24.Raising the Bar (Excellence)68
25.Showing the Way (Leadership)70
26.Teacher of the Year (Pride)72
27.Precious in His Sight (Protection)76
28.The Master Teacher (Correction)78
29.Idle Words (Gossip)80
30.Highly Recommended (Reputation)82
31.Doing All Things (Strength)86
32.A Little Common Sense (Judgment)88
33.Let God Do It (Surrender)90
34.Taking Care of Yourself (Health)92
35.Listen Up (Communication)96
36.Continuing Education (Learning)98
37.Word to the Wise (Advice)100
38.How Great Thou Art (God's Presence)102
39.Please Find a Seat (Welcoming Students)106
40.It's the Right Thing (Integrity)108
41.A Sense of Satisfaction (Fulfillment)110
42.That's How It Goes (Friendship)112
43.God Is on Your Side (Trouble)116
44.Making the Mark (Diligence)118
45.It Can Be fixed (Forgiveness)120
46.Just a Coincidence? (God's Plan)122

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