Provisions: The Roots of Caribbean Cooking--150 Vegetarian Recipes

Provisions: The Roots of Caribbean Cooking--150 Vegetarian Recipes

by Michelle Rousseau, Suzanne Rousseau


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A lush, modern vegetarian cookbook celebrating the bold flavors and unique ingredients of the Caribbean

In Provisions, Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau share 150 recipes that pay homage to the meals and market produce that have been farmed, sold, and prepared by Caribbean people—particularly the women—for centuries. Caribbean food is often thought of as rustic and unrefined, but these vibrant vegetarian dishes will change the way we think about this diverse, exciting, and nourishing cuisine. The pages are spiced with the sisters' fond food memories and fascinating glimpses of the islands' histories, bringing the region's culinary past together with creative recipes that represent the best of Caribbean food today.

With a modern twist on traditional island ingredients and flavors, Provisions reinvents classic dishes and presents innovative new favorites, like Ripe Plantain Gratin, Ackee Tacos with Island Guacamole, Haitian Riz Djon Djon Risotto, Oven-Roasted Pumpkin Flatbread, and Caramelized Fennel and Grilled Green Guava with Mint. Stunning full-color photographs showcase the variety of these dishes: hearty stews, easy one-pot meals, crunchy salads, flavorful pickles, preserves, and hot sauces, sumptuous desserts, cocktails, and more. At once elegant, authoritative, and accessible, Suzanne and Michelle's recipes and stories invite you to bring fresh Caribbean flavors to your table.

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ISBN-13: 9780738234670
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 748,231
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About the Author

Sisters Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau have spent the last 20 years exploring the culture and identity of Caribbean food from their unique vantage point as Jamaican chefs and entrepreneurs. They were the hosts of the popular food and travel show Two Sisters and a Meal. They also produced and starred in the web series Island Potluck, a joint production with the Jamaica Tourist Board. Their first cookbook, Caribbean Potluck, received critical acclaim and was named one of NPR's Best Books of 2014. Most recently, they have opened Summerhouse at the Liguanea Club in Kingston, Jamaica, a Caribbean gastropub with the mission of celebrating the soul, heritage, and lifestyle of the islands.

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Table of Contents

A Sisterly Welcome 1

Chapter 1 Provisions

Roots & Tubers, Yam, Cassava, Dasheen, Sweet Potato & Coco

Roast Provisions with Haitian Pikliz 14

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Smashed Grape Tomatoes and Country Pepper 15

Mixed Herb Pesto 17

Provisions Bowl 18

Cassava Pancakes with Sorrel Syrup 21

Cassava Fries with Sous de Pinda 22

Steamed Bammy with Coconut, Pumpkin, Ginger, and Tomato 23

Fritter Platter: Coconut Corn Fritters, Dasheen Balls, and Coco Fritters 24

Roasted Carrots, Beets, and Asparagus with Basil 29

Chapter 2 Savory Fruits & Vegetables

Ackee, Cho Cho, Peppers, Eggplant, Avocado & Okra

Island Squash Salad with Arugula 32

Curried Eggplant and Potato with Roti 34

Okra with Scotch Bonnet, Cilantro, Coconut, and Lime 37

Cucumber, Tomato, and Onion Raita 38

Spicy Red Pepper Pesto 39

Trini Chokas: Tomato Choka and Coconut Choka 40

Pepper Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Onions and Fresh Pepper Jelly 42

Sesame-Roasted Garlic and Eggplant Caviar 45

Roasted Tomatoes and Eggplant with Spiced Cilantro Yogurt and Feta 47

Zaboca Toast with Coconut and Pumpkin Seeds 49

Cheesy Mushroom Toast 51

Avocado and Plantain Salsa with Breadfruit Chips 52

Avocado-Ginger Spring Rolls with Lemongrass-Citrus Dipping Sauce 55

Ackee Tacos with Island Guacamole 57

Ackee Lasagna 60

Cho Cho "Apple" Crisp 61

Chapter 3 Sprouts & Starchy Fruits

Hearts of Palm, Artichoke Hearts, Pumpkin, Banana, Plantain & Breadfruit

Curried Green Banana with Pineapple and Raisins 65

Grilled Green Banana and Plantain with Butter 66

Plantain and Cheese Empanadillas 67

Roasted Ripe Plantain with African Pepper Compote 68

Ripe Plantain Gratin with Gruyere 70

Oven-Roasted Pumpkin Flatbreads with Goat Cheese, Cilantro-Coconut Pistou, and Sweet 'n' Salty Pumpkin Seeds 71

Eggplant and Plantain Parmesan with Two Sauces 74

Scotch Bonnet Tomato Sauce 76

Roasted Hearts of Palm and Artichoke Hearts Dip 77

Fire-Roasted Breadfruit with Flaked Sea Salt and Honey 78

Roasted Breadfruit with Sauteed Peppers, Cho Cho, and White Wine 81

Oma Chepa's Pumpkin Pancakes 82

Banana Date Protein Smoothie 84

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing 85

Chapter 4 Greens, Leaves & Shoots

Callaloo, Pak Choi, Lettuce, Arugula, Cabbage, Broccoli & Cauliflower

Island Greens with Avocado, Mint, and Mango 88

Butter Lettuce, Avocado, and Chive Salad 90

Baby Greens with Lentils, Roasted Peppers, Crispy Chickpeas, and Ortanique-Thyme Vinaigrette 91

Crunchy Pak Choi Salad 94

Arugula with Plantain and Parmesan 96

Island Goddess Kale Cobb Salad 97

Romaine Heart Salad 100

Spiced Cooked Cabbage 103

Callaloo in Coconut Milk 104

Leek, Brie, and Thyme Soup au Gratin with Aged Caribbean Rum 105

Cream of Callaloo Soup 108

Aunt Marjorie's Callaloo Gratin 109

White Sauce 110

One-Pot Pie with Callaloo, Plantain, Goat Cheese, and Cornmeal Crust 111

Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Cashew Tempura with Citrus-Miso-Rum Glaze 115

Chapter 5 Beans, Pulses & Legumes

Black Beans, Gungo Peas, Chickpeas, Lentils, Red Peas & Black-Eyed Peas

Crispy Trini-Style Channa 118

Curried Chickpeas with Mango Chutney 119

Chickpeas with Cilantro and Coconut 120

Red Pea Puree with Avocado 122

Black Bean Plantain Burger with Pikliz 125

Good Hope Gungo Pea Falafel 126

Sautéed Gungo Peas with Tahini and Mint 129

Jamaican Akkra 131

Lima Beans with Sesame, Ginger, and Cashew 132

Lentil-Scotch Bonnet Spread with Green Plantain Chips 133

Lentil Salad with Feta, Orange, and Hazelnuts 136

Pinda (Peanut) Stew 137

Chapter 6 Grains

Rice, Quinoa, Wheat & Corn

Couscous with Sweet Pot Herbs, Zucchini, Plantain, and Roasted Channa 143

Kalc and Quinoa Salad with Candied Sorrel, Pumpkin Seeds, and Almonds 145

Balinese-Style Black Rice Salad 148

"Tun" Cornmeal with Roasted Pumpkin and Garlic Confit 150

Empress Bowl: Coconut Rice and Guyanese Dhal 153

Haitian-Style Djon Djon Risotto (Riz Djon Djon) 155

Creamy Trini Corn Soup 159

Cheesy Scotch Bonnet Corn Bread 160

Coco Bread with Aged Cheddar and Crispy Garlic 161

Mamacita's Arepas with Black Beans and Queso Blanco 162

Basic Pastry Crust for Savory or Sweet 165

Chapter 7 Sweet Fruits & Flowers

Mango, Papaya, Berries, Citrus, Melon, Guava, Pineapple, Passionfruit & Sorrel

Caramelized Fennel and Grilled Green Guava with Mint 168

Watermelon Carpaccio with Arugula and Pecorino 169

Baked Brie en Croute with Sorrel Chutney and Pistachios 170

Stewed Guava with Red Wine 171

Mango-Passion Fool 172

Tropical Island Fro Yo 175

Grilled Pineapple Upside-Down Rum Cake 176

Raspberry-Coconut Cream Scones 179

Bev's Key Lime Pie 180

Mango, Blackberry, and Peach Pie with Cornmeal Brown Sugar Crumble 181

Berry-Coconut Overnight Oats 185

Sorrel Syrup and Candied Sorrel Buds 187

Chapter 8 Coffee, Cocoa Nuts & Coconut

Chocolate-Habanero Mousse with Coconut-Rum Chantilly 190

Rum and Raisin Budino with Candied Cashews and Citrus-Rum Sauce 193

Coconut-Ginger Ice 196

Blue Mountain Affogato 197

Old-Fashioned Blue Mountain Chocolate Layer Cake 198

Gizzadas with Chocolate and Almonds 201

Pecan Pie Infused with Rum 203

Ebony and Ivory: Double Chocolate-Pistachio Brownies and Coconut-Macadamia Blondies 205

Nut-Butter Loaves 207

Chapter 9 Rum, Beverages & Festive Recipes

Coconut-Rum Punch 212

Bellefield Jamaican Ginger Beer 213

Haitian Rum Sour 214

Tamarind Ti Ponche 215

Sorrel Mimosas (Holiday Hibiscus) 217

Christmas Sorrel 218

Ponche de Crème 219

Jamaican Julep 220

Lime Squash 222

Modern-Day Sangaree 223

Passion Martini 224

Chapter 10 Sea Salt, Sugar & Spice

Pickles, Preserves & Sauces

Pickled Peppers, Fruits, and Vegetables: Haitian Pikliz; Chunky Lime, June Plum, and Pepper Relish; Pickled Cucumber; Pickled Shallots and Scotch Bonnet; Pineapple Chow; and Trini Chow Chow 229

Aunt Shirley's Guava Jam 233

Dover Seville Orange Marmalade 234

Ginger Pepper Jelly 235

Quick Sorrel Marmalade 236

Papaya-Christophene Chutney 237

Watermelon-Lemongrass Chutney 238

Sevens Mango Chutney 240

Red Onion, Tomato, and Habanero Relish 241

Cilantro-Coconut Pistou 242

Garlic-Lime Sauce 243

Tamarind-Raisin Ketchup 243

Coconut-Lime Dipping Sauce 244

Creamy Scotch Bonnet Dipping Sauce 245

Pepper Sauces: Classic, Lemon-Lime, Mustard, Pineapple, and Mango 246

African Pepper Compote 248

Green Seasoning 249

Hot Pepper Oils: Culantro Pepper Oil, Scotch Bonnet Oil 250

Afterword 253

A Further Note On Our Ninteenth-Century Historical Sources 265

Local Produce, Preparation Notes, And Ingregient Substitutions 271

Acknowledgments 281

Bibliography 283

Photo Credits 285

Index 287

About The Authors 301

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