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Proximal Soil Sensing / Edition 1

Proximal Soil Sensing / Edition 1


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This book reports on developments in Proximal Soil Sensing (PSS) and high resolution digital soil mapping. PSS has become a multidisciplinary area of study that aims to develop field-based techniques for collecting information on the soil from close by, or within, the soil. Amongst others, PSS involves the use of optical, geophysical, electrochemical, mathematical and statistical methods. This volume, suitable for undergraduate course material and postgraduate research, brings together ideas and examples from those developing and using proximal sensors and high resolution digital soil maps for applications such as precision agriculture, soil contamination, archaeology, peri-urban design and high land-value applications, where there is a particular need for high spatial resolution information. The book in particular covers soil sensor sampling, proximal soil sensor development and use, sensor calibrations, prediction methods for large data sets, applications of proximal soil sensing, and high-resolution digital soil mapping.

Key themes: soil sensor sampling – soil sensor calibrations – spatial prediction methods –
reflectance spectroscopy – electromagnetic induction and electrical resistivity – radar and gamma radiometrics – multi-sensor platforms – high resolution digital soil mapping - applications

Raphael A. Viscarra Rossel is a scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
Research Organisation (CSIRO) of Australia.

Alex McBratney is Pro-Dean and Professor of Soil Science in the Faculty of Agriculture Food
& Natural Resources at the University of Sydney in Australia.

Budiman Minasny is a Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Agriculture Food & Natural
Resources at the University of Sydney in Australia.

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ISBN-13: 9789048188581
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 08/03/2010
Series: Progress in Soil Science , #1
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Part I Overview

1 Sampling for High-Resolution Soil Mapping J.J. de Gruijter A.B. McBratney J. Taylor 3

2 Development of On-the-Go Proximal Soil Sensor Systems V.I. Adamchuk R.A. Viscarra Rossel 15

3 Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy for High-Resolution Soil Sensing B. Stenberg R.A. Viscarra Rossel 29

4 High-Resolution Digital Soil Mapping: Kriging for Very Large Datasets N. Cressie E.L. Kang 49

Part II Soil Sensing and Sampling

5 The Sun Has Shone Here Antecedently A.B. McBratney B. Minasny 67

6 Proximal Soil Nutrient Sensing Using Electrochemical Sensors C.R. Lobsey R.A. Viscarra Rossel A.B. McBratney 77

7 DIGISOIL: An Integrated System of Data Collection Technologies for Mapping Soil Properties G. Grandjean O. Cerdan G. Richard I. Cousin P. Lagacherie A. Tabbagh B. Van Wesemael A. Stevens S. Lambot F. Carré R. Maftei T. Hermann M. Thörnelöf L. Chiarantini S. Moretti A.B. McBratney E. Ben Dor 89

8 iSOIL: An EU Project to Integrate Geophysics, Digital Soil Mapping, and Soil Science U. Werban T. Behrens G. Cassiani P. Dietrich 103

9 Conditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling for Calibrating Soil Sensor Data to Soil Properties B. Minasny A.B. McBratney 111

10 Response Surface Sampling of Remotely Sensed Imagery for Precision Agriculture G.J. Fitzgerald 121

Part III Soil UV, Visible, and Infrared Spectral Sensing

11 Mid- Versus Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for On-Site Analysis of Soil J.B. Reeves G.W. McCarty W.D. Hively 133

12 Determination of Soil Nitrate and Organic Matter Content Using Portable, Filter-Based Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy B.R. Jahn S.K. Upadhyaya 143

13 VNIR Spectroscopy Estimates of Within-Field Variability in Soil Properties K.A. Sudduth N.R. Kitchen E.J. Sadler S.T. Drummond D.B. Myers 153

14 Infrared Sensors to Map Soil Carbon in Agricultural Ecosystems G. McCarty W.D. Hively J.B. Reeves III M. Lang E. Lund O. Weatherbee 165

15 Predicting Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Concentrations and Pasture Root Densities from Proximally Sensed Soil Spectral Reflectance B.H. Kusumo M.J. Hedley M.P. Tuohy C.B. Hedley G.C. Arnold 177

16 Diagnostic Screening of Urban Soil Contaminants Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy J.G. Bray R.A. Viscarra Rossel A.B. McBratney 191

17 Using Wavelets to Analyse Proximally Sensed Vis-NIR Soil Spectra R.A. Viscarra Rossel R.M. Lark A.S. Ortega 201

18 Mapping Soil Surface Mineralogy at Tick Hill, North-Western Queensland, Australia, Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery T. Cudahy M. Jones M. Thomas P. Cocks F. Agustin M. Caccetta R. Hewson M. Verrall A. Rodger 211

Part IV Soil Sensing by Electromagnetic Induction and Electrical Resistivity

19 Combining Proximal and Penetrating Soil Electrical Conductivity Sensors for High-Resolution Digital Soil Mapping D.B. Myers N.R. Kitchen K.A. Sudduth S. Grunwald R.J. Miles E.J. Sadler R.P. Udawatta 233

20 A Neural Network Approach to Topsoil Clay Prediction Using an EMI-Based Soil Sensor L. Cockx M. Van Meirvenne U.W.A. Vitharana F.M.B. Vancoillie L.P.C. Verbeke D. Simpson T. Saey 245

21 Field Determination of Soil Moisture in the Root Zone of Deep Vertosols Using EM38 Measurements: Calibration and Application Issues M.B. Hossain D.W. Lamb P.V. Lockwood P. Frazier 255

22 Can the EM38 Probe Detect Spatial Patterns of Subsoil Compaction? G. Hoefer J. Bachmann K.H. Hartge 265

23 Changes in Field Soil Water Tracked by Electrical Resistivity A. Besson I. Cousin G. Richard H. Bourennane C. Pasquier B. Nicoullaud D. King 275

24 Is a Systematic Two-Dimensional EMI Soil Survey Always Relevant for Vineyard Production Management? A Test on Two Pedologically Contrasting Mediterranean Vineyards G. Coulouma B. Tisseyre P. Lagacherie 283

Part V Radar and Gamma Radiometric Sensors

25 Full-Waveform Modelling and Inversion of Ground-Penetrating Radar Data for Non-invasive Characterisation of Soil Hydrogeophysical Properties S. Lambot E. Slob J. Minet K.Z. Jadoon M. Vanclooster H. Vereecken 299

26 Using Proximal Sensors to Continuously Monitor Agricultural Soil Physical Conditions for Tillage Management G. Richard R. Rouveure A. Chanzy P. Faure M. Chanet A. Marionneau P. Régnier Y. Duval 313

27 Gamma Ray Sensor for Topsoil Mapping: The Mole F.M. van Egmond E.H. Loonstra J. Limburg 323

28 Gamma Ray Sensing for Cadmium Risk Assessment in Agricultural Soil and Grain: A Case Study in Southern Sweden M. Söderström J. Eriksson 333

29 Use of EM38 and Gamma Ray Spectrometry as Complementary Sensors for High-Resolution Soil Property Mapping M.T.F. Wong K. Wittwer Y.M. Oliver M.J. Robertson 343

Part VI Multisensor Systems and Other Sensors

30 Field-Scale Draught Resistance and Soil Moisture Measurement in Australia Using a Tine-Based Force-Capacitance Sensing System B.M. Whelan Y. Sun Q. Zeng P. Schulze Lammers J. Hassall 353

31 Sensor-Based Mapping of Soil Quality on Degraded Claypan Landscapes of the Central United States N.R. Kitchen K.A. Sudduth R.J. Kremer D.B. Myers 363

32 Proximal Sensing Methods for Mapping Soil Water Status in an Irrigated Maize Field C.B. Hedley I.J. Yule M.P. Tuohy B.H. Kusumo 375

33 Comparing the Ability of Multiple Soil Sensors to Predict Soil Properties in a Scottish Potato Production System J.A. Taylor M. Short A.B. McBratney J. Wilson 387

34 Spatial Variability and Pattern of Selected Properties of Agricultural Soils in the Czech Republic Measured by Indirect Proximal and Remote Sensing M. Kroulik J. Kumhalova Z. Kviz M. Zlinsky M. Mimra V. Prosek 397

Part VII Applications

35 Inverse Meta-modelling of Yield-Monitor Data for Estimating Soil-Available Water-Holding Capacities at a Farm Resolution of 10 m M.J. Florin A.B. McBratney B.M. Whelan 413

36 Reconstructing Palaeotopography at the Beginning of the Weichselian Glacial Stage Using an Electromagnetic Induction Sensor T. Saey M. Van Meirvenne D. Simpson U.W.A. Vitharana L. Cockx H. Vermeersch 423

Postscript: Where to from Here? 435

Index 441

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