Psalms: Poetry on Fire Book Three 8-week Study Guide: The Passionate Life Bible Study Series

Psalms: Poetry on Fire Book Three 8-week Study Guide: The Passionate Life Bible Study Series


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Every emotion of the heart is reflected in the Psalms with words that express our deepest and strongest feelings. They provide comfort and joy, leading us to the place where worship flows. This poetry on fire is divided into five books, mirroring the five books of Moses that form the first books of the Old Testament. Together they convey the depth of our longing and fears, joys and celebration, becoming a mirror to the heart of God’s people in our quest to experience God’s presence. 
Book Three of Psalms, called the “Leviticus Psalms,” is similar to the others in that it’s an anthology of poems, worshipping and petitioning the Lord. These, however, pivot around the themes of praise and God’s house, and God’s glory and grandeur. Some proclaim the glory of God’s holy house, emphasizing how life-giving and joyful it is to celebrate the Lord there. Others exalt the name of the Lord, praising him for his justice, awe-inspiring power, wonderful works, mercy, and truth. Still others appeal to this God of justice and mercy for help overcoming injustice, comfort during distress, and rescue from trouble. 
We’ve designed this study to help you explore these praises and prayers placed inside poems that spill out of a fiery, passionate heart. May this study of poetry on fire free you to become a passionate, sincere worshipper, and experience the heart of God anew in faith and worship.
About the Passionate Life Bible Study Series:
God longs for everyone to encounter the passion of his heart. Inspired by The Passion Translation, this heart-level Bible study is ideal for both individual devotional study and small groups. Kindle a burning desire for a passion-filled life fueled by the heart of God!

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ISBN-13: 9781424553433
Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 12/01/2016
Series: The Passionate Life Bible Study Series
Pages: 80
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About the Author

DR. BRIAN SIMMONS is known as a passionate lover of God. After a dramatic conversion to Christ, Brian knew that God was calling him to go to the unreached people of the world and present the gospel of God’s grace to all who would listen. With his wife, Candice, and their three children, he spent nearly eight years in the tropical rain forest of the Darien Province of Panama as a church planter, translator, and consultant. Brian was involved in the Paya-Kuna New Testament translation project and studied linguistics and Bible translation principles with New Tribes Mission. Brian is now working to complete The Passion Translation of the Bible from the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

Table of Contents

Using This Passionate Life Bible Study 5

Introduction to the Leviticus Psalms - Book 3 9

Lesson 1 Lord, You're All I Want!: Psalms 73 and 75 11

Lesson 2 Lord, We Need You Now!: Psalms 74 and 76 19

Lesson 3 Don't Forget Your Wonderful Miracle Past: Psalms 77 and 78 28

Lesson 4 God, Won't You Do Something about Your House?: Psalms 79 and 80 36

Lesson 5 A Lesson on Worship: Psalms 81, 84, and 87 45

Lesson 6 God, Repeat History: ludge!: Psalms 82 and 83 54

Lesson 7 Lord, Restore My Joy-Just Like Before!: Psalms 85, 86, and 88 62

Lesson 8 Blessed Be Our God, Forever and Ever!: Psalms 89 72

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