Pseudo-Green Leftism and True Green Conservatism

Pseudo-Green Leftism and True Green Conservatism

by Bruce Walker


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The Left pretends to care about being "Green" but in fact it cares only about power, wealth and prestige which it milks from the causes it champions. The Left, in fact, is profoundly anti-Green in both its policies and lifestyles. Marxism, the ultimate form of Leftism, is by far the most anti-Green system of government ever devised. The deconstruction of traditional moral values is likewise very destructive to the environment. While Leftism is artificial, Conservatism, is less a political ideology and more an organic way of living. Humans unregulated from government and cadres live in ways consistent with Conservatism. In this way Conservatism - both Free Market Conservatism and Social Conservatism - are both naturally and truly "Green" and the solution to environmental problems. This book explores the ways in which difference operates in practice. It shows that the great Free Market innovators were also among the most "Green" of Americans and how the traditional nuclear family dramatically reduces our need for energy, water and other limited resources. The book also presents practical ideas for making our world "Green" again by making Free Market Conservatism and Social Conservatism the operative principles in our lives.

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