Psychedelic States: Wisconsin in the 60's

Psychedelic States: Wisconsin in the 60's


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Psychedelic States: Wisconsin in the 60's

Gear Fab's Psychedelic States series, which collects vintage '60s garage rock singles on a regional, state-by-state basis, affords an utterly fascinating look into a time in the U.S. when every basement and garage seemed to have a band rehearsing in it, the visible (and audible) explosion of a true suburban folk movement. Most of the rare and regional singles included in these compilations are badly recorded, poorly performed, and clichéd and derivative at almost every level, which, of course, is probably why they're so prized by collectors. This volume, the 17th in the series, spotlights the raw garage bands of Wisconsin, and like the previous Psychedelic States volumes, it's heavy on spirit and energy but runs pretty low on originality (and even lower on recorded sound quality). Nothing collected here changed the face of pop music one iota, even in the home state, but a few of these cuts are at least interesting, including the Delcords' "I Got Wise" from 1966, which is an intriguing mix of the surf and British Invasion styles; the crude but infectious "Hey Ho" by the Blue Boys, also from 1966; the almost-but-not-quite commercial "It's So Hard" from 1965 by the Road Runners; the pretty "Take It from Me" from 1968 by the No Names; and the Byrds-like "You and I" from 1967 by the Sandmen. Even being generous, nothing gathered here could be deemed essential outside of the historical phenomenon of the '60s garage band explosion, which is often more fun to ponder than actually listen to when all is said and done. That Gear Fab is making this stuff available is marvelous, though, not so much because a perfect lost rock gem might turn up one day on one of these collections (it doesn't seem likely), but because this is really the sound of suburban America singing circa 1965-1967. It's folk music of a sort, the voice of a national community that had no idea it was a community. It didn't matter if you were a garage band in Arkansas or Wisconsin, Boston or San Diego. Come Saturday night you plugged in, turned up, and pretended it was Shea Stadium. It may have been history on a very small stage, but it was history, and it rattled plenty of windowpanes.

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Release Date: 11/18/2008
Label: Gear Fab Records
UPC: 0645270023429
catalogNumber: 234

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tom Fabre   Saxophone
Tommy Hansen   Drums
Ron Hanson   Rhythm Guitar
Kenny Rogers   Guitar
Mike Kowalski   Drums
Donald Luther   Bass
John Lyons   Drums
Bob Wray   Bass
Doug Koempel   Keyboards
Robert F. Kennedy   Bass
Dale Smith   Bass,Saxophone
Ken Clark   Keyboards
Ray McCall   Guitar
Rick Purcell   Harmonica,Vocals
David St. Louis   Guitar
Tom "Peerless" Price   Drums
Steven Dillon   Guitar
Peter Alioto   Drums
Reggie Alt   Rhythm Guitar
Fred Anderson   Bass
Jerry Bast   Drums
Don Beetcher   Drums
Bill "Willie" Boettche   Bass
Joey "Gonzales" Carrion   Rhythm Guitar
Jack Caspar   Guitar
Mark Casper   Rhythm Guitar
Nick Christas   Guitar
John Conrath   Guitar
Larry Crandall   Rhythm Guitar
Keith Cravillion   Bass
Mike Daily   Vocals
Lance Davenport   Bass
Mike Dengel   Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy Dentici   Guitar
David DiCiani   Guitar,Keyboards
Keith DiCiani   Bass,Keyboards
Donald Eastman   Drums
Don Eberhardt   Bass
Dan Egnash   Keyboards
Gordy Elliot   Guitar
Cliff Fellows   Organ,Guitar
Dave Frasheski   Bass
Mike Gies   Keyboards
Gordy Gillman   Guitar
Paul Greenwald   Flute,Piano,Drums
James Guertin   Bass
Richard Guertin   Drums
Clint Gundrum   Guitar
Tom Halfpap   Guitar
Ralph Kamps   Bass
Tobin Kraft   Bass
Larry Liedman   Guitar
Ernest Mathies   Organ
Mike Meidl   Rhythm Guitar
Bob Misky   Drums
Betty Murray   Vocals
Paul Nelson   Keyboards
Ed Niespodziani   Organ
Dan Nordall   Organ,Guitar,Saxophone
Mark Peterson   Vocals
Dennis Pharis   Vocals
Mike Polaski   Keyboards
Steve Porter   Drums
Richie Rendzik   Drums
John Sahli   Guitar
Don Schindhelm   Organ
Jimmy Schluter   Guitar
Bob Scholtz   Drums
Donnie "Duck" Scholtz   Bass
Doug Shanning   Vocals
Jay Sieger   Guitar
Ron Spanbauer   Vocals
Bob Spock   Guitar
Mark Stahr   Drums
Tom Stahr   Guitar
Jack Striker   Keyboards
Jack "Tadych" Tate   Rhythm Guitar
Phil VanGoethen   Organ
Rudy Villasenor   Rhythm Guitar
Bob Weisapple   Bass
Doug Werginz   Drums
John Zaffiiro   Guitar

Technical Credits

Rex Jackson   Composer
Dick Monda   Composer
Keith DiCiani   Composer

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