Psychiatric Controversies in Epilepsy

Psychiatric Controversies in Epilepsy

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Psychiatric Controversies in Epilepsy

Psychiatric Controversies in Epilepsy addresses controversial clinical issues of the psychiatric aspects of epilepsy. The book explores the reasons behind the poor communication between psychiatrists and neurologists and suggests potential remedies to this important problem, and two chapters are devoted to examining whether psychiatrists and neurologists are properly trained to recognize and treat conditions that both disciplines commonly encounter in clinical practice. Identification of the causes behind the high rate of comorbidity between epilepsy and mood, anxiety, psychotic and attention deficit disorders is given high priority in the volume, and a specific review of the evidence of common pathogenic mechanisms that may be operant in epilepsy and these psychiatric disorders is included. Recently identified bidirectional relationship between mood disorders and epilepsy and its implication in the course and response to treatment of the seizure disorder are also explored. Several chapters are devoted to rectify common misunderstandings of the use of psychotropic drugs in patients with epilepsy, including the use of antidepressant and central nervous system stimulants. Finally, one chapter explores the possibility of organic causes of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.

  • Compiles into one source the important controversial issues of the psychiatric aspects of epilepsy, which have significant implications in clinical practice
  • Authors are internationally recognized authorities in the field of psychiatric aspects of epilepsy

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ISBN-13: 9780123740069
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 07/10/2008
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Contributors     xiii
Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Patients with Epilepsy: What We Think We Know and What We Know   Jose F. Tellez-Zenteno   Samuel Wiebe     1
Why Do Neurologists and Psychiatrists Not Talk to Each Other?   Andres M. Kanner   John Barry     19
Are Neurologists Trained to Recognize and Treat the Psychiatric Comorbidities of Epilepsy?   Linda M. Selwa     33
The Challenge of Teaching Psychiatry Residents About Psychopathology in Patients with Epilepsy   Sigita Plioplys   MaryBeth Lake     43
What Do We Know About Mood Disorders in Epilepsy?   Marco Mula   Michael R. Trimble     49
Is Depression in Epilepsy the Expression of a Neurological Disorder?   Sean T. Hwang   Frank G. Gilliam     67
Are Anxiety and Depression Two Sides of the Same Coin?   Jana E. Jones     89
Does Psychosis of Epilepsy Differ from Primary Psychotic Disorders?   Kousuke Kanemoto   Yukari Tadokoro   Tomohiro Oshima     111
Are the Psychoses of Epilepsy a Neurological Disease?   E. S. Krishnamoorthy   R. Seethalakshmi     129
Is ADHD in Epilepsy the Expression of a Neurological Disorder?   David W. Dunn   William G. Kronenberger     141
Are Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures an Expression of "Neurologic" Pathology?   Markus Reuber     153
Are Psychiatric Disorders a Risk for the Development of Neurological Disorders?   Andres M. Kanner     179
Do Peri-ictal Psychiatric Symptoms Account for the Differences between Depressive Disorders in Patients with and without Epilepsy?   Andres M. Kanner     201
Can Psychological Testing Replace Psychiatric Evaluations in Patients with Epilepsy? Or Can Psychiatric Evaluations Replace Psychological Testing in Patients with Epilepsy?   David W. Loring   Bruce P. Hermann     211
Should the Screening for Depression, Anxiety, Attention Deficit - Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disorders Be Part of Neurological Evaluations of All Patients with Epilepsy?   Marlis Frey     221
Should a Psychiatric Evaluation Be Included in Every Pre-surgical Work-up?   Andres M. Kanner     239
Do Antidepressants Improve or Worsen Seizures in Patients with Epilepsy?   Kenneth Alper     255
Do Central Nervous System Stimulants Lower Seizure Threshold?   Raj D. Sheth   Edgar A. Samaniego     269
The Psychotropic Effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Epilepsy   Eric J. Foltz   David M. Labiner     283
Do Psychological Therapies Alleviate Epileptic Seizures?   G. A. Baker   J. Eatock     297
Index     319

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