Psychic Development Beyond Beginners: Develop a Deeper Understanding of Your Intuition

Psychic Development Beyond Beginners: Develop a Deeper Understanding of Your Intuition

by Melanie Barnum

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Improve Your Innate Gifts and Your Confidence with this Next-Step Book for Your Psychic Journey Now is the perfect time to go beyond your beginnings and unleash your full intuitive power. This practical, intermediate book on psychic development features illuminating stories from author Melanie Barnum's client sessions, engaging exercises to deepen your connection to your metaphysical self, and detailed interpretations for the psychic signs and symbols you encounter. Providing many enlightening examples and techniques, this accessible guide gives you a fresh perspective on psychic development and allows you to explore the vast possibilities of being intuitive—from mediumship to past life experiences to astral travel. You'll learn to release the hold your physical mind has put on your spiritual self, allowing your gifts to truly blossom.

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ISBN-13: 9785957335603
Publisher: Ves
Publication date: 02/18/2020
Sold by: Bookwire
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 208
File size: 754 KB
Age Range: 16 Years

About the Author

Мелани Барнем (город Бетел, штат Коннектикут) - медиум, экстрасенс, интуитивный консультант, инструктор по личностному росту и гипнотизер. Занимается профессиональной практикой более 20 лет. Получила международную известность как автор множества книг и колоды карт "Оракул экстрасенсорных символов". Барнем работает с клиентами как в своей стране, так и за рубежом и с удовольствием помогает другим экстрасенсам на мастер-классах и семинарах.

Table of Contents


Exercise List . . . xiii

Acknowledgments . . . xiv

Author's Note . . . xv

Introduction . . . 1
Where I'm Coming From 5
Where You're Going 10
Enjoy Your Journey! 12

Chapter 1—Back to Basics . . . 15
Before We Go Deeper 16
Who You Connect With 17
Defining Your Abilities 19
Tuning In 23
Recognizing the Level of Psychic Abilities 26
Release the Fear 27
Going Back Again 31

Chapter 2—Psychic Symbols and Psychic Representations . . . 33
Psychic Symbols 33
When Symbols Are Literal, Metaphorical, or Both 37
Symbols Journal 42
Signs 44
Receiving the Message 47

Chapter 3—Energy, Power, and Chakras . . . 49
Protecting Your Energy 50
What Energy Can Really Do for You 54
Chakras 57
When Chakras Are Out of Balance 61
Auras 66
Focusing on Energy to Awaken Your Power 71
Negative Energy Is Not Always Bad 79
One Doesn't Work without the Other 83

Chapter 4—Break "Beyond" and More
Easily Access Your Psychic Gifts . . . 85
Raise the Vibration of Your Thoughts 86
Meditation and Mindfulness 89
Psychic Abilities, Meditation, Hypnosis, and How They Connect 93
Meditation and Astral (Psychic) Travel 94
Getting Beyond Your Ego 105

Chapter 5—Using Helpful Tools to Go Deeper . . . 111
Advanced Work with Your Guides 112
Increase Your Psychic Range with Psychometry 119

Chapter 6—Mediumship . . . 129
How to Connect 129
Intuiting Evidence 136
Transfiguration in Mediumship 143
Closing Your Psychic Gifts 149

Chapter 7—Gifts from the Past . . . 155
Bringing Gifts Forward from Past Lives 156
How Deceased Loved Ones Can Help 162

Chapter 8—More Advanced Practice with Psychic Buddies . . . 169
Common Interests 169
Psychic Word of the Day 171
Get into Heightened Practice through Circles 173
Work with a Mentor 175

Chapter 9—From Intermediate to Professional . . . 181
You Don't Have to Have It All to Move Forward 182
Ethics and Responsibilities 184
Don't Let Conflicting Sensations and Emotions Hold You Back 188
Celebrate Failure 191
Fighting Off Your Inner Skeptic 194
Free Readings 197
Your Process 198

Chapter 10—Going Professional: Sharing Your Gifts with the World . . . 201
Now What? 202
Some Practical Tips 220

Conclusion . . . 223
Suggested Reading and Words of Wisdom . . . 229
Bibliography . . . 233

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