Psychic to Prophet: A Journey of Transformation

Psychic to Prophet: A Journey of Transformation

by Michelle Seidler


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Is it possible to go from psychic to prophet? My journey answered that question by highlighting my transformative process into my intended destiny. This process was long and arduous, however; the common thread we can walk away with, is learning to trust the process and more importantly, learning to trust the One orchestrating the process.

It’s all about Jesus. When it’s all said and done, the ancient words penned by Luke in Acts 17 rings true – in Him, we move, live and have our being. My prayer for you dear reader, is that, as you glimpse into the prophetic process in my life, that you undeniably see the hand and heart of God. He is a precise craftsman motivated by love because that’s who He is - Love.

Journey with Michelle as she recounts her incredible transformation from high-level psychic to a clarion voice from the Lord. Follow this epic journey where a gifted child is abused and led astray into a world of deep darkness and rejoice when the Savior of the world relentlessly pursues and redeems her into the Kingdom of God.

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ISBN-13: 9780578495057
Publisher: Elani Publishing
Publication date: 04/19/2019
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 953,217
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About the Author

Growing up as a prophetic child with a strong gift of discernment, Michelle experienced the realities of the spiritual realm at an early age. Her journey was one marked with many challenges, questions and discoveries as she grew up to meet the Lord and eventually discover the purpose of the prophetic as well as His intent for her life and gifts.

What she now imparts to others is the fruit of years of journeying with the Lord-of discovering His heart, His nature and His ways, and how to serve the body of Christ through her gifts.
As a Seer, wherever she goes, Michelle imparts clarity and perspective to behold Jesus. People experience breakthrough and advancement in all area's of their lives by discovering what God is like by seeing Him rightly, hearing His voice. and understanding what he is doing.

Since her early 20's Michelle has been an entrepreneur, and owned several businesses. After a profound encounter with the Lord her journey led her to Kansas City in 2005, where she served on the leadership team of the International House of Prayer in the prophetic ministry department. She built, taught, trained and led the prophecy teams on the missions base. Her time in Kansas City also included seasons of traveling where she ministered in various places all over the world. She also traveled helping other ministries establish prophetic departments, trained leaders and equipped ministry teams to build thriving prophetic communities.

In 2010, Michelle founded her own prophetic ministry that eventually evolved into a house of prayer. As well as daily prayer meetings, through internships, seminars, and conferences Michelle disciples both seasoned prophetic people as well as those just beginning their journey to grow in their gifts and minister to leaders nationally and internationally.

Michelle's ministry also includes providing executive prophetic coaching to leaders around the globe in various industry sectors-from finance, business owners, pastors, entertainment and media, to ministry and government, including those who have influence over millions of people. She is passionate about people encountering Jesus, as well as understanding what season they are in and giving them the wisdom from God on what to do.

Her ability to impart strategic insight into what God is doing and saying brings perspective and empowerment to walk in the fullness of their calling and build the kingdom confidently in partnership with God. Michelle is also gifted in diagnosing root issues in personal relationships and groups, which include, churches, business groups, and corporations. She brings insight, wisdom, and practical solutions which brings understanding and advancement.

Michelle travels nationally and internationally speaking in churches, houses of prayer, as well as conferences and business groups.

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