Psychohistory in Psychology of Religion: Interdisciplinary Studies

Psychohistory in Psychology of Religion: Interdisciplinary Studies

by Brill




Psychology of religion is one of the rare fields in psychology where an interdisciplinary approach has been preserved. Psychohistory especially, understood as the systematic application of psychological knowledge in explorations of the past, has enjoyed substantial attention. Traditionally, the emphasis in such studies has been on biographical research. This volume attempts to broaden the horizon and to include studies of phenomena as well on a group or subcultural level. The volume contains chapters on such subjects as apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Belgium, attitudes towards suicide in seventeenth-century Sweden, the pillarization of Dutch Calvinists. There are also studies of famous individuals such as Hitler, Stalin, Freud, Van Gogh and J.H. Newman. Among the contributors are well-known authors like Donald Capps, Michael P. Carroll, William W. Meissner, Ana-Marìa Rizzuto and Antoine Vergote.

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ISBN-13: 9789042012059
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/29/2000
Series: International Series in the Psychology of Religion Series
Pages: 269
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Table of Contents

Jacob A. BELZEN: Religion as an object of empirical research – Psychohistory as exemplary interdisciplinary approach
Antoon VERGOTE: Changing figures and the importance of demonic possession

Biographical studies
Donald CAPPS: Sundén’s role-taking theory – The case of John Henry Newman and his mentors
William W. MEISSNER: Belief in non-belief – The case of Vincent van Gogh
Ana-María RIZZUTO: Freud’s disrupted idealizations, religious unbelief, and his collection of antiquities
Richard A. HUTCH: Beyond the reach of a miracle – Hitler, Stalin, and the “great man”

Group studies
Arne JARRICK: To be or not to be ¼ human – On the psychological history of religious and existential attitudes towards suicide
Michael P. CARROLL: The Penitentes of New Mexico and the meaning of discipline
Jacob A. BELZEN: Religion and social order – Psychological factors in Dutch pillarization, especially among the Calvinists
Jozef CORVELEYN: Folk religiosity or psychopathology? The case of the apparitions of the Virgin in Beauraing, Belgium, 1932-1933
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