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Psychological Testing and Assessment / Edition 9

Psychological Testing and Assessment / Edition 9

by Lewis R. Aiken
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B> Despite criticism and challenges from both within and outside the psychology profession, psychological assessment has continued to expand and diversify. A proven classic in the field, Psychological Testing and Assessment has been completely updated, offering extensive coverage of the new tests, inventories, scales, and the methodological advances in constructing, administering, scoring, and interpreting these psychometric instruments. This is an essential book for anyone who is planning to construct, administer, and make decisions based on test scores in business, clinical, or educational settings. Includes all areas of psychological testing intelligence, special abilities, personality, and assessment in applied settings. The discussion of the computer's role in testing shows how it has revolutionized the ways tests are administered, scored, and interpreted. Includes a balanced view of the criticisms and issues involved in testing to help the reader become sensitive to the personal and social consequences of testing. New versions of tests keep the reader up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. Includes applications of testing in educational, clinical/counseling, and industrial/organizational settings, making this a relevant book for practitioners who use testing in a variety of settings. For anyone who administers tests and assessment strategies in the areas of psychology, education, and business.

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ISBN-13: 9780205199365
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 09/28/1996
Edition description: STUDY GD
Pages: 243
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Table of Contents

All chapters include "Summary" and "Questions and Activities."



1. Historical and Professional Matters.
Historical Overview.
Testing as a Profession.
Testing Standards and Ethics.

2. Design and Construction of Tests.
Planning a Test.
Preparing Items.
Assembling and Reproducing a Test.
Oral Testing.
Performance Testing.

3. Administration and Scoring of Tests.

4. Item Analysis and Standardization of Tests.
Item Analysis.
Test Standardization and Norms.
Equating Tests.

5. Reliability and Validity of Tests.
Using Tests in Personnel Decision Making.


6. Standardized Achievement Tests.
Foundations of Achievement Testing.
Types and Selection of Achievement Testing.
Achievement Test Batteries.
Achievement Tests in Specific Areas.

7. Intelligence Testing.
History, Definitions, and Theories.
Individual Tests of Intelligence.
Group Tests of Intelligence.

8. Individual and Group Differences in Mental Abilities.
Mental Retardation, Giftedness, and Creativity.
Research on Demographic Correlates of Mental Abilities.
Biological Factors and Mental Abilities.

9. Developmental and Neuropsychological Assessment.
Developmental Assessment of Infants and Young Children.
Learning Disabilities.
Neuropsychological Disorders and Assessment.

10. Evaluating SpecialAbilities.
Concepts and Characteristics.
Sensory-Perceptual and Psychomotor Skills.
Mechanical Ability.
Clerical and Computer-Related Abilities.
Artistic and Musical Abilities.
Multiple-Aptitude Batteries.

11. Applications and Issues in Ability Testing.
Assessment in Educational Contexts.
Criticisms and Issues in Ability Testing.
Other Issues in Educational Testing.
Employment Testing and Bias.


12. Measuring Vocational Interests.
Foundations of Interest Measurement.
Validity of Interest Inventories.
Strong Interest Inventories.
Kuder Interest Inventories.
Interests and Personality.
Other General- and Special-Purpose Interest Inventories.

13. Measuring Attitudes, Values, and Personal Orientations.
Attitude Measurement.
Measurement of Values.
Personal Orientations.

14. Personality Assessment: Origins, Applications, and Issues.
Pseudoscience and Other Historical Antecedents.
Theories of Personality.
Uses and Misuses of Personality Assessment.
Clinical Assessment.
Other Areas of Application of Personality Assessment.
Issues and Controversies in Personality Assessment.

15. Observations and Interviews.
Biographical Information.
Observations and Interviews in Behavior Analysis.

16. Rating Scales and Checklists.
Rating Scales.

17. Personality Inventories.
Characteristics of Personality Inventories.
Single-Construct and Symptom Inventories.
Multiscore Content-Validated Inventories.
Factor-Analyzed Inventories.
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.
Other Criterion-Keyed Personality Inventories.

18. Projective Techniques.
Word Associations and Constructions.
Inkblot Tests.
The TAT and Variations.
Other Apperception Tests.
Prospects for Personality Assessment.

Appendix A: Measurement and Statistics.
Scales of Measurement.
Frequency Distributions.
Measures of Central Tendency.
Percentiles, Deciles, and Quartiles.
Measures of Variability.
Correlation and Simple Linear Regression.
Multiple Regression and Factor Analysis.

Appendix B: Areas under the Normal Curve.

Appendix C: American Suppliers of Psychological and Educational Assessment Materials.

Appendix D: Websites of Organizations Concerned with Psychological Testing and Assessment.

Answers to Quantitative Exercises.


Author Index.

Test Index.

Subject Index.

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