Psychology: An Introduction

Psychology: An Introduction

by Charles G. Morris


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ISBN-13: 9780134361048
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 01/01/1999
Edition description: 10TH
Pages: 800

Table of Contents

1. The Science of Psychology.
What is Psychology? The Growth of Psychology. Human Diversity. Research Methods in Psychology. Careers in Psychology.

2. The Biological Basis of Behavior.
Neurons: The Messengers. The Peripheral Nervous System.

3. Sensation and Perception.
The Nature of Sensation. Vision. Hearing. The Other Senses. Perception.

4. States of Consciousness.
Conscious Experiences. Sleep. Dreams. Drug-altered Consciousness. Meditation and Hypnosis.

5. Learning.
Classical Conditioning. Operant Conditioning. Comparing Classical and Operant Conditioning. Cognitive Learning.

6. Memory.
The Sensory Registers. Short-Term Memory. Long-Term Memory. The Biology of Memory. Forgetting. Special Topics in Memory.

7. Cognition and Language.
The Building Blocks of Thought. Problem Solving. Decision Making. Language, Thought, and Culture. Nonhuman Thought and Language.

8. Intelligence and Mental Abilities.
Theories of Intelligence. Intelligence Tests. What Makes a Good Test? What Determines Intelligence. Mental Abilities and Human Diversity. Extremes of Intelligence. Creativity.

9. Motivation and Emotion.
Perceptions of Motivation. Hunger and Thirst. Sex. Other Motives. Emotions. Communication of Emotion. Gender, Culture, and Emotion.

10. Life Span Development.
Methods in Developmental Psychology. Prenatal Development. The Newborn Baby. Infancy and Childhood. Adolescence. Adulthood. Late Adulthood.

11. Personality.
Psychodynamic Theories. Humanistic Personality Theories. Trait Theories. Cognitive-Social Learning Theories. Personality Assessment.

12. Stress and Health Psychology.
Source ofStress. Coping with Stress. Stress and Health. Extreme Stress. The Well-Adjusted Person.

13. Psychological Disorders.
Perspectives on Psychological Disorders. Mood Disorders. Anxiety Disorders. Psychosomatic and Somatoform Disorders. Dissociative Disorders. Sexual Disorders. Personality Disorders. Schizophrenic Disorders. Childhood Disorders. Gender and Cultural Differences in Psychological Disorders.

14. Therapies.
Insight Therapies. Behavior Therapies. Cognitive Therapies. Group Therapies. Effectiveness of Psychotherapy. Biological Treatments. Institutionalization and Its Alternatives. Gender and Cultural Differences in Treatments.

15. Social Psychology.
Social Cognition. Attitudes. Social Influence. Social Action.

Appendix A. Measurement and Statistical Methods.
Appendix B. Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

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