Psychology : Themes and Variations - Text Only / Edition 6

Psychology : Themes and Variations - Text Only / Edition 6

by Wayne Weiten
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Cengage Learning


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Psychology : Themes and Variations - Text Only / Edition 6

The Seventh Edition of Wayne Weiten's popular text, PSYCHOLOGY: THEMES AND VARIATIONS, continues to offer students a unique survey of psychology with three distinct goals: to show both the unity and diversity of psychology's subject matter; to illuminate the process of research and its intimate link to application, and to make the text challenging to think about and easy to learn from.
Weiten achieves these goals through a number of distinctive features. Integrative themes?including empiricism, theoretical diversity, sociohistorical contexts, multifactorial causation, cultural heritage, heredity and environment, and subjectivity of experience?are woven throughout the text to provide connections among the different areas of research in psychology. A unique end of chapter section, "Reflecting on the Chapter's Themes," ties together the key themes most relevant to each chapter, and shows links across chapter content. The book's dynamic, teaching-oriented illustration program further enhances these themes. Featured Studies, Personal Applications, and Critical Thinking Applications provide students with unprecedented opportunities to see research methods in action, to understand the practical side of psychology, and to develop important critical thinking skills. Weiten reinforces concepts through periodic in-chapter Concept Checks and an end of chapter practice quiz in every chapter. At the same time, he presents topics in a hierarchical manner, giving students handles they can use to prioritize concepts within the chapter.

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ISBN-13: 9780534597702
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 04/28/2003
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 896
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About the Author

Wayne Weiten teaches psychology and mentors teaching assistants at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has received distinguished teaching awards from Division 2 of the American Psychological Association (APA) and from the College of DuPage, where he taught until 1991. He is a Fellow of Divisions 1 and 2 of the APA. In 1996?1997, he served as President of the Society for Teaching Psychology. He is a trained social psychologist with a very strong quantitative background. His primary area of research is stress and health psychology. He has conducted research on a wide range of topics, including educational measurement, jury decision making, attribution theory, stress, and cerebral specialization. He is also the co-author of PSYCHOLOGY APPLIED TO MODERN LIFE (Wadsworth, 2006) and the creator of PsykTrek: A Multimedia Introduction to Psychology.

Table of Contents

1. THE EVOLUTION OF PSYCHOLOGY. From Speculation To Science: How Psychology Developed. Psychology Today: Vigorous And Diversified. Putting It In Perspective: Seven Key Themes. Personal Application. Improving Academic Performance. Critical Thinking Application. Developing Critical Thinking Skills: An Introduction. Recap. Practice Test. 2. THE RESEARCH ENTERPRISE IN PSYCHOLOGY. Looking For Laws: The Scientific Approach To Behavior. Looking For Causes: Experimental Research. Featured Study: Can Subliminal Audiotapes Improve Memory Or Self-Esteem? Looking For Links: Descriptive/Correlational Research. Looking For Conclusions: Statistics And Research. Looking For Flaws: Evaluating Research. Looking At Ethics: Do The Ends Justify The Means? Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Finding And Reading Journal Articles. Critical Thinking Application. The Perils Of Anecdotal Evidence: "I Have A Friend Who�" Recap. Practice Test. 3. THE BIOLOGICAL BASES OF BEHAVIOR. Communication In The Nervous System. Organization Of The Nervous System. Looking Inside The Brain: Research Methods. Featured Study: Probing The Anatomy Of Schizophrenia. The Brain And Behavior. Right Brain/Left Brain: Cerebral Laterality. The Endocrine System: Another Way To Communicate. Heredity And Behavior: Is It All In The Genes? The Evolutionary Bases Of Behavior. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Evaluating The Concept Of "Two Minds In One." Critical Thinking Application. Building Better Brains: The Perils Of Extrapolation. Recap. Practice Test. 4. SENSATION AND PERCEPTION. Psychophysics: Basic Concepts And Issues. Our Sense OfSight: The Visual System. Featured Study: Why Hills Look Steeper Than They Are. Our Sense Of Hearing: The Auditory System. Our Chemical Senses: Taste And Smell. Our Sense Of Touch: Sensory Systems In The Skin. Our Other Senses. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Appreciating Art And Illusion. Critical Thinking Application. Recognizing Contrast Effects: It's All Relative. Recap. Practice Test. 5. VARIATIONS IN CONSCIOUSNESS. On The Nature Of Consciousness. Biological Rhythms And Sleep. The Sleep And Waking Cycle. Featured Study: Gauging The Impact Of Sleep Deprivation In College Students. The World Of Dreams. Hypnosis: Altered Consciousness Or Role Playing? Meditation: Pure Consciousness Or Relaxation? Altering Consciousness With Drugs. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Addressing Practical Questions About Sleep And Dreams. Critical Thinking Application. Is Alcoholism A Disease? The Power Of Definitions. Recap. Practice Test. 6. LEARNING. Classical Conditioning. Featured Study: Sex And The Single Quail. Operant Conditioning. Changing Directions In The Study Of Conditioning. Observational Learning. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Achieving Self-Control Through Behavior Modification. Critical Thinking Application. Manipulating Emotions: Pavlov And Persuasion. Recap. Practice Test. 7. HUMAN MEMORY. Encoding: Getting Information Into Memory. Storage: Maintaining Information In Memory. Retrieval: Getting Information Out Of Memory. Forgetting: When Memory Lapses. Featured Study: Creating Pseudomemories Through Hypnosis. In Search Of The Memory Trace: The Physiology Of Memory. Are There Multiple Memory Systems? Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Improving Everyday Memory. Critical Thinking Application. Understanding The Fallibility Of Eyewitness Accounts. Recap. Practice Test. 8. LANGUAGE AND THOUGHT. The Cognitive Revolution In Psychology. Language: Turning Thoughts Into Words. Problem Solving: In Search Of Solutions. Decision Making: Choices And Chances. Featured Study: Even Objective Probabilities Are Subjective. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Understanding Pitfalls In Reasoning About Decisions. Critical Thinking Application. Shaping Thought With Language: "Only A Nanve Moron Would Believe That." Recap. Practice Test. 9. INTELLIGENCE AND PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING. Key Concepts In Psychological Testing. The Evolution Of Intelligence Testing. Basic Questions About Intelligence Testing. Extremes Of Intelligence. Heredity And Environment As Determinants Of Intelligence. Featured Study: Racial Stereotypes And Test Performance. New Directions In The Assessment And Study Of Intelligence. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Understanding Creativity. Critical Thinking Application. The Intelligence Debate, Appeals To Ignorance, And Reification. Recap. Practice Test. 10. MOTIVATION AND EMOTION. The Motivation Of Hunger And Eating. Sexual Motivation And Behavior. Featured Study: Evolution, Culture, And Mating Priorities. Affiliation: In Search Of Belongingness. Achievement: In Search Of Excellence. The Elements Of Emotional Experience. Theories Of Emotion. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Exploring The Ingredients Of Happiness. Critical Thinking Application. Analyzing Arguments: Making Sense Out Of Controversy. Recap. Practice Test. 11. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT ACROSS THE LIFE SPAN. Progress Before Birth: Prenatal Development. The Wondrous Years Of Childhood. The Transition Of Adolescence. Featured Study: Evolution And The Timing Of Sexual Maturation. The Expanse Of Adulthood. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Understanding Gender Differences. Critical Thinking Application. Are Fathers Essential To Children's Well-Being? Recap. Practice Test. 12. PERSONALITY: THEORY, RESEARCH, AND ASSESSMENT. The Nature Of Personality. Psychodynamic Perspectives. Featured Study: Is Homophobia An Indicator Of Latent Homosexuality? Behavioral Perspectives. Humanistic Perspectives. Biological Perspectives. Contemporary Empirical Approaches To Personality Traits. Culture And Personality. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Understanding Personality Assessment. Critical Thinking Application. Hindsight In Everyday Analyses Of Personality. Recap. Practice Test. 13. STRESS, COPING, AND HEALTH. The Nature Of Stress. Major Types Of Stress. Responding To Stress. The Effects Of Stress On Psychological Functioning. The Effects Of Stress On Physical Health. Featured Study: Connecting Stress To The Common Cold. Factors Moderating The Impact Of Stress. Health-Impairing Behavior. Reactions To Illness. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Improving Coping And Stress Management. Critical Thinking Application. Thinking Rationally About Health Statistics And Decisions. Recap. Practice Test. 14. PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS. Abnormal Behavior: Myths, Realities, And Controversies. Featured Study: Distinguishing Between Normality And Abnormality. Anxiety Disorders. Somatoform Disorders. Dissociative Disorders. Mood Disorders. Schizophrenic Disorders. Personality Disorders. Psychological Disorders And The Law. Culture And Pathology. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Understanding Eating Disorders. Critical Thinking Application. Working With Probabilities In Thinking About Mental Illness. Recap. Practice Test. 15. TREATMENT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS. The Elements of the Treatment Process. Insight Therapies. Behavior Therapies. Biomedical Therapies. Current Trends and Issues in Treatment. Institutional Treatment in Transition. Putting It in Perspective. Personal Application: Looking for a Therapist. Critical Thinking Application: From Crisis to Wellness—But Was It the Therapy? Recap. Practice Test. 16. SOCIAL BEHAVIOR. Person Perception: Forming Impressions Of Others. Attribution Processes: Explaining Behavior. Close Relationships: Liking And Loving. Attitudes: Making Social Judgments. Conformity And Obedience: Yielding To Others. Featured Study: "I Was Just Following Orders." Behavior In Groups: Joining With Others. Putting It In Perspective. Personal Application. Understanding Prejudice. Critical Thinking Application. Who Can You Trust? Analyzing Credibility And Social Influence Tactics. Recap. Practice Test. APPENDIX A. Answers To Concept Checks. B. Statistical Methods. C. Industrial/Organizational Psychology. D. Evaluating The Quality Of Web-Based Resources. E. Urls For Recommended Web Links. Glossary. References. Name Index. Subject. Index.

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