Psychosomatic Medicine: Past and Future

Psychosomatic Medicine: Past and Future

by George N. Christodoulou (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987)

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ISBN-13: 9781468454567
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 03/12/2013
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987
Pages: 380
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Holistic Concepts of Illness in Ancient Greece and in Contemporary Medicine.- The Semantics of Whole-Person Care.- Doctor-Patient Relationship.- “Emotions” and Difficulties in Teaching and Communication.- The Mind-Body Problem.- The Mind-Body Problem in Philosophy.- Mind-Matter Relations. Do They Matter in Psychosomatics?.- Historical Aspects.- Psychosomatic Concepts in Writings of Ancient Greek Philosophers (VI th to III rd Cent. B. C.).- Historical Insights of Psychosomatic Medicine in Heidelberg.- Viktor von Weizsäcker (1886–1957) and German Psychosomatic Medicine.- Psychosomatics and Medical History.- Psychosomatic Medicine and Medical History: Frederic Chopin — A Psychosomatic Case?.- Papers on General Topics.- Personality Characteristics in Psychosomatic Illness.- Family Interaction and Somatic Illness: Implications from the Finnish Adoptive Family Study.- Life Events as Triggering and Formative Agents in Physical Disease.- Occupational Correlates of the Type A Behaviour pattern.- Psychophysiological Models of Psychosomatic Illness.- Psychosomatic Approach and Health Services.- Psychosomatic Approach of Norwegian Health Services.- The Psychosomatic Approach and the Health Services in West Germany.- The Psychosomatic Approach in France.- Influence of the Psychosomatic Approach in the Planning and Work of the Health Services in the United Kingdom.- Psychosomatic Approach and the Greek Health Services.- Psychosomatic Approach and Health Services in the USA: A View from 1986.- General Hospital Psychiatry.- General Hospital Psychiatry: Referral Source and the Outcome of Treatment.- Differential-Diagnostical and Management Difficulties in 3.354 Psychosomatic/Psychiatric Patients Referred to a Psychosomatic Department in a General Hospital Setting.- Patient Information and Treatment Outcome.- Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.- Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. Past and Present.- The Role of the Obstetric Liaison Psychiatrist.- The Effectiveness of a Ward-Based Nurse Counselling Service for Mastectomy Patients.- The Future of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.- Epidemiology.- Prevalence of Psychosomatic Illness in Greece: Two Nation-Wide Cross-Sectional Studies in 1978–79 and 1984.- Epidemiological Study of the Relationship between Psychological Problems and Somatic Factors in the Pre-School Children.- Stress.- Stress and Cardiac Mortality: Evidence from Earthquakes in Greece.- Gonadal Hormones and Heart Rate as an Acute Emotional Stress Response.- Autonomic Reactivity and Stress in Adolescent Athletes.- Psychosocial Stress and Psychosomatic Reactions.- Psychoendocrinology.- Psychoneuroendocrine Testing: Strategy and Attitude.- Psychoendocrinology of Hyperprolactinemia.- Typical Competitive Mental Attitude in Microprolactinomas: Comparison with the Functional Hyperprolactinaemia.- Pain.- Gender-Related Psychoendocrine Coping Mechanisms of Back Pain Patients.- Chronic Low Back Pain: A Psychiatric Assessment of 72 Patients.- Psychosomatic Issues in Chronic Pain Syndromes.- Extent of Coronary Disease in Patients with Atypical Chest Pain; Are Psychological Variables Helpful?.- Alexithymia.- Clinical and Personality Contributors to Alexithymia in Neurotic Patients.- Somatization.- Somatization as a Transcultural Problem.- Muscular Pattern.- Psychiatric Disorders and Differences in Muscular Pattern.- Anorexia — Bulimia.- Longitudinal Studies of Sleep and Hormonal Secretion in Male Anorectic Patients: Preliminary Observations.- The Bulimic Obese: Treatment Response and Long Term Outcome.- Hypertension.- An Investigation into the Effects of Respiratory Feedback (RFB) on Blood Pressure and General Status in Essential Hypertension.- The Concept that Psychological Factors are Important in the Pathogenesis of Arterial Hypertension May Affect Adversely Patient Compliance.- Diabetes.- Psychological Factors in Diabetes Mellitus.- Effect of Relaxation Therapy on the Control of Diabetes Mellitus.- Vertigo.- A Longitudinal Psychosomatic Study of Patients with Vertigo.- Asthma.- Psychosocial Factors in Bronchial Asthma and Allergy in Childhood: A Prospective Study.- Gastrointestinal Disorders.- Is the Irritable Bowel Syndrome really “Psychosomatic”?.- Cancer.- Psychosomatic Tradition in Cancer from Antiquity till the End of the 19th Century.- Cancer Prevention: A Multi-Dimensional Model.- Brain C.A.T. Scans.- The Relevance of Tissue Characterization in Brain C.A.T. Scans to Psychosomatic Diagnosis.- Psychosomatic Research.- Current Psychosomatic Research.- Psychosomatic Education.- Cognitive Aspects of Psychosomatic Education.- Contributors.- Author Index.

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