Psychotherapy Tales: The Making of a Family Therapist

Psychotherapy Tales: The Making of a Family Therapist


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Psychotherapy: is it science or is it art? This is a vexing question, and I am sure there is no definitive answer. Psychotherapy is not just something that the therapist does. Psychotherapy is a process between therapist and clients. It is something that involves a relationship between them. It requires trust, honesty, hope, resilience, belief, commitment, and preparation to work together. The process often starts with the therapist being seen by the clients to have knowledge and skills, whereas the clients often start from a position of helplessness, impotence, and failure. However, as time passes, the input from the clients becomes more and more important. The clients’ strengths and competence need to be acknowledged, encouraged, and integrated in the process of therapy.

This book provides examples of the fascinating and exciting work I have been honoured to share with a range of clients: individuals, couples, and families. I want to offer this work to help take the mystique out of the process of psychotherapy.

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ISBN-13: 9781938459696
Publisher: Wisdom Moon Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/22/2018
Pages: 136
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by Maurizio Andolfi i

Preface iii

Acknowledgments vii

1. The Rosary 1

2. Caitlin: A Comma, not a Full Stop! 14

3. Once Upon a Time 26

4. Mary Rex 38

5. Berryl: Part of the Furniture 51

6. Bitter and Twisted 62

7. Jesus Traveled through the Desert 79

8. The Peaches Were Delicious 86

9. Unbearable Anxiety 95

10. I Keep Thinking of Ways to Murder Him! 103

About The Author 115

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