Public Administration in Theory and Practice / Edition 2

Public Administration in Theory and Practice / Edition 2

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Taylor & Francis
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Public Administration in Theory and Practice / Edition 2

Hailed for its timelessness and timeliness, Public Administration in Theory and Practice examines public administration from a normative perspective, and provides students with an understanding of the practice of public administration. Combining historical, contextual and theoretical perspectives, this text give students a truly comprehensive overview of the discipline and focuses on the practical implications of public administration theory.


  • Normative perspective focuses on the practice of public administration and helps students understand what public administrators do.
  • Historical, contextual and theoretical perspectives provide comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.
  • A thematic overview reinforces the multiple conceptual frameworks or lens through which we see public administration.
  • Students will learn to think through to practical and realistic solutions that acknowledge an historic precedence and theory.
  • Emphasis on performance measures and assessments

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780205781256
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/27/2010
Series: Choices: Custom Resources in Political Science Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 962,688
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Acknowledgments ix

Part I Normative Foundations 1

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 History of Public Administration as an Academic Discipline 5

The Early Years 6

Administration as Science 7

The First New Public Administration 9

Generic Management 12

The Second New Public Administration 12

Retrenchment and Critique 13

The State of the Discipline 17

Conclusion 19

References 20

Chapter 2 Ethics in Public Administration 21

Administrative Theory and Ethics 21

Types of Public Morality 24

Constitutional Values 27

Discretionary Judgment 31

On a Practical Note: Enforcement of Ethics Rules 34

Ethics and Public Policy 39

Conclusion 41

References 41

Chapter 3 Normative Foundations of Public Administration 44

Normative Foundations of Public Administration 44

Ancient History 45

Bureaucracy in the Founding Period 46

Informal Constitutional Amendment 47

Legitimating Administration 49

Administrative Responsibility 51

On a Practical Note: The Profession of Public Management 56

Conclusion 61

References 61

Part II The Management Subprocesses of Public Administration 63

Chapter 4 A Conceptual History of the Budget Process 65

Budgeting as a Management Subprocess 65

Budgeting in Historic Perspective 66

Macro-Budget Perspectives 68

Micro-Budget Perspectives 74

The Fiscal Crisis of 2009-2010 78

Conclusion 87

References 87

Chapter 5 A Conceptual History of Public Personnel Management 89

Personnel Practice in the Founding Period 90

The Spoils System 91

Introduction of Merit Systems 95

Personnel Practice 102

Continuing Issues and Concerns 110

Conclusion 114

References 115

Chapter 6 A Conceptual History of Administrative Law 116

The Sick Chicken Case 116

Defining Administrative Law 117

Conclusion 128

References 129

Chapter 7 A Conceptual History of Policy Analysis 130

What Comes After Counting? 130

The Progressive Era 132

Toward The New Deal 133

Locating Policy Analysis 138

References 141

Part III Public Administration as a Puzzle 142

Chapter 8 Organization Theory as a Problem of Structure 144

Development of the Early Bureaucracy 144

Toward an Efficient Organization 146

Scientific Management 147

Structure in Modern Organizations 154

Conclusion 157

References 158

Chapter 9 Organization Theory as a Problem of Human Behavior 159

The Pioneer Views: Follett and the Hawthorne Experiments 160

The Sociology of Organization 163

The Psychology of Organization 166

The Social Psychology of Organization 168

Conclusion 179

References 180

Chapter 10 Organization Theory as a Problem of Democracy 182

The Structural Elements in Democracy 183

The Values of Democracy 188

Bureaucracy versus Democracy 191

Bureaucracy and Democracy: A Preliminary Assessment 194

Where to From Here? 196

References 197

Part IV Identifying and Implementing Change 198

Chapter 11 Theory and Practice of Planned Change 200

Planned Change and Government Action 200

The Change Agent 201

The Diffusion of Innovation 203

Implementing Change 206

Change in American Governments 207

Management, Leadership, and Change 209

Conclusion 210

References 211

Chapter 12 Public Sector Strategic Management 212

The Public Management Environment 212

Advantages and Disadvantages of Strategic Management 213

The Strategic Management Process 216

Vision 217

Strategic Management in Practice 226

Conclusion 227

References 227

Chapter 13 Theory and Practice of Organization Development 228

Organization Development Practice: Preparing for Intervention 228

OD Practice: The Intervention 231

Types of Intervention 233

Organization Development in the Public Sector 236

Conclusion 240

References 241

Part V Public Administration "Outside the Box": Politics and Administration 242

Chapter 14 The Legislature in Administrative and Organizational Perspective 245

Legislative Decision Making 246

Legislative Structure 249

Legislative Control 252

Conclusion 255

References 256

Chapter 15 Administration in Comparative Perspective 257

Framework for Study 257

Political Culture and Public Administration 258

Personnel Practice in Comparative Perspective 264

Budget Practice in Comparative Perspective 268

The Structure of Budget Decision Making 270

Policy Making in Comparative Perspective 274

Interest Groups and Bureaucrats 278

Models of Governance 278

Democracy and Bureaucracy 279

Conclusion 281

References 281

Chapter 16 Politics and Administration: American Political Theory and the Bureaucracy 283

Representative Government and Bureaucracy 283

Framework and Analysis 284

American Political Theory: Past and Present 285

Bureaucratizing Democracy 286

Democracy as a Mechanism 289

Toward a Democratic Government 289

Governmental Democracy 291

Conclusion 293

References 294

Suggested Readings 295

Index 302

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