Public Health Response to Biological and Chemical Weapons: WHO Guidance / Edition 2

Public Health Response to Biological and Chemical Weapons: WHO Guidance / Edition 2

by World Health Organization
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World Health Organization

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Public Health Response to Biological and Chemical Weapons: WHO Guidance / Edition 2

This second edition like the first analyses the public health aspects of the possible hostile use of biological or chemical agents. It describes how biological and chemical agents may endanger public health; provides the standard principles of risk analyses that Member States may undertake to prepare for the deliberate release of biological or chemical agents; and presents national and international laws including their potential role in mobilizing international assistance and available sources of such assistance. Seven technical annexes cover chemical agents toxins biological agents principles of protection precautions against the sabotage of drinking-water food and other products information resources and the affiliation of WHO Member States to the international treaties on biological and chemical weapons.

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ISBN-13: 9789241546157
Publisher: World Health Organization
Publication date: 02/28/2005
Series: Nonserial Publications Series
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 359
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Executive summaryix
Abbreviations and acronymsxii
1.1Developments since the first edition1
1.2Origin and purpose of the present report3
1.3Some working definitions5
2.Assessing the Threat to Public Health
2.2Technological developments11
2.3Advancing science17
2.4Preliminary threat assessment24
3.Biological and Chemical Agents
3.1The representative group of agents25
3.1.1Scope of the international treaties27
3.1.2Historical experience30
3.2Dissemination of biological and chemical agents36
3.3Routes of exposure38
3.3.1Respiratory system38
3.3.3Oronasal mucus and conjunctiva41
3.3.4Digestive system41
3.4Characteristics of biological agents42
3.5Characteristics of chemical agents44
3.6Consequences of using biological or chemical weapons46
3.6.1Short-term consequences46
3.6.2Long-term consequences46
3.6.3Psychological warfare aspects50
3.7Assessment and conclusions51
4.Public Health Preparedness and Response
4.2.1Threat analysis57
4.2.2Pre-emption of attack59
4.2.3Preparing to respond60
4.2.4Preparing public information and communication packages62
4.2.5Validation of response capabilities63
4.3.1Response before any overt release of a biological or chemical agent63
4.3.2Distinguishing features of biological and chemical incidents65
4.3.3Response to biological incidents66
4.3.4Response to chemical incidents76
Appendix 4.1Principles of risk analysis86
Appendix 4.2The sarin incidents in Japan90
Appendix 4.3The deliberate release of anthrax spores through the United States postal system98
5.Legal Aspects
5.1The 1925 Geneva Protocol109
5.2The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention110
5.2.1International obligations111
5.2.2National implementation113
5.3The 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention114
5.3.1International obligations114
5.3.2National implementation115
Appendix 5.1BWC implementing legislation119
Appendix 5.2CWC implementing legislation123
6.International Sources of Assistance
6.1United Nations128
6.1.1Investigation of alleged use128
6.1.2Humanitarian assistance130
6.2Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons132
6.3Biological Weapons Convention134
6.4World Health Organization135
6.5Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations137
6.6World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)138
6.7Nongovernmental organizations139
6.8Contact information139
Annex 1Chemical agents143
Annex 2Toxins214
Annex 3Biological agents229
Annex 4Principles of protection280
Annex 5Precautions against the sabotage of drinking-water, food and other products296
Annex 6Information resources322
Annex 7Affiliation of WHO Member States to the International Treaties on Biological and Chemical Weapons337

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