Public Offerings Book Three: Killer Priest

Public Offerings Book Three: Killer Priest

by Bob LiVolsi


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Kirkus Reviews "...A densely plotted thriller that churns out suspenseful scenes... Characters are refreshingly intricate. Protagonist Dave isn't a flawless hero; he seems to be an obsessive workaholic. The bad guys are even better."
"A terrific launch for the author's series, but readers may want to have the sequels handy" - Kirkus Reviews.
- Clue Award finalist for best thriller or mystery. (book 1 of the series)
- Winner of the prestigious Writers League of Texas competition for best thriller.

Public Offerings continues with Book Three of this popular thriller series...Revenge! Claire McQuaid has been obsessed with it for decades. Now, as the CEO of a large pharmaceutical firm, she holds the future of the world in her hands. She and powerful associates in banking and oil assemble an ingenious plan designed to wipe out AIDS and malaria...or so it appears. The real mission is far more sinister. Millions of innocent people will be sacrificed to accomplish the vengeful plot behind the plan. There's one problem: Dave Clement... Survival! Dave has dedicated his career to wiping out AIDS. Claire needs his network and skills to execute her grand scheme. Dave's conscience won't allow it. So Claire forces Dave to make a choice no father ever wants to face: keep her secret and help the plot advance unimpeded - or lose Liv, his 15 year old daughter, to the very disease he set out to eradicate. This breathtaking roller coaster ride ascends the snowy peaks of northern Colorado and hurtles through the rainforests of West Africa as Claire and her associates drive their new world order forward. With everything that ever mattered to him on the line, Dave races the clock to outwit the powerful plotters and to save Liv.

Public Offerings won the prestigious Writers League of Texas manuscript contest for best thriller. In addition to the paperback series, it is available in four books in eBook form. This title, Killer Priest, is Book Three.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780976944676
Publisher: Fifth Book Press
Publication date: 11/17/2016
Series: Public Offerings , #3
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

With Public Offerings, Bob LiVolsi won the Writers League of Texas prestigious manuscript contest for best thriller. He was also a finalist in the same competition for best narrative non-fiction. Public Offerings Book 1: Birthright was a Clue Award Finalist for best thriller or mystery.

Bob started his career as a journalist and was managing editor of the Daily Kent Stater at Kent State University. There, he won the Sears Congressional Internship for his investigative coverage of racial tension on campus.

A high tech executive on teams that took two companies public, Bob applied his experiences in the mercenary world of high-stakes investment to Public Offerings. As a vice president with Hewlett Packard and in his roles in building new companies, he traveled the world partnering with large corporations, governments and other international organizations. Bob is currently CEO of VRI, a humanitarian vaccine systems company. He has a certificate in vaccinology from the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and he has been a mentor for a vaccine formulation company in the National Science Foundation's regional Innovation Corps program. His and his wife's private support of missions in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Central America brought him closer to the day-to-day challenges presented by disease, poverty, war and tyranny. In the mid-1990s, he began online communication with a missionary priest in Sierra Leone where he learned about the horrors there not yet reported in the western press. The priest disappeared and was assumed killed. He became the inspiration for Fr. Jim Reilly in Public Offerings.

Bob LiVolsi lives with his wife in Austin, Texas. He is currently writing Courtship of Innocence, the sequel to the Public Offerings series.

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