Public Procurement: International Cases and Commentary

Public Procurement: International Cases and Commentary


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ISBN-13: 9780415394055
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/28/2007
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 6.75(w) x 9.75(h) x 2.00(d)

About the Author

Louise Knight is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing and Supply (CRiSPS), University of Bath.

Christine Harland is Director of the Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing and Supply (CRiSPS) at the University of Bath.

Jan Telgen is NEVI Professor of Purchasing Management at Twente University, The Netherlands.

Khi V. Thai, Ph.D., is Professor of Public Budgeting and Public Procurement at Florida Atlantic University, USA.

Guy Callender is Foundation Chair and Professor of Strategic Procurement at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia.

Katy McKen is Centre Manager at the Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing and Supply (CRiSPS), University of Bath.

Table of Contents

List of illustrations     xiii
Notes on contributors     xv
Foreword     xxv
Acknowledgements     xvii
Public procurement: an introduction   Louise Knight   Christine Harland   Jan Telgen   Nigel Caldwell     1
Introduction     1
Context, findings and key themes     2
Organization of the book     4
IRSPP case synopses     7
The IRSPP research process     7
Conclusion     14
References     14
Public procurement in perspective   Jan Telgen   Christine Harland   Louise Knight     16
Introduction     16
Public procurement: marked differences from private sector procurement     16
Stakeholders and conflicting interests in public procurement     19
Developments in public procurement     20
Conclusion     22
Note     22
References     22
Public procurement reform in Western Australia: a federal-state evaluation   Guy Callender   Paul Schapper     25
Introduction     25
National context     26
Case description: public procurementin Western Australia     31
New developments     37
Key issues and challenges     38
Conclusion     39
Study questions     39
References     40
Procurement in the English National Health Service   Christine Harland   Andrew Rudd   Louise Knight   Samantha Forrest   Elmer Bakker     42
Introduction     42
Case description: the structure of the NHS, and purchasing and supply in the NHS     43
Public sector reform     52
Conclusions     57
Study questions     58
Notes     58
References and further reading     58
Dutch health care organization and financing: recent reform and its impact on purchasing   Jan Telgen   Henk Van Vliet     60
The health care sector in the Netherlands: Introduction     60
Budgeting under the old system (to end 2005)     62
Financial aspects of the new system (from 1 January 2006)     63
Stakeholders and their position     64
Purchasing and supply in health care     66
Conclusion: missing incentives     68
Study questions     68
Budget calculation      69
Budget and organization reform: impact on public procurement in Belgium   Bert Baeyens   Marc Martel     72
Introduction     72
State structure     73
Public procurement legislation     75
The budgetary system     76
The supervision of public procurement     78
Procurement at federal and local levels     80
Public sector reform     80
Organization of competences, and supervision     83
Summary and conclusion     87
Study questions     87
Notes     87
US federal government procurement: structure, process and current issues   Khi V. Thai   David A. Drabkin     89
Introduction     89
Federal procurement structure     89
Current issues     95
Conclusion     100
Study questions     100
Notes     101
References and further reading     103
Public procurement in Germany: a purchasing cooperative for energy sourcing at the German Aerospace Centre   Michael Essig   Berthold Schaefer     104
Introduction     104
The case     104
The German Aerospace Centre (DLR)      109
The purchasing cooperative for energy     113
Major reform impact for the public procurement system     115
Study questions     116
References     116
The features and recent reforms of government procurement in Singapore   Davidseth Jones     117
Introduction     117
The government and public sector in Singapore     118
Features of public procurement in Singapore     119
Organizations involved in public procurement     120
The types and process of public procurement     121
Recent reforms of public procurement     123
Conclusion: evaluation of public procurement practices in Singapore     135
Notes     136
References     136
Public procurement: a pillar of good governance?   Wendy Phillips   Nigel Caldwell   Guy Callender     138
Introduction     138
Governance - an overview     138
Public procurement and the public sector     140
Stakeholders' expectations of public procurement     141
Governance structures across the cases     142
Conclusions     146
References     147
The purchasing process in public procurement   Nigel Caldwell   Elmer Barker   JOHN J. D. Read     149
Introduction     149
The specification phase     149
The selection phase     150
The contracting phase     152
Ordering     154
Expediting and supplier evaluation     155
Follow-up and purchasing/procurement evaluation     156
Conclusions     158
Note     158
References     158
Procurement in the United Nations system   Johan Van De gronden   Karsten Bloch   Niels Ramm   Kirsten Ejlskov Jensen   Christine Harland   Helen Walker     160
Introduction     160
Case description     161
The United Nations' supply markets and suppliers     164
The regulatory and legislative context     165
Major reform effort impacting on purchasing and supply     166
What still needs to change     174
Update     174
Study questions     175
References     175
Consortia purchasing for higher education in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia   Mary M. Aylesworth     176
Introduction      176
The Canadian context     177
A case for collaboration     178
Defining the purchasing consortium     179
Models of cooperation     180
Success indicators and barriers     183
Product fit     184
Technology and e-commerce     184
Summary and conclusions     186
Acknowledgements     188
Notes     188
References     188
Consortia purchasing and logistics in the Kuopio area: lessons learned from a four-year project   Timo Kivisto   Veli-Matti Virolainen   Eija Tella     190
Introduction     190
Theoretical background     190
Background of the Kuopio region purchasing consortium     193
Enhancing the value of the purchasing consortium     196
Conclusions     199
A postscript: subsequent developments     200
Study questions     200
Note     201
References     201
The development of procurement education: the Queensland (Australia) experience   Ken Dooley   Christine Tonkin     202
Introduction     202
Case background     203
State and regional support for public sector procurement     206
Interesting issues relating to reforms     207
Major reform effort impacting on purchasing and supply in Queensland     209
Study questions     214
Note     215
References     215
E-procurement: a cross-jurisdictional comparison   Christine Tonkin     216
Introduction     216
Case description     217
Analysis of information from the jurisdictions     241
Conclusion     244
Study questions     245
Notes     245
References     246
The fraud/red tape dilemma in public procurement: a study of US state and local governments   Clifford P. McCue   Kirk W. Buffington   Aaron D. Howell     247
Introduction     247
Public sector procurement trends     248
Case description     251
Generating and documenting savings     257
Professionalism and education     259
Redefining procurement processes     260
Conclusion     261
Study questions     261
Acknowledgements     261
Notes     261
References      262
A new era: how to improve procurement services to clients presented by Public Works and Government Services Canada   John J. D. Read     264
Introduction     264
Case description     265
Major reform effort impacting on purchasing and supply     269
The new model for service delivery     272
Case update     275
Study questions     277
Notes     277
South African provincial government reform: using a shared services model to transform 'back-office' support in Gauteng Province   Karen Van Vuuren   J. A. Badenhorst-Weiss     278
Introduction     278
Case description     280
Major reform effort impacting on PSCM     293
Conclusion     300
Glossary     300
Study questions     301
Note     000
E-commerce and information   Michael Essig   Christine Tonkin   Tom McGuffog     302
Introduction     302
Public e-procurement: economic effects and aim of internet-based technology in the public sector     303
Cross-country comparison of public e-procurement practices     304
Implementation of public e-procurement: recommendations based on a review of strategic, managerial, operational and technical aspects in the public sector     307
Conclusions     311
References and further reading     311
Data architecture     312
People in public procurement   Guy Callender   Jim McGuire     314
Introduction     314
The recent evolution of public procurement     314
The evidence from the cases and prior research     316
Professional recognition for people in procurement     318
Public procurement practitioners     321
Conclusion     322
Acknowledgements     322
References     323
Cooperative purchasing in the public sector   Helen Walker   Michael Essig   Fredo Schotanus   Timo Kivisto     325
Introduction     325
State of the art in cooperative purchasing: a literature review     326
Case study findings     333
Discussion     335
Summary     337
References     337
Procurement: a strategic weapon for change   Martin Sykes     343
Editors' note     343
Introduction     344
Efficient use of public funds      344
Better delivery     344
British industry and UK prosperity     345
Capacity, contestability and planning     346
Leveraging buying power     347
SMEs and regional development     347
Stimulating innovation     348
Protecting the environment     348
Overseas economic development     349
Other objectives     349
Conclusions     349
Study questions     349
Notes     349
References and further reading     350
Challenges facing public procurement   Christine Harland   Jan Telgen   Louise Knight   Guy Callender   Khi V. Thai     351
Introduction     351
Review of cases     351
Operationalizing the seven-stage framework     352
Challenges for the future     354
Conclusions     355
Note     356
References     356
Index     359

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