Pujols: More Than the Game

Pujols: More Than the Game

by Scott Lamb, Tim Ellsworth
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Pujols 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 38 reviews.
richieandcarts More than 1 year ago
Just reading the information about the book, I knew I would like it. I love baseball and I adore the man Albert Pujols. To me, Pujols was just a machine on the field who could hit home runs in a blink of the eye. Yes, I saw that Albert would point to the sky and kiss the cross on his necklace every time he did something big on the field. But, I never realized how much he believed in God and all that he did for him. This story is very inspiring and it has showed me how big a part God has in our lives. After reading this story, Albert is one of the most inspiring people out there. This story isn't only filled with statistical facts about him and the game. It has an even amount of the game and of his spiritual life. Even if you don't know much about the game, you'll be able to understand or if you're not the religious type, you'll enjoy the book. It's a great book for people of all ages to read. I recommend this book to anybody out there who loves the game of Baseball and to anybody out there who loves God or even needs inspiration. Pujols: More than the game deserves a five out of five stars.
Stlphotogirl More than 1 year ago
J.O.Y. is the principle that you put Jesus first, your others second, and yourself last. This week I read Pujols More than the Game. It is an autobiography about the man, the myth, the legend-Albert Pujols, and his passion to live everyday for Jesus Christ, serves others, and then seeks the good of himself. If you are an avid Cardinals fan like my husband and me or you just admire and respect Albert Pujols, you are going to love this book. The authors, Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth, do an amazing job of mixing real-life baseball stories, stats, and other interesting Pujols facts in a way that is both interesting and informative. I have learned much about how truly amazing Pujols' career stats truly are without getting bored by all the numbers so I have to say good job and mission accomplished to Lamb and Ellsworth. I did love reading the heart warming baseball and ministry stories in the book, and I was heartbroken at the harsh reality that Albert and Deidre faced before Pujols started bringing home the big bugs in the majors. However, what I loved most of all is the way that the authors' writing style and format captured the very talented but also very humble essence of who Albert Pujols is both as a baseball player and a man of faith. Reading Pujols More than the Game has been an enlightening and encouraging experience for me. I think the authors summarized the book and Albert's life best in the very first chapter. There they write, "Puhols' faith is neither a vague spirituality nor an improve-your-morals campaign. Rather, the core of his faith is in Jesus Christ, defined in his foundation's statement of faith as "God's only Son, [who] lived a perfect life of obedience to the Father and substituted Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He became our mediator to bridge the gap between mankind and a Holy, Sinless God."(p 10) I just have to say again.this book is a great read! It will encourage your heart and help you find some J.O.Y., and if you aren't a Christian already it will open your eyes to the true Power behind one of the greatest men in history of baseball. If you love baseball, you need to read Pujols More than the Game! A copy of this book was provided to me for free by Thomas Nelson Publishing for book review purposes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He was my role model intill he moved go CADINALS
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why did Pujols leave St. Louis? :(
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was interested in this book by the Christian touch it has and the history behind thia truly great player. The book talks alot about his records and such so be prepared for baseball terminology. Overall though a great book that really shows all that Albert is about. Highly suggest!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dawn Delucci More than 1 year ago
Great ,beast player
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
nchokkan More than 1 year ago
Indians have a love - hate relationship with Baseball. We know it is a lot like cricket (our unofficial national game), But we also know that it is a lot NOT like cricket. Compared to cricket, Baseball rules look less straightforward, May be Americans will find cricket rules confusing. Recently, I visited Singapore and in one dinner conversation, we had people from 7 different countries. Everyone else understood baseball, except three of us from India. So, we explained them the Cricket rules and they compared them with Baseball rules and arrived at a conclusion that it is not difficult to map these two, if you care to spend 15 minutes of your time. Baseball superstar Albert Pujols' autobiography (titled "Pujols") gave me some very good insights into this game, How a professional player approaches it, How it all started and what it takes to reach the status he is in today. Surprisingly, Pujols states in this very well written book that there are many more things which are important in baseball success (or for that matter any success) than the game itself, For example, human quality, guiding forces and more. Some may think it is too early for a Pujols biography. But that is the point here, While the history is in the making, it makes sense to analyze the factors behind it. Except few statistics, and new successes, not much is going to change in terms of basics, Right? Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 : "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
frito24 More than 1 year ago
"I can't make you believe what I stand for. I can only tell you my story." And tell his story he did. Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth do a masterful job of painting a complete picture of the man behind the baseball player, Albert Pujols. Many times misunderstood, or misread, they dig deep into the history and "good fortune", that has made Pujols one of the best loved, and most heroic players of the last decade. There is quite a bit of the story that involves his wife Dee, and it keeps the reader engaged to learn how they, together, have used Albert's career and opportunities, to partner in ministry. You don't have to love baseball to like this book, although Lamb and Ellsworth do an excellent job of chronicling the stats that Pujols has put together over his career. The most impressive is the fact that in 2010, Pujols became the first player in baseball history to bat .300 with 30 home runs and 100 runs batted in for ten consecutive seasons. An excellent book for the baseball fan and for the person looking for a feel good story about a million dollar athlete who has not lost perspective on life and is using his gifts to glorify God.
caroleledbetter More than 1 year ago
Pujols, More Than a Game By Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth Published by Thomas Nelson, 2011 Albert Pujols may be the greatest player in the history of baseball! Through the age of thirty, he has more homers than Babe Ruth, more hits than Pete Rose, more RBIs than Hank Aaron, and more runs than Rickey Henderson did at that age. Pujols is a hero to our grandson, Collin Ledbetter, age 14, who plays third base and often pitches for the baseball team at Northwest Christian School in Phoenix, AZ. Collin is the reason I chose this particular book for my review. In a day when many sports heroes avoid the title, "role model," Albert Pujols exemplifies someone who can wear that label proudly. Co-authors, Lamb and Ellsworth, have given sports fans an account of Pujols story from his birth in the Dominican Republic to his career in baseball's Major League. Growing up in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, young Albert frequently tagged along with his father, a professional softball player. Watching his father play, Pujols was gripped early by a love for baseball. But Pujols also witnessed his father's heavy drinking with teammates and friends following the games. By the time Pujols was nine years old, he was regularly carrying his drunken father home late at night and vowing he wouldn't follow in his father's footsteps. These early experiences impacted young Pujols. In an interview with Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated concerning his father's alcoholism, Pujols said simply, "God made me older." During Pujols' teen years, several family members, including his father and grandmother, moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States, settling in Kansas City, MO where Pujols registered at Fort Osage Senior High School and played baseball while struggling to learn English. That summer he played American Legion baseball and then for Maple Woods Community College in Kansas City, later moving on to St. Louis and the Majors, signing with the Cardinals. The book tells how Pujols met and married his wife, Dee Dee, and how she influenced him to become a Christian believer. Throughout the book, the authors describe the impact of Pujol's Christian faith on his life. "Every time I go out there, it's to glorify my God," says Pujols. Imagine everyone's surprise when Pujols' name turned up on a list of athletes who were reported to have used performance-enhancing drugs! The media reports were later declared to have been inaccurate and Pujols' calm demeanor during that time was noted by many. His reasons for avoiding drug use are also listed in the book. This book will be a delight to those who love baseball, including our grandson, Collin! I received this complimentary book from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze Program. Reviewed by Carole Ledbetter March 30, 2011
Only-A-Little-While More than 1 year ago
I chose the book Pujols: More Than The Game by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth, because my son is a huge fan of Albert Pujols. When I saw the title of the book, I was thrilled to see that he is not only an amazing ball player, which I already knew, but a Christ follower as well, which I didn't know. The biography begins with the story of Albert Pujols' meager beginnings in Santo Domingo. Most of the population there would be considered by United States standards to be living at or below the poverty level. The fact that there were nights that he went to bed hungry, had dirt floors in his home, and used a milk carton for a glove, sticks for a bat, and a lime for a ball, just to play baseball were endearing enough to learn, but add to it Albert's attributing his grandmother for "making him the man he is today", and I was hooked! Throughout the book, the authors tell of Albert's saving faith in Jesus Christ. They quote him as stating, "Baseball is simply my platform to elevate Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior." Each chapter is rich with details. The authors discuss his family as having great worth to him, including his wife Deidra and their four children, one of which has Downs Syndrome. They also discuss the organization that he and his wife launched together called the "Pujols Family Foundation." If it's statistical information on Pujols or the St. Louis Cardinals you're after, then you won't be disappointed! The book is rich in game history, stats, and trivia. There is even an entire chapter written about the false reporting that occurred in 2007 around the Mitchell Report and Pujols' supposed use of PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). This was a well written book that clearly defines to the reader details of Pujols' life and his mission to give God the glory for his talents. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and would therefore highly recommend it. Thank you to Thomas Nelson (since 1798) Publishing for this review copy of Pujols More Than The Game. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.
Marsha-Ann More than 1 year ago
Pujols: More Than the Game by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth is more than a book. It is also an inspiration. This book has something for everyone. There are plenty of statistics for the sports fan. There is the story of true love for the romantic. There is hope and knowledge for those lost. Lamb and Ellsworth give a great illustration of a man who is a true winner because of his faith. This was an easy read as the writers did a great job integrating biographical facts with interesting stories of Albert Pujols' life and career. It is a book the entire family can read as it outlines Pujols' struggles, successes and courage in all areas of his life. It offers real life examples of how always following the heart of God even when it goes against the "clubhouse trend" doesn't leave one behind, but pushes him further ahead. I would definitely recommend Pujols: More Than the Game to anyone looking for a little inspiration. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 : "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
Suzanne2866 More than 1 year ago
"The Machine"....highly touted player Albert Pujols shows that his journey wasn't left up to fate. He recounts his Christian journey and how it brought him to the game, his wife, and to what is so important to him. The Pujols Family Foundation is highlighted in this book and I found the book easy to read, and when the baseball stats got overwhelming, I just skipped over them. The journey itself is worth the read, but baseball lovers will enjoy it all. Highly recommend for teens who are in sports. I did review this book as a reviewer for Booksneeze, but am not obligated or compensated for this review.
jelehack More than 1 year ago
Through Book Sneeze, Thomas Nelson provided me with a copy of Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth's biography of one of baseball's best players: Pujols: More than the Game. Focusing on his spectacular career so far, his family, and his work with Down syndrome and poverty in the Dominican Republic, this book portrays Albert Pujols as a man who seeks to glorify God both on and off the field. Although I pay more attention to the American League than the National League (and thus haven't payed much attention to Pujols's team, the Cardinals), the dramatic accounts of seasons combined with the impressive statistics they presented made me root along with the St. Louis fans, most of the time. I still cheered when the authors described the Red Sox beating the Cardinals in the 2004 World Series. I appreciated that the authors explicitly say that Pujols, though a Christian and a great athlete, is not perfect. However, at times it seemed to try to cover over unbecoming behavior, such as claiming that his yelling at a third base umpire "showed him to be a player willing to stand up for his teammates, even as a tewnty-one-year-old rookie" (page 70). Although I probably won't think of it as one of the most influential books I read this year, I found it an enjoyable diversion. If you love baseball, you'll probably enjoy reading Pujols; I know I did.
SalsJourney More than 1 year ago
Title: <em>Pujols: More Than the Game </em> Authors: Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth Publisher: Thomas Nelson Summary: Anyone who has been around baseball the last 10 years knows the name of Albert Pujols. The St. Louis Cardinals' top slugger has made an impact with his bat and style of play. This book chronicles his life and career from his beginnings in the Dominion Republic, to the big league success. Pujols is indeed not the average player for so many more reasons than his stats. The authors not only follow his career path, but also the faith and family that have sustained him on this journey. Interwoven into each season, are clearly the deeds and actions and heart of a man of Christ. From the founding of his own <em>Pujols Family Foundation</em> to his continual testimony spoken in clubhouses and interviews, Pujols has shown himself to be about "More Than the Game." What I Liked: What can I say? I'm a sucker for a sports biography. I love the games, and seeing where athletes come from - what inspires them and pushes them to succeed. Before reading this book, I didn't know much about Albert. This book definitely tries to cover his story in it's pages - from the beginning, through the transition to living in the U.S. - to baseball's elite. Lots of quotes from those who have known Albert along the way. I love how the authors wove his faith into his major league career. In each step, we see Albert embracing God as he grows into his career as a baseball player, from Rookie of the Year, to World Series Champ. We also see the grace under pressure - the losses in the Cardinal clubhouse, the stand against PEDs - all firmly wound with his faith and the integrity that goes with it. What I Didn't Like: As I said, I love spots bios. But this one never gave me the true sense of what made Albert tick. What was he thinking as he tried to make it to the bigs? There is a lot of outside perspective, interviews of other people, but not as much personal insight by Pujols himself. While the authors deftly wove the stories of his career and faith, the book felt like a collection of quotes more than a personal journey. Overall - A solid sports bio with a faith perspective. And I bet if you're a Cardinal fan, you will love this one! A review copy of this book was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their BookSneeze Program. All opinions are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
lilredhenJP More than 1 year ago
PUJOLS More than the Game by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth Published by Thomas Nelson Albert Pujols and his wife, DeeDee, are amazing people which this book definitely shows. They display their faith in God in many ways, always witnessing, in the way they live, and act, for Him. With the statistics Pujols has, he could quit playing baseball right now, and still be in the record books for the rest of time. He works hard to display his God Given talent, never letting up on practice just because he is tired. I loved this book, it shows how, even when you are on top, you can be a Nice Guy. I did think that the statistics were a bit much, but once I got past those, I cruised right through the rest, enjoying every paragraph. I think anyone who loves sports, especially baseball, or just the St. Louis Cardinals would enjoy this book, and be amazed at the talent this young man has, and what he has accomplished. I received a copy of this book from BookSneeze, to read and review. No other compensation was given. I'm not required to give a favorable review.
nmfoster More than 1 year ago
Why would a girl who doesn't care much for baseball review a book about Albert Pujols, a baseball player? Well, although I'm not a big baseball fan, I am a great fan of good biographies and autobiographies. Additionally, I do love reading about celebrities and their relationships with Christ, because it doesn't seem like Christians in the public eye publicize their faith enough, unless they are specifically in the Christian circle. So, as I started reading Pujols: More Than the Game, I was looking forward to reading about Pujols' faith-how he came to it, how he is sharing it, his struggles and his victories in his relationship with God. After all, the book's subtitle is More Than the Game! And even if the book didn't primarily focus on Pujols' faith, I would have hoped for more information on Pujols' life off of the field, like his upbringing and his relationship with his wife and children. That information is just peppered throughout his story, while I feel like it should have played a bigger role-considering the title! What I found though is a book that is very heavy on Pujols' career, and for a girl who doesn't care much about baseball, I found it difficult to get through. In fact, I didn't complete the book at the time of this review, because it was so statistic-heavy. Although this book wasn't for me, I think there is a population who would enjoy reading Pujols: More Than the Game. For one, it doesn't hurt if you are a baseball fan. You'd be able to read through the statistics easily without it being dry. Secondly, because I didn't find this book to give a detailed testimony of Pujols' faith (at least by page 69, when I stopped reading), I think a non Christian could enjoy it without feeling like an outsider for not being Christian. Overall, I'm glad I had the opportunity to read about Albert Pujols. It sounds like he is one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game. It's encouraging to know that he has a relationship with the Greatest, giving him the right perspective of his own greatness on the baseball field! (Plus, I definitely got bonus points from one of my 4th grade male students who thought it was SO cool that I was reading a book about a baseball player!) Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze&#174;.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255 : "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
wcorym More than 1 year ago
Being an avid St. Louis Cardinal's fan, I just couldn't wait to sink my teeth into Pujols: More Than The Game by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth. In this short biography, Lamb and Ellsworth trace the life and baseball career of the great Albert Pujols. However, this biography is unique because it gives an honest depiction of a man with super baseball talent, but who is not ashamed of his faith in Jesus Christ. Pujols is not painted into a super hero saint, but his is shown honestly for his flaws and his spiritual growth, as all believers have to do. As you read the compelling story of Pujols rise to baseball greatness, you heart will be touched to discover the side of the man that doesn't get told in the headline. Baseball lovers will be in awe of the unbelievable stats that Pujols has put up over his fisrt10 years in the MLB, but Christ followers will be encouraged as they read about him sharing the love of Christ through selfless humanitarian acts of kindness. This is a great book for Christian baseball lover or possibly a great witnessing tool for a friend who is a seeker who has a love for the game. My only complaint is that the authors keep you hanging at the end, because the rest of this man's great life hasn't been lived yet! Go out and read Pujols. Disclosure: I did receive a free review copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers, but was not required to write a positive review.
floridahappygirl More than 1 year ago
rowds flock the St. Cardinals stadium every year. Not for the hot dogs and pretzels, but to see one man hit a home rome: Albert Pujos. Not only is the the most amazing player, but boy, can he hit home runs! In the book, Pujos More than a Game by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth you can't help but be in awe of this legendary baseball player who ranks up there with the best of the best baseball players. In this book, we see a very in depth look at Albert Pujos. Believe me, if you love sports, you want to read this book. Having a husband whose been a St. Louis Cardinal fan since childhood, I knew I wanted to read this book as well as give to my husband as a Valentines Day gift. For Albert Pujus, it is more than a game. I can't recommend this book enough to everyone out there!!! I was given this book free to read but give my review with 5 Stars!
middletree More than 1 year ago
For review purposes, the Booksneeze program provided me a complimentary copy of the new biography of Albert Pujols, titled Pujols: More Than A Game , authored by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth. I finished it and it was a good read. Not great, but good. This book pulls back the curtain, as expected, and reveals some aspects of the life of this young man that I was not aware of. Many of these stories, episodes, and factoids, such as his love for his alcoholic, negligent father, are moving and inspiring. His love for the game of baseball is evident, but he manages to convey in the book that the game is 3rd place in his life, behind his love for his God and his family. Repeatedly, we read that Pujols sees baseball as a platform for his message: the saving power of Jesus Christ, and for his three-part mission: evangelism, support for those with Down's Syndrome, and his native country of The Dominican Republic. As we read, we get transported back in time to hear about the poverty in the DR, the subsequent move to New York, a shooting witnessed by a young Pujols, a move to Kansas, and his blossoming talent through high school, junior college, and the minor leagues. Like most biographies, this book paints its subject in a very positive, almost saintly light. But to its credit, it exposes some flaws, including some things he said he'd like to take back. One drawback to the book, at least from the perspective of a man with a 9-year-old avid reader who's also a baseball fan, is that the story includes a take of promiscuity (not on the part of Pujols) which leads to an out-of-wedlock birth prior to a main character coming to faith in Christ. Were it not for that one chapter, I'd let my son read it, but he's not ready. This is not a criticism or a complaint, of course. The episode is an important part of the life of Pujols, and it would be a crime to leave it out. But it's keeping me from handing this book to my youngster, and that's a shame, because there are a great many more reasons for him to read about the life of Albert Pujols than there are reasons to avoid it. Maybe in a couple of years.
cash8907 More than 1 year ago
I recently received the book PUJOLS: More than a Game by Scoot Lamb and Tim Ellsworth from Book Sneeze to review. Although I am definitely not a sports fan and a lot of that "lingo" wasn't my thing, I was really pleased with the book overall. I also, surprisingly to me, found it to be a very quick read. (Finished over the course of a few days lunch breaks.) Yes, it does have a lot of statistical information regarding Pujols game, but it also has a lot more regarding his faith and family life. It's a good blend of both that makes it easy for someone like me (a NON sports fan) to also enjoy the book. For me, reading about a "celebrity" who puts his faith in God first and his family second (rather than career) is nice. It was also comforting to read how he encourages Bible Study and worship amongst his fellow athletes. But most importantly for me, was reading about his families contributions to the Buddy Walk events and to various Down Syndrome events and foundations. Including his family's own foundation (of their name) that was created in honor of their daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. It doesn't matter if you know what an inning is or not, this book is a very encouraging read and one I am glad I chose. Although not one I would have picked up off the shelf for general reading purposes (not my usual genre), I did thoroughly enjoy it and would recommend to many people. Those that love baseball, those that love reading about solid Christian celebrity families and those who have a family member with Down Syndrome can all be encouraged by reading this book.