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Pumped: Confidence Techniques That Will Have You Standing Taller In The World

Pumped: Confidence Techniques That Will Have You Standing Taller In The World

by Jodie A Bruce-Clarke
Pumped: Confidence Techniques That Will Have You Standing Taller In The World

Pumped: Confidence Techniques That Will Have You Standing Taller In The World

by Jodie A Bruce-Clarke


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Do you wish you had more confidence?

Is something holding you back from bveing who you truly are?

Would you like to be equipped with practical techniques to help you THINK, ACT and LIVE as a confident woman?

In her book Pumped, Jodie Bruce-Clarke uses her honest, playful and straight-forward approach to deliver a clear and invaluable message - that confidence is an achievable goal, which is available to everyone. Through insightful and inspiring stories, candid real-life examples and her own personal experiences, Jodie proves that confidence is not something that you are born with, or lucky to have - it's something that you can create, to achieve the levels of confidence you've always wanted.

You'll discover the elements of confidence, see how accessible they are and realise just how simple it is to apply them to your everyday life. And the best part? You can start making it happen right now!

With specific guidelines to assist you with establishing and maintaining your own Personal Confidence Program, and in conjunction with the downloadable workbook, Pumped offers relevant, practical and specific examples and techniques, which all women can relate to. You already have everything you need to get started and with this book, you'll learn that increased levels of confidence can add value to every aspect of your life.

This is the 'no BS' approach to living a life you want and a must-read for anyone who is looking for a future filled with greater self-expression and self-belief, because...

'With Confidence, Anything is Possible!'

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994188908
Publisher: Rise Women
Publication date: 10/01/2016
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Jodie Bruce-Clarke is a Speaker, Coach and Author who has facilitated workshops and presented to women in both the public and private sectors for over 15 years. She is the founder of Rise Women - a business dedicated to helping women increase their confidence. Using her humour, wit, inspiring stories and amazing insights, Jodie helps women develop their own personalised confidence program by providing practical confidence techniques which all women can apply to their lives, regardless of their circumstances.

Table of Contents

Part One
Heels on, Stand Up! - Changing your Thoughts and Attitudes to Live as a Confident Woman.
Chapter 1 - Finding Little Miss Confidence.
What is Confidence?
Blowing Open the Myths!
Laying the Foundation
Chapter 2 - Acceptance - The Key to an Unshakeable Foundation of Confidence
Chapter 3 - Feel Fear? Welcome to the Human Race.
Chapter 4 - Just Give It Up - Breaking The Chains that Bind You.
Give Up Blame of Yourself and Others
Give Up the Past
Give Up Listening to Self-Doubt
Give Up Gossip
Give Up Internal Criticism
Give Up External Criticism
Give Up Excuses
Give up the Guilt
Chapter 5 - Responsibility
Seeing Responsibility Differently
Responsibility for your Commitments
Responsibility for your Negative Chatterbox
Responsibility for what comes out of your Mouth
Responsibility for your Mood
Responsibility for your Perception
Chapter 6 - It's All An Illusion
The Illusion of the Wrong Decision
The Illusion of Reality
The Illusion of Failure
The Crystal Ball Factor
Chapter 7 - Three Click and You're Home
Never Give In

Part Two
Designing Your Own Personal Confidence Program
Acknowledgement Diary
WOW Book
Eliminate Self-Hate Behaviours
Manage Fear
In My Opinion
Ditch the Disempowering Thoughts
Worry Less About What Others Think

Fake it Till You Make It
Find a Confident Woman Role Model
Confident Body Language
Bad Hair Days
Red Shoes, Red Bra's and All That's In-Between
Virtual Beauty
Make Decisions
Be Self-Expressed
Set Achievable Inspiring Goals

Confidence Is Catching
Surround Yourself
Confidence Buddy
Your Theme Song
Surround Yourself with Inspiration
Volunteer, Donate or Help
Focus on Big Problems
Give a Compliment a Day
Set Up Your Environment for Success

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