Punished by the Viking Rough and Reluctant Viking Breeding

Punished by the Viking Rough and Reluctant Viking Breeding

by Vivian Leigh

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Punished by the Viking Rough and Reluctant Viking Breeding by Vivian Leigh

Held captive by the chieftain of a Viking village, Eliza is accosted by a group of his young warriors. They mean to teach her the proper place for a beautiful French slave, and she must give them her body or her life. Her only hope for survival is that the chief will find her in time and reclaim his property, but can she hold out long enough?

This stand-alone erotic short is part two of the Viking Plunder series, and is for adults only. It contains strapping barbarians, a reluctant maiden, multiple gangbangs, and brutal humiliation.

Eliza opened her eyes, saw a patchy bearded face inches from her own. Spittle flew from the mouth, sprayed her face. Her cheek stung. The bearded man’s hand was cocked back, ready for another blow. When he saw her blinking, he stepped back, a satisfied smile on his face.
“Worthless French girl. Viking men not approve of chief keep you.”
She glanced around. A dozen of the younger Viking men surrounded them. A pair of them were patting a boy with a spear on the back.
The bearded man wrenched her to her feet. Her dress caught under her, tearing as he pulled her upright. The men behind him laughed. They dragged her forward, torn dress trailing in the dirt. Longhouses stretched past on either side, and after a few minutes they came out into an open area with a large fire in the middle.
Wooden benches circled the fire. Women sat at looms, weaving cloth from wool threads. A few looked up, disinterested. It was what was happening on the far side of the fire that made Eliza’s blood run cold. A woman was bent over some kind of wooden platform, her matted black hair hanging to the ground. She lay there limply as the man behind her thrust against her.
The bearded man dragged Eliza toward the helpless girl. The sound of flesh slapping flesh mixed with a low groaning. The Viking grunted, smiled, stepped away. His erect cock swung before him, glistening. He wiped it on a scrap of cloth beside the girl, then hitched his trousers up and tied them into place. Another lad was unfastening a belt and stepping behind the girl even as the first sauntered away.
The girl looked up, saw the crowd approaching. Her face was expressionless, resigned. She crossed her arms and rested her head on them, staring at the dirt again.
Eliza gulped. She recognized that face. Aldith. A girl from her own village, captured just days ago. Her mother’s warning echoed in her head. “Please the chief or please the whole village.” She wondered if Aldith had even been giving the option of pleasing Kelnar first. Since she hadn’t seen the poor girl in the longhouse in the last few days, she expected not.
She thought about screaming. Thought about begging. No one seemed to care that Aldith was being used so callously. The blonde women acted as if they didn’t even exist. Just went about their weaving and their stitching. Better the foreign girls than them, perhaps. It made bile rise in Eliza’s throat.
The bearded man drove her forward, pushed her against another wooden platform across from Aldith.
“Let go of me!”
He twisted her arm painfully behind her back. “Quiet.”
“Help! Anyone? Help!”
A few of the women looked up, but none moved to offer any assistance.
Eliza struggled as he bent her over the platform and tied her wrists. He intoned some threat she couldn’t understand, so she fought harder. Rough hands pinned her to the wood. Rougher rope bit into her skin. Her heel connected with something soft, and a man grunted in surprise. Someone cuffed her across the head, then a knife appeared at her throat.

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Publisher: Vivian Leigh
Publication date: 12/12/2012
Series: Viking Plunder , #2
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Punished by the Viking Rough and Reluctant Viking Breeding 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
47 pages is barely a novella. Waste of money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago