Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry / Edition 4

Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry / Edition 4

by John M. Stefanelli
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Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry / Edition 4

The fourth edition of this book maintains the original objectives, including discussions of the purchasing activity and product information from a managerial perspective. Each chapter has been revised to include the most current concepts available with a few sections being rearranged. The extensive discussion in the convenience foods chapter has been eliminated and the remaining pertinent information incorporated into other relevant areas. A new chapter on computer technology in the purchasing function has been added. It comes at the tail end of the purchasing principles chapters and offers students an excellent opportunity to explore purchasing techniques in an interactive computer environment.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780471135838
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/28/1997
Series: Wiley Service Management Ser.
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 7.74(w) x 9.07(h) x 1.69(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Concepts of Selection and Procurement1
Learning Objectives1
Chapter 1 Study Outline1
Chapter 1 Exercises2
Chapter 1 Check-in3
Chapter 2Technology Applications in Purchasing6
Learning Objectives6
Chapter 2 Study Outline6
Chapter 2 Exercises6
Chapter 2 Check-in8
Chapter 3Distribution Systems10
Learning Objectives10
Chapter 3 Study Outline10
Chapter 3 Exercises11
Chapter 3 Check-in13
Chapter 4Forces Affecting the Distribution Systems15
Learning Objectives15
Chapter 4 Study Outline15
Chapter 4 Exercises16
Chapter 4 Check-in19
Chapter 5An Overview of the Purchasing Function21
Learning Objectives21
Chapter 5 Study Outline21
Chapter 5 Exercises22
Chapter 5 Check-in24
Chapter 6The Organization and Administration of Purchasing26
Learning Objectives26
Chapter 6 Study Outline26
Chapter 6 Exercises27
Chapter 6 Check-in29
Chapter 7The Buyer's Relations with Other Company Personnel31
Learning Objectives31
Chapter 7 Study Outline31
Chapter 7 Exercises32
Chapter 7 Check-in35
Chapter 8The Purchase Specification: An Overall View37
Learning Objectives37
Chapter 8 Study Outline37
Chapter 8 Exercises38
Chapter 8 Check-in40
Chapter 9The Optimal Amount42
Learning Objectives42
Chapter 9 Study Outline42
Chapter 9 Exercises43
Chapter 9 Check-in45
Chapter 10The Optimal Price47
Learning Objectives47
Chapter 10 Study Outline47
Chapter 10 Exercises48
Chapter 10 Check-in51
Chapter 11The Optimal Payment Policy53
Learning Objectives53
Chapter 11 Study Outline53
Chapter 11 Exercises54
Chapter 11 Check-in55
Chapter 12The Optimal Supplier57
Learning Objectives57
Chapter 12 Study Outline57
Chapter 12 Exercises58
Chapter 12 Check-in61
Chapter 13Typical Ordering Procedures63
Learning Objectives63
Chapter 13 Study Outline63
Chapter 13 Exercises64
Chapter 13 Check-in65
Chapter 14Typical Receiving Procedures68
Learning Objectives68
Chapter 14 Study Outline68
Chapter 14 Exercises69
Chapter 14 Check-in72
Chapter 15Typical Storage Management Procedures74
Learning Objectives74
Chapter 15 Study Outline74
Chapter 15 Exercises75
Chapter 15 Check-in77
Chapter 16Security in the Purchasing Function79
Learning Objectives79
Chapter 16 Study Outline79
Chapter 16 Exercises80
Chapter 16 Check-in81
Chapter 17Fresh Produce84
Learning Objectives84
Chapter 17 Study Outline84
Chapter 17 Exercises85
Chapter 17 Check-in88
Chapter 18Processed Produce and Other Grocery Items90
Learning Objectives90
Chapter 18 Study Outline90
Chapter 18 Exercises91
Chapter 18 Check-in93
Chapter 19Dairy Products96
Learning Objectives96
Chapter 19 Study Outline96
Chapter 19 Exercises97
Chapter 19 Check-in98
Chapter 20Eggs100
Learning Objectives100
Chapter 20 Study Outline100
Chapter 20 Exercises101
Chapter 20 Check-in102
Chapter 21Poultry105
Learning Objectives105
Chapter 21 Study Outline105
Chapter 21 Exercises106
Chapter 21 Check-in108
Chapter 22Fish110
Learning Objectives110
Chapter 22 Study Outline110
Chapter 22 Exercises111
Chapter 22 Check-in113
Chapter 23Meat115
Learning Objectives115
Chapter 23 Study Outline115
Chapter 23 Exercises116
Chapter 23 Check-in118
Chapter 24Beverages120
Learning Objectives120
Chapter 24 Study Outline120
Chapter 24 Exercises121
Chapter 24 Check-in122
Chapter 25Nonfood Expense Items124
Learning Objectives124
Chapter 25 Study Outline124
Chapter 25 Exercises125
Chapter 25 Check-in126
Chapter 26Services128
Learning Objectives128
Chapter 26 Study Outline128
Chapter 26 Exercises129
Chapter 26 Check-in130
Chapter 27Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment132
Learning Objectives132
Chapter 27 Study Outline132
Chapter 27 Exercises133
Chapter 27 Check-in135
Practice Test138
Practice Test Answer Key151
Chapter Check-in Answer Keys152

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