by Cheri Lane

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Purgatory by Cheri Lane

After Leah crashes her car into a tree, she remembers nothing of her past. The young physician in the emergency room has been waiting for a woman just like her…beautiful, young, but most importantly a woman to be the test subject for his latest invention. Convincing Leah to travel abroad and to a country where rules are easily bent, the physician’s plan goes well…at first.

They called him an aimless wanderer, but not all who wander are aimless. He was new to the city and new to Leah’s world. She had heard about him, his polite manner, his unassuming intelligence, his soothing way with those who sought his help. The minute she heard his voice she was drawn to him. Meeting him would be nearly impossible, or so it seemed. He was of a much higher social class than she. Lost in her daydream of the man she knew only from a black and white photograph, Leah swerved to miss a cat crossing the road and smashed her brand new car into a tree. She awoke in the emergency room of the hospital where she worked, not remembering a thing.

“Are you ready for our vacation?”

“Our second honeymoon?”

“That’s right, honey. You remembered.”

He left her side for only a few minutes, returning with a syringe in his hand. “Time for your medication.”

The cold feeling followed quickly by the usual drowsiness left Leah with no time to protest. While she slept, Leon packed their bags. They would need as much as he could pack for their very extended vacation. He tucked the passports as well as the one-way airplane tickets into his briefcase which had been especially designed with medical insignias so as not to raise suspicions, turned the numbers on the dial until it locked, and set it at the back door.

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Publisher: B.K. Wright/Beau to Beau Books
Publication date: 09/12/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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Cheri Lane is the author of romance, suspense, erotica, crime, paranormal, and many other types of fiction. Website - http://www.beautobeau.com.

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