PURPOSE WORK, REST AND LIVING TOWARDS BALANCED SATISFACTION IN LIFE.: Fixing loose threads and tying together lost fragments.

PURPOSE WORK, REST AND LIVING TOWARDS BALANCED SATISFACTION IN LIFE.: Fixing loose threads and tying together lost fragments.

by Sathish Kumar Mahalingam


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Having nerve and teeth to what we do, does effectively, efficiently, indispensably and capably increase the probability to achieve the sought after outcome or result. I wrote this when I was thinking about how I managed to pass by so many difficulties bereft of capably having any teeth to what I have been doing and just only managing with the nerve on my side.You can look at this in the point of techniques of action, reaction, behavioral knack etcetera or emotions like courage, bravery, pride, self-esteem, honor etcetera or knowledge, hard work, persistence, perseverance, physical and mental endurance etcetera.My way of dealing these difficulties has been an amalgamation of how I managed and balanced all these qualities to prudently myself take on the onslaughts I was subject to. I have been over numbered or by intelligence overwhelmed but still so far I am prevailing ably.The point is you should not think yourself little, tiny or puny. If you believe, prevail and act putting your individual capacity as capable of dealing with how much ever it may seem big to you to counter-act, you can bring to the fore and leverage your unexpected, unsought, untapped and hidden potentials.In the realistic view point of the achievements deemed possible by me I have totally tilted the expectations and paradigm of my long held realistic limitations and meagre life prospects.If you are confined within a sub set of possible limitations you will remain within that. You have to break this shell and see and realize where you can exponentially grow and thrive.The point is you have to identify the borderline of your constraints, restrictions and risk taking capacity. You have to stretch beyond your so held limitations towards further growth with effectively, efficiently and safely paced, well phased out, implement ably well planned and discretely tangible achievements.Your interim calculations to plans need not always be absolutely successful. You have to have a positive balance of more winning points than losing points. If you can breakup big tasks to smaller tangible parts and sustain progress in the sum up you have very good chances to overall success. Your successes will eventually envelop your failures.

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ISBN-13: 9798686108295
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 09/14/2020
Series: Enlightenment in Depression , #6
Pages: 162
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