Purrfect Protector

Purrfect Protector

by SA Welsh

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Purrfect Protector by SA Welsh

Never play cat and mouse with a saber-tooth tiger.

When Kale Andrews gets disturbing mail from an obsessed fan, his brother drags him to Shifter Protection Specialists, Inc. Kale reluctantly agrees to have a bodyguard, but when a tall, muscular blond walks into the office emanating power and a sexy dose of danger, Kale’s doubts about needing the man with him twenty-four hours a day quickly disappear.

The easy babysitting job Aleksi was promised quickly changes from strange mail to threatening deliveries, so Aleksi has to become creative to keep his protectee out of danger. Everyone knows models are self-centered and shallow, so why does being with Kale make him feel like he finally has a home? Since he’s a saber-tooth tiger and naturally dominant, most people aren’t strong enough to be with him in a relationship or even as a friend. Yet Kale seems to calm his beast, simultaneously exciting the man in Aleksi.

Neither man expects nor wants a relationship with strings, but as they grow closer, Aleksi realizes that Kale might be his mate. With an obsessed fan escalating toward murder, Aleksi isn’t sure that even his tiger can keep his mate safe.

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ISBN-13: 9781784303884
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 01/30/2015
Series: Shifter Protection Specialists Inc. , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 150
Sales rank: 219,512
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

I'm SA Welsh and I write because the voices in my head keep making me. I love reading and I love letting the characters and stories in my head come to life in a book. I can't function in the morning without a cup of tea and when I'm not writing I'm reading. I have enough books to last me through an apocalypse but don’t ask me to share them unless you are a fellow book worm and know how to treat and appreciate a good book. It is thanks to the writers that inspired me to put myself out there that I became an author and the editors that make sense of my chaos that I keep writing.

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Copyright © SA Welsh 2015. All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Totally Bound Publishing.

“I really don’t see why we need to be here, Caleb. Every model in the limelight gets crazy mail. It’s nothing new.” Kale rubbed his left temple as he felt a migraine coming on. He didn’t want to be there in the first place, but his manager had insisted. Sometimes having his brother as his boss sucked.

“You’re right. Everyone in the business I’ve talked to says the same thing”—his brother held up a hand before Kale could do so much as open his mouth—“but none of them received an eyeball in a box hand-delivered to a closed set they were working on.”

Kale didn’t have a response. He was saved from trying to find one when the secretary behind the reception desk of Shifter Protection Specialists, Inc. touched her headset when it beeped then waved them forward. “Mr. McCade will see you now.”

“Come on.”

Kale had no option but to follow his brother into the large office.

As he entered the room, it surprised him that Mr. McCade was his height and looked nothing like the picture he’d built up in his mind of a bodyguard. The company was supposed to be the best, and people in the personal protection industry whispered about it. He might not agree that he needed their protection but that didn’t mean he hadn’t done his homework before coming here.

“Welcome, Mr. and Mr. Andrews. I’m Scott McCade. I understand that you have a need for our services.” The man stood and walked to them, then he shook their hands before gesturing for Kale and Caleb to take a seat.

“Thank you, Mr. McCade. Recently my brother has received some disturbing letters and last week something that quite frankly scared me. He got an eyeball in a hand-delivered package to a photo shoot that only seven or so people knew about. I’ve talked with all of them and each one claims not to have told anyone—and I believe them.”

Scott McCade didn’t give away any of his thoughts, but Kale got the feeling the man was surprised.

“I see,” Scott said, without anything in his voice to reveal what he thought about it. “I read the copy of the report you sent me and I see you do have a problem we can help with. With cases like this one, there are certain indicators we look for. Buzz words and the like that suggest the writer of threatening mail will escalate to violent behavior. The letters you shared with me are full of them. I recommend a close protection guard be with you at all times until we can root out the person who sent them.”

Kale sighed and looked at the ceiling. He didn’t need to hear another lecture about his safety. “I’m the flavor of the month on the fashion scene right now. That is bound to attract the crazies…”

Mr. McCade nodded. “Of course. So you know other models who have received animal body parts in the mail?”

Kale stopped short. “Well…no. But…that was a real eyeball? I thought it was a prop.” He shook off the tendrils of fear growing in his gut. He’d worked too hard and kissed too many asses to be where he was—at the top of his game. There were so many influential designers clamoring for a piece of him—wanting him to do campaigns, runways and television adverts—that he had his pick of bids. Nothing was going to jeopardize that. He was twenty-five and he figured he had a three-year window in this industry before he had to switch to runway-only jobs.

It was a fickle industry but Kale loved what he did for a living.

“It doesn’t matter. Whoever it was will get bored and find someone else to focus on,” Kale insisted.

Mr. McCade raised an eyebrow but said nothing more. Kale was used to being treated as an airhead and, if he were honest, he understood why his brother was insisting on hiring a bodyguard. However, Kale needed to keep the three big jobs he had lined up—the fashion shoot in Paris, the runway in Milan and the group shoot in New York. If he made those three events his best work, then he would be set for offers for his full three-year plan and have contacts to make a career in fashion after that.

“Well, Mr. Andrews, it appears there is nothing we can do for you.” Scott McCade clasped his hands together and leaned back in his chair.


Mr. McCade cut him off with a wave of his hand. “I was talking to your brother. He seems to be the one with the sense.”

Shocked, Kale sat back. What had he done to deserve such a dismissal?

“Please. Despite what my brother thinks, this is serious. It started with a few letters every month or so, then every week to every day, and now he’s getting packages like this with cards saying ‘I’ll be watching over you, my love’. This is escalating and I don’t want to wait around to see what comes next. The hotel security where my brother lives had a breach yesterday when an unidentified male managed to gain access to Kale’s floor. I can’t always be with him when he’s on a campaign or at an event, and I don’t think I’m much protection when I am. I need your company’s help.”

Kale shot a sideways glance at Caleb. His brother was putting it on a bit thick. Sure, he had a fan who was more than a little creepy, but that was it. His hotel housed some very famous people—far more famous than him—and they didn’t take security lightly.

Caleb tightened his jaw and the vein on this brother’s forehead pulsed. His brother was really scared about this.

Mr. McCade sat forward again and placed his hands on the stack of letters Kale guessed were addressed to him or Caleb. “I can offer several protection options, but unless your brother agrees, there is nothing we can do to protect him.”

“I agree,” Kale said quietly. If he’d thought all this had really bothered Caleb so much, he wouldn’t have been so difficult.

Scott McCade looked at him with a strange expression, and Kale had the feeling that he had risen in the man’s estimation.

“Very well, then. I agree with your brother, Mr. Andrews. You need protection, but I also get the feeling that you aren’t going to be an easy protectee. You are gay, correct?”

Instantly on guard, Kale sat back and narrowed his gaze. “Yes.”

“Good. That will make it easier to explain the presence of the man I’m assigning to protect you. He’ll be your lover.”

“My lover?”

“Yes. To explain why he’ll be on set with you, you can tell everyone who asks that he’s the jealous sort or that he loves watching you work,” Mr. McCade clarified in a tone that suggested he was already making plans and Kale’s agreement had merely been a formality.

Kale’s thoughts were confirmed when the man picked up the phone handset and asked the secretary to call in someone called Aleksi. Mr. McCade turned his attention back to them with a slight smile that Kale didn’t trust.

“Aleksi will join us in a few minutes. I hope you don’t have a problem with cats.”

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Purrfect Protector 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
InkedRainbowReads More than 1 year ago
FiveStars Caleb is a hard character to get to know. We only are given a glimpse in to the history of Caleb and Kale. However, right away you know that Caleb is the protector. Kale knows that he is in danger, but is resistant to having a protection duty placed on him. Then, in walks Aleksi... Because of Aleksi's extra abilities, he can instantly smell the desire that Kale embodies. I really liked this story. It was full of mystery, twists and turns and kept me on my toes. Kale and Aleksi - Whew! HOT couple alert. You really were given a look into what makes Kale himself - how he came to be a model. It helped to know his character, his motivation and it also helped to build his relationship with Aleksi. While you don't know too much about Aleksi, the fact that he shares so much of himself with Kale - you see the softer side of the Saber Tooth Tiger. Aleksi's dominant side takes over in order to protect Kale. The relationship between Kale and Aleksi is a beautiful one - balanced, with just enough intrigue. There is really not a lot to say about this book, other than it was hot, a great story and I can't wait to read the next book! I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads. AvidReader FiveStars This book had it all, romance, mystery and a lot of action. It was well written with a great plot. I love books that turn into series, that keep you hooked to read more about the characters involved in a business, in this case it's the Shifter Protection Specialists. Kale and Aleksi were the main character in this book. Aleksi was a shifter bodyguard who was to protect Kale. Their story was exciting and even had me laughing at times. My favorite line was "I hope you don't have a problem with cats." It was a very moving love story wrapped up with an intense plot.Epilogue indicated who the next book is going to be about. There could be so many good stories coming from this group and I look forward to reading more about the Shifter Protection Specalists. An excellent read. I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads. Sherry
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AGoodell More than 1 year ago
When this book came up for review a few months ago, I had to pass on it. But it never left my mind. So when boss lady said we are doing theme months and we pick, supply our own books I pulled this from my secret sample stash, bought it and snuggled down. I believe this is my first book by this author, if not one of very few. But as I’ve said before not my first shifter books. LOVE my shifters. The problem is this one had too many head scratching moments for me to really get into it. We’ve got a model with a head on his shoulders, plus side! A brother/manager that is super worried about a stalker going after the model brother. But once the brother hires Aleksi’s agency, the super worried brother just disappears? And everyone just brushes it off to him finally being able to relax and ‘get some’. We also are given back case info, so I start wondering if I missed a book, is it important. And the major one is catching the stalker. Unless I missed it, that’s kinda glossed over and I’m left wonder.. huh? and then we have an epilogue and it’s explained. I do like Kale and Aleksi together, I liked that Kale knows the deal for modeling and has a plan. I also like that shifters are known but we still have people that are bias towards them, keeps it real. I was also pleasantly surprised that Aleksi wasn’t pulled into the modeling world w/Kale. As his beauty was mentioned several times. Kept expecting for one of the photo’ops to drag him in. The story was set up for a book 2, and I’ll keep a look out for it.