Pursue Friendship

Pursue Friendship

by R.G. Manse

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Pursue Friendship by R.G. Manse

A naked magician vanishes, a severed hand appears

... and Frank Friendship is about to wet his pants.

This darkly fun novel delivers murder, mayhem and another mystery entirely unsuitable for your auntie.

The cops are close and fingers point to Frank. Dead fingers.

Marek the naked magician--Frank Friendship's arrogant work colleague--has gone missing and Frank is desperate to hide what happened the day the man disappeared. But the police have found a severed hand and night after night a witness daubs a message on the cafe window in blood-red letters.

Frank is slow to realise the stakes. His every move to hold onto his crummy job only digs a deeper, darker hole. And Frank's new "best friend" Annie is helping him dig. She has the hots for him and would love to know just what the big guy is hiding... in his underpants.

With his world collapsing, Frank does what Frank does best--help. And soon everybody is in hot pursuit of a man so busy trying to hold tight, he hasn't figured out it's time to run.


Each book in the series is unique, unconventional, unpredictable. And though each tells a complete story, they connect as clues in an epic mystery.

This full-length, outrageous mystery continues the Frank Friendship Series--an off-kilter world of secrets, murder and weird relationships. If you haven't read Screw Friendship yet, be warned: there is no going back. With Frank at the wheel, you could wind up absolutely anywhere. Hold tight

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BN ID: 2940157686314
Publisher: Wolf Ears Media
Publication date: 11/25/2015
Series: The Frank Friendship Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 318
File size: 935 KB

About the Author

When RG Manse's hamster died, the young RG filled a chocolate box with cotton wool and buried the creature in the garden under a lollypop stick cross. A few days later, RG's mum was upset to discover that a cat or perhaps a fox had disturbed Hammy's last resting place. But not as upset as the neighbour who'd "caught a rat or something" in a bucket. The rat was Hammy, whose hibernation had been briefly interrupted by a heartbroken child's premature burial service.

RG Manse writes books about no-hopers with hope. Because if a hamster can make it back from the dead, you have to believe there's hope for anybody.

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Pursue Friendship 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
LizScanlon More than 1 year ago
Pursue Friendship in a nutshell is "secrets and schematics!" The second book in the series continues with unbelievable twists and wicked characters! After Book 1, you might think you know Frank, but he just keeps on surprising and keeps on growing on you. The whole book is like one of Frank's jigsaws. Not like a 500 piece puzzle, but a massive 100K piece puzzle. Simply exciting, then a bit frustrating and in the end, magnificent!
Almondine More than 1 year ago
Pursue Friendship can be read as a standalone book BUT, if you haven't yet, I strongly recommend reading Screw Friendship first because it will bring so much more colour to this one if you do. Frank's a special kind of guy. Not spesjul special, but awesome special. A gentle soul with a foul mouth and a fascinating brain. And with a body women tend to drool over. Two Frank-quotes I highlighted to give a general idea of this fantastic character: *********************************************************************************************************************************************** "I'm not depressed. Look at my mo. With a mo like this, what have I got to be depressed about?" "Man. Two kisses already. The woman was a nymphomaniac." *********************************************************************************************************************************************** I would love to tell you aaaaaaall about Frank but I won't because it would spoiler the heck out of the first book. Because Screw Friendship thrived on its amazing plot twists and turns, I thought I was prepared for Pursue Friendship. I mean, now that I knew things were never what they seemed to be, it would be fairly easy to guess the plot outcomes eh? Just translate everything into the complete opposite and there wouldn't be any more surprises? Yeah, I thought I really figured it out...but nope! I was still as shocked and surprised as before and couldn't have guessed the ending at all. Someone died, right? Probably means the person is still alive then, right? Wait, what?? If you can pull that off without turning the storyline into complete mess *cough, M. Night Shyamalan, cough*, I consider that great writing. We get to see a bit more of Edinburgh this time and especially a bit more of some of its dysfunctional fictional characters, of which my favourite was probably Catman, a homeless old man who wears a coat made out of cat fur, yet also has kittens who are very much alive, living in the inside pockets of this same coat. Old characters make room for new characters, none of the new ones inferior to the old. My favourite disgusting character, Findlay Dickson, is still plenty around, which makes for an utterly delightful nose cringing experience. There's a lot more sex and bloody violence in this book than in the first one. It can still in NO way be marked as Erotica or, well, any type of genre really. The mystery aspect will glue you to the edge of your seat, the humorous aspect will make you fall off that same seat with the seat still glued to your arse as you do. The sex scenes are pretty explicit yet actually serve a purpose for the greater good. It's just...wow. I'm making this my first 5-star-rated book of the year. Go R.G. Manse! A fair warning again here, if you have a delicate soul, get easily offended by cursing and/or explicit sexual content, this book isn't for you.