by Jason Garrett
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Pursuit by Jason Garrett

How far would you go for the one you love? That is the question Ryan Rayburn must ask himself after his wife, Aryn, is abducted. Though the couple is in the midst of a separation, when word of her disappearance reaches him, Ryan launches his own investigation. Upon his return to their home in Chapel Port, Ryan uncovers a clue that only he can decipher, and it sets him on an adventure across Bishop's Island.

Since its settlement, Bishop's Island has been shrouded in mystery. Nathaniel Bishop built his empire on the Pacific Northwest island in 1873 by oppressing his fellow islanders. Three heroes led an uprising that brought Bishop and his henchmen to justice. For six generations, the citizens of the island have tried to bury the past, while the bloodlines of the first epoch have remained interconnected.

Few know the legends better than historian Aryn Rayburn, the foremost authority on Bishop's Island. As a descendent of one of the families responsible for overthrowing Bishop, she learns that her abduction is connected to the very secrets on which the island was founded. Relying on remarkable intelligence and the faith that led her through a life-altering tragedy, Aryn, once again, must test her own strength as she risks her life to protect a secret she is more deeply connected to than she ever realized - a secret that, if revealed, could prove catastrophic to those she loves the most.

The citizens of Bishop's Island welcome you to join the PURSUIT!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780982960417
Publisher: Dream Big Productions
Publication date: 11/24/2010
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

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Pursuit 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Donald_Wilson More than 1 year ago
Jason Garrett's novel, "Pursuit," is as engaging and exciting a mystery thriller as a reader could ask for. His compelling characters are carefully developed and, given that it is a mystery thriller, believable. Garrett knows his craft and is able to set an appropriate pace, write smooth transitions and use language well. While the book would have benefited from another round of editing (occasional minor punctuation or use-of-language problems), the story is well told and, as I progressed through it, it drew me in. But this is not all that "Pursuit" has to offer. Woven subtly into Garrett's tale is a message of faith. Unlike many Christian or religious authors, Garrett does not put his message at the center and wrap the story around it or pound his point home at every turn. Instead he makes it a natural part of the life of the characters. Faith, in Garrett's story, is placed where a healthy faith belongs; at the foundation of his character's world view. This kind of storytelling is sorely needed. I enjoyed it.
giantwarrior More than 1 year ago
Pursuit by Jason Garrett is a truly unique novel, setting the themes of deep love and deep faith against the backdrop of a suspenseful plot, pioneering a Christian Romantic Thriller. Although the theme of faith is at play in the book, it is not done in such a manner that leaves it inaccessible to readers who do not share the same beliefs, as it is woven into a plot that will appeal to readers of all faiths, as Ryan Rayburn races to save his abducted wife, Aryn. As the plot unfolds, the secrets of their past are slowly revealed, making it truly suspenseful while they are being alluded to, leaving readers anxious to find out the secrets. The story of Aryn and Ryan Rayburn is truly touching, showing how far two people will go for each other.
thinkerRH More than 1 year ago
The trials in this story is about love and fighting for what you believe in. Fate tests the limits of Ryan's and Aryn's faith and love, and reveal the Bishop Island's secrets. It's a wonderfully written suspense story. I liked the authors writing style, simple and easy to understand and he describes scenes quite vivdly. It was easy to see the characters and story come to life in my mind. I recommend it for its unique story and writing.
ichisan More than 1 year ago
Aryn, Ryan are the main characters, have you noticed how their names have the same letters? I find it interesting, these small details that are abundant in this story. Bishops island is the main location and you get a very good feel of what the author has envisioned in his mind about the island. As Aryn gets kidnapped Ryan sets on a quest to find her and stumbles across this mystery islands secrets. Is she saved? Does Ryan make it alive ? Read to find out, it's well worth the time if you are into mystery genre.
KellyLibatique More than 1 year ago
Get immersed into the stirring and captivating fictitious world of Bishop's Island with Pursuit, by Jason Garrett. Bishop's Island is a place that could easily be a serene and cozy vacation spot to snuggle in, a small historically rich settlement for the culturally inclined, or just an attractive location with ocean scenery and interesting native architecture and artifacts to enjoy. But evil lurks everywhere, and an unfortunate past filled with men of nefarious character still haunts the old borough. From the first page, the reader is gripped with suspense as our lead character is stalked, intruded upon, and chased. But she's expecting this, and we're wondering why. We're then caught up in a plot that thickens with each chapter as we come to find out who she is, who her husband is, who the villains are, and the lengths to which people are willing to go for love, lust, and greed. Bishop's Island's rich history and the people who established it all play a significant role in the story's intricate plot and reason for the actions of our characters. Pursuit is a novel that tackles some age old plots but with some interesting new twists. We have our heroin and her self-made and successful, albeit estranged husband. We have a band of diverse criminals who are willing to do anything to achieve their end goal. We have a mystery to unravel and a maze of clues and dead ends. As we near the heart-thudding conclusion, the suspense is almost unbearable. But Pursuit is not just a story about greed and love and the levels to which it takes people. It is also a deep dive into some philosophical questions about life. Characters in the book find themselves asking what their real motives are and what drives them. The reader may find him or herself asking some of the same questions about why our Creator allows some of the things in our lives to happen. Our main character, against all odds and at times without hope, clings relentlessly to her faith. In the midst of the pain, the quest, and the loss, her husband comes to find out why he had become the person he did. I haven't read a lot of spiritually-based fiction, but Pursuit by Jason Garrett has inspired me to, well, pursue more. Check it out today and take the exciting journey. Kelly Libatique, author of "Divine Knowledge Transfer"
disABILITYlady More than 1 year ago
As a voracious reader, it is great fun to find a new author. As a devout Christian and as a lover of thrillers, to find a new Christian thriller writer - I've just won the tri-fecta! Author Garrett has done an outstanding job fleshing out his characters; they have human foibles just like the rest of us; they struggle with morality questions, just like the rest of us. His over-arching theme of Bishop's Island is chock full of fascinating facts and characters. Reading this book just makes one want to read more in the Bishop's Island series. Come on, Author Garrett - please write faster. If you are looking for a book that MAKES you read every page, 'cause you will find something of interest on every page, this is the book - and the series - for you. Well done Author Jason Garrett!
glenngoodlander More than 1 year ago
Pursuit is an incredible book by up and commer Jason Garrett. This book did something for me that nothing has in a long long time, mixed real hard suspense and mystery with a tiny sheen of spirituality. Add a layer of lost and found love and I read this book digital cover to digital cover in a sitting and a half.
SeekerJS More than 1 year ago
Jason Garrett has written a fabulous book filled with suspense, emotional highs and lows, history and culture based on legend of Bishop's Island. This story is very compelling and fits in the mystery suspense genre. Pace is fast as we see the main characters wife being kidnapped, and the husband searching for her. Test of faith, love and secrecy of the island pushes our main character Ryan into an emotional ride filled with adventure. Good read.
KathyNY More than 1 year ago
Jason Garrett's "Pursuit" is a page-turner from beginning to end. You really won't be able to put it down. It is a story of lost love, finding love again, mixed in with a plot of an adventurous search for a treasure. I like books that are exciting in plot and theme mixed with the sensitivy of humans, like love, which everyone can relate to. It is a pretty engrossing book and will suck you in from the get-go.
Jcroichy More than 1 year ago
Where shall I start? Specifically, Jason Garrett wholeheartedly demonstrates a remarkable variation of the meaning of love by expressing love through a devastating state of turmoil and despair. The characters expressed within this specific novel are average individuals dealing with separation. However, the multiple tests of compassion, trust, and love are depicted through a battle of abduction. Personally, it was an absolute touching, but yet thrilling story to discover, uncover, and mentally devour with its humanly message of the true meaning of love. If you want to enjoy an in depth message in correlation to life's deepest mysteries, feel free to indulge yourself in this book.
BKFinest More than 1 year ago
Pursuit by Jason Garrett was extremely entertaining. It is a moderately paced novel that will do nothing but keep you wanting to read more! I myself had a hard time putting this book down. Garrett blessed us with his incredible ability to suck us in with his detailed storyline about love, treasure, faith and the "pursuit" of doing what you believe in. Kudos to Garrett!!
MizBanks More than 1 year ago
Pursuit is incredible. It's suspenseful, well thought out and highly entertaining. The histories and connections of the families of Bishop's Island are intriguing. I immediately fell in love with Aryn, and was inspired by her unwavering faith. I love her husband Ryan, too, but for a different reason. Ryan inspired hope because I wanted him to look beyond his emotions to see what I knew was possible, and also because I wanted him to find her. Great read. If you only get to read one more book this week/month/year make it Pursuit. You won't regret it.
Karin_Wooden More than 1 year ago
Highly recommend as an engrossing, satisfying book! "Pursuit" has everything - beautifully drawn characters you can easily envision and story-telling that had me mulling over scenes long afterward. Applause for a tale with a moral compass that wants to see characters improving, with a faith lighting the dark deeds of man, looking upward. Ryan and Aryn Rayburn's marital journey are easy to identify with, and it's a pleasure to get to know them. Bishop Island's secrets and five families make for a fireside saga you won't want to put down.
jStarr7 More than 1 year ago
Garrett's "Pursuit" easily catches readers' interest with its title, offering what one would assume to be an exciting historical mystery. And indeed it pays up. But it's so much more than that. It's a love story. But not just any love story; it's a genuine love story, testing the faith of the faithless, and it keeps your eyes glued to the words as you hope and read, and read and hope, wondering what will happen. This was a fantastic read.
Nicole8080 More than 1 year ago
Love and mystery come together beautifully in Jason Garrett's Pursuit. Page after exciting page, we follow the character Ryan as he searches for his estranged wife on a mysterious island. Secrets unfold and love that was lost is found again in this thriller of a novel. Will Aryn uncover the truth behind Bishop Island? Will Ryan find her? This book is impossible to put down once you have started as Garrett is a masterful story teller. Must read for those who love a good mystery novel.
M_R_Shah More than 1 year ago
Jason Garret's Pursuit: A Tale of Bishop's Island is a powerful, character driven story that pits danger and disaster against love and loyalty. Filled with prophecies and secrets, Pursuit tests the belief and intestinal fortitude of the main characters, Ryan and Aryn Rayburn. From atonement to self sacrifice, Garret's text and characters are well developed and full of substance. The bottom line: how do two individuals learn to transcend and escape the grasp of time and achieve redemption and commitment to one another? Imbued with the concepts of belief, prayer, greed, and even a historical adventure, Jason Garret's Pursuit is a tantalizing, suspenseful page-turner, captivating from the get-go. The best part about this book is that it will hit home for everyone. Everyone, at some point in their lives, has found that special someone that they said they would do anything for. At the same time, this book reveals valuable insights about communicating one's love overtime. Because a relationship is twenty-years old is no good reason for love to act as if it's twenty-years old as well. Despite the many angles and layers of powerful themes integrated within the novel, the one concept that resonates strongest is the idea that love is timeless and ageless-only the realization of this universal truth takes longer for some to realize. Ultimately, the plot revolves around the abduction of Aryn Rayburn, a historian who is tied to Bishop's Island and the legend of Bishop's gold in more ways than she can imagine. Will Ryan-her husband, and his rekindled love, shatter all barriers and dodge numerous deadly encounters and demonstrate his renewed commitment to his wife? Pursuit is well-written with fascinating and fully-developed characters and an entertaining storyline that combines historical adventure with the pursuit of love, the greatest hidden treasure the world has to offer.
NCcharmer More than 1 year ago
I fell under the spell that Jason Garrett was weaving in his "Pursuit, A Tale of Bishop's Island" immediately. With the many different directions his book could have taken, he managed to pick just the right one and latch on to a story that was extremely well thought out and written beautifully. Even better, it was written in a flowing, intelligent manner that showed he knew what he wanted to write and he knew when he wanted to shock us with it. You can easily see that I was totally taken with this book. With an ability to envision intricate plots that included love, belief in God, the true meaning of friendship, the belief in God, history, athleticism, greed and mystery, Garrett brought them all together in one book that will entice you from the beginning and then grab you shortly after. Garrett takes you through an emotional scale seldom experienced. I could go on and on, and actually want to, but I won't. I will just say this, for Heaven's sake, read it. Bravo, Jason Garrett...I cannot wait until the next one.
shines1980 More than 1 year ago
If you are married, you may have wondered at some time how far you would go for your spouse. Well, in "Pursuit" by Jason Garrett, you will see just how far Ryan Rayburn goes when his wife is abducted. This exciting adventure novel surrounds Bishops' Island, an island that wife Aryn Rayburn happens to know nearly everything about due to her historian background. If you enjoy mystery, intrigue, and plenty of thrills mixed in with a love story along with faith and loyalty, this book is for you.
Piyush0 More than 1 year ago
I really loved reading this book. It is amazing reading. This story really touched my heart. I loved the movie pursuit of happiness and it created lots of impact on me and this book did the same thing. I lost my love because of my one mistake and now I realized whatever I did wasn't right. Now I realized what I have lost and I want to go back. I would recommend other people to read this book. Once you start reading it, you will get stuck in it for sure.
Msclassy More than 1 year ago
I really loved reading this story. This book is same as my real life story. I really loved reading it. Pursuit is story about the adventure, pursuing the treasure and finding the lost love again. I guess it is a wonderful book. It's about finding the love and fight for the love. I finished reading it and now I feel like reading it again. Sometime in life, you do some mistakes and in the end you realize that you lost everything. I loved the book so much.
UniquelyJoanna More than 1 year ago
Jason Garret spins a fascinating tale of love, hope, faith and mystery in this page turning thriller. An accomplished writer, he skilfully blends the threads of the plot with vivid characterisation and still manages to convey his own message of the importance of love, faith and morality without this ever detracting from the excitement of the story. The main characters, Aryn (a strong willed, deeply moral woman)and her husband Ryan(a flawed but ultimately good man)are a couple interlinked by name, by marriage and by fate. Their relationship is a central theme, and this is so well evoked that the reader has no difficulty in becoming emotionally involved with their story as it evolves. The drama is exciting enough to keep you turning the pages, while the mysterious elements of the tale are captivating and mark the book out as unique. Pursuit is a book that you will want to take on holiday, but not one that you will leave behind when the holiday is over.
thebeardenexperience More than 1 year ago
In PURSUIT, Jason Garrett shows readers the tests of the limits of love, the story of how far one man, Ryan, will go for his estranged wife, Aryn. Aryn is abducted, leaving Ryan with a clue that will take him on a perilous adventure to save her, rectifying the wrongs of their marriage through his bold and daring acts. Although Ryan is on a quest to save Aryn, Garrett presents readers with a tough female character who does not fit the "damsel in distress" stereotype by any means. In the face of great conflict, the couple's core beliefs and relationship are tested, illustrating for readers the boundless and redemptive nature of true love, for which Ryan is willing to risk everything. PURSUIT has it all: riveting plot, compelling characters, and deeper themes and meaning.
jsoda079 More than 1 year ago
What a loving, compassionate, genuine story, and what a perfect title - the pursuit of love is the main focus of this romantic thriller. When there is nothing left to believe in, nothing left to put your faith in, and you have to dig down deep and find that faith within yourself, only to learn in the end you could also put your faith in another.that is the true definition of love, and Jason Garrett exemplifies that very meaning in this book. The readers, too, can have faith, because this must-read will not let them down!
bwbatlarge More than 1 year ago
Jason Garrett's Pursuit: A Tale of Bishop's Island is a page-turning thriller, chronicling Ryan Rayburn in his pursuit of his wife Aryn, after she is abducted. Pursuit poses the question: "How far would you go for the one you love?" The limits of love are tested through Ryan's boundless devotion to his wife in his quest that takes him across Bishop's Island, an island shrouded in mysteries from the past, and on an investigation that threatens his life as he seeks his beloved wife and redemption for the wrongs he has done to her previously. Garrett presents two compelling characters at the core of the story, characters that inspire a genuine care and concern in the reader for their well-being, how their misfortune, and ultimately how their marriage will play out. They are diametrically opposed in every possible way: where Aryn is faithful, Ryan is cynical; where Aryn is immutable and tough; Ryan is filled with flaws and regrets. Despite their many differences, Aryn and Ryan share an underlying love for each other that is tested through both separation and extreme circumstances. As a historian and descendant of one of the families responsible for the overthrow of Nathaniel Bishop's Pacific Northwest Empire, Aryn's knowledge is the key to uncovering the treasures and secrets of the island, secrets, which, if revealed, could threaten everyone she loves, including Ryan. As Aryn's life and relationship are tested, her faith, the stabilizing core of her life, is tested throughout her trials; "She had been faithful, she had believed when there was no reason to hold on." In Ryan, readers are offered a flawed man; although he has made his share of mistakes, he deeply loves Aryn and has a genuine desire to mend their relationship; "For a man who made a living fixing other people's problems, it was unsettling that he could not repair the one relationship he treasured most." When he discovers that Aryn is missing, Ryan's world stands still and, despite their separation, "Once he had vowed never to fail her, never to let her endure any suffering alone... He had to turn his life around, he had to become the man Aryn deserved, the man she needed him to be." Ryan embarks on a quest to save his beloved wife and restore their marriage, illustrating that for true love, there is no limit to how far one will go. Garrett's gift for story-telling draws readers in, riveting them from cover to cover, as adventure and secrets unfold. It offers a powerful underlying message of redemption and faith woven into the compelling plot, both inspiring and entertaining readers.