Pursuit of Personal Leadership: Practical Principles of Personal Achievement

Pursuit of Personal Leadership: Practical Principles of Personal Achievement

by Dele Ola
Pursuit of Personal Leadership: Practical Principles of Personal Achievement

Pursuit of Personal Leadership: Practical Principles of Personal Achievement

by Dele Ola


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From the #1 award-winning author of Be a Change Agent.

The definition of success and personal achievement is not universal as success comes in different shapes and sizes and at different life stages for everyone. For those looking at where they are and where they want to be and wondering how to get there, do not look any further. Using real-life examples, Dr. Dele Ola presents proven, practicable, and timeless principles to guide you on your journey to great achievements, a journey he calls, "the pursuit of personal leadership."

Dr. Ola has learned that you can only attract great achievements and make great impacts through a process of personal change and imbibing the culture and discipline of successful people. The world must make room for someone who has discovered, and has the desire and determination, to develop and exploit their gifts, talents, and abilities to establish themselves in what they have determined to be their exact purpose and calling in life.

In Pursuit of Personal Leadership, Dr. Ola highlights a missing piece in leadership literature, which is the discovery of one's personal identity. He explains the need for a personal blueprint for success and how to develop your blueprint. Learn how to cultivate the necessary personal leadership attitudes, exploit your creativity, discover and establish your life's work, explore the world of possibilities, and understand the five seasons of personal leadership every successful person experiences.

Most importantly, all successful agents of change should understand and embrace the responsibilities of role modeling success and leaving a legacy.

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ISBN-13: 9781777964528
Publisher: The Prowezz Company Incorporated
Publication date: 02/14/2022
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 218
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About the Author

Dr. Dele Ola is the award-winning author of "Be a Change Agent: Leadership in a Time of Exponential Change", publisher of the Prowezz Leadership Newsletter, a change leader, and an accomplished professional engineer. His passions include corporate leadership, personal growth, skills development, and technological innovation. Dr. Ola started his leadership journey with Accenture, a global Fortune 500 company before earning his Doctor of Philosophy in mechanical and manufacturing engineering from the University of Manitoba, eventually transitioning to applied research in aerospace and manufacturing at Red River College Polytechnic. After many significant contributions, he became Director of the Technology Access Centre for Aerospace and Manufacturing, serving as a major contributor to applied research leadership. Dr. Ola has held many leadership positions and served on the board of several prominent organizations. He won the 2016 Research Excellence BRAVO Award, and his book, Be A Change Agent, won the business category of the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. An active leader in innovation and applied research, Dr. Ola continues to lead change in his work. His vision is to develop change agents to challenge the status quo, take charge of the future, and evolve into what they are meant to be in life.

Table of Contents


1.     Dive Into Personal Leadership 

2.     Discover Your Personal Identity

3.     Develop Your Life's Blueprint

4.     Cultivate a Personal Leadership Attitude 

5.     Establish Yourself in Your Life's Work 

6.     Exploit Your Creative Thinking Ability 

7.     Explore the World of Possibilities

8.     Understand the Seasons

9.     Become a Role Model

10.  Leave a Legacy 

11.  Where to Go from Here 

Inspirational Questions For Personal Reflection 

About the Author


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