Pushing the Digital Frontier: Insights into the Changing Landscape of E-Business

Pushing the Digital Frontier: Insights into the Changing Landscape of E-Business


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ISBN-13: 9780814406441
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication date: 06/01/2001
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.33(w) x 9.33(h) x 1.22(d)

Table of Contents

Editors' Notexix
The Fast-Changing Landscape of E-Business1
Organization of the Book6
Chapter 1The Digital Economy and "Black Diamond Management"13
Global Business Strategy in an E-Business World15
Is Bigger Necessarily Better?19
The Significance of Brand22
Cultivating an Internet Presence23
Getting in Shape for the Black Diamond Trail23
A New Perspective24
The Customer Still Rules26
The Black Diamond Manager30
Chapter 2Leveraging E-Business in a Networked Economy34
Impact of E-Business Practices on Corporate Performance37
Chapter 3Leveraging Old Economy Fundamentals for the New World49
Old Economy Rules of Competition50
What Is Valued in the New Economy?52
Critical Elements for Success in the New Economy55
Words of Wisdom for Balancing the Old and the New57
Chapter 4Regulatory Issues in E-Commerce59
U. S. Policy61
E-Commerce on the Global Agenda62
The Emerging World Perspective on Electronic Commerce Policy68
Conclusion: A Guide for the Perplexed85
Chapter 5Rebalancing Management in the Emerging E-Marketspace: From Control to Leadership91
Changes to the Elements of Management92
Market Maturity and Business Model Evolution93
The Context of the E-Enabled World (E-Business)96
Management and Leadership97
The Leadership Pyramid100
Five Principles of E-Business Leadership for Traditional Firms Converging with the New Economy114
Conclusion: E-Business Adoption Index115
Chapter 6Growing Pains: The Precarious Relationship between Offline Parents and Online Offspring117
A Continuum of E-Business Restructuring Relationships119
Life in an Online Offspring120
Responding to the Demands of Life as an Online Offspring123
Unforeseen Challenges124
Advice for Managers of E-Business Parents and Offspring129
Even in a Hardwired World, the "Soft Stuff" Still Matters133
Chapter 7Managing the Emerging Technology135
E-Business Application Environment136
Enterprise Information Architecture--Blueprint for Change138
Enabling Technologies for Open, Flexible, and Scalable Applications141
Remain Open and Flexible with Online Communities145
Chapter 8Evaluations and Metrics for the E-World154
The Spectrum of E-Business Value155
Measuring E-Business Value: Examples along the Value Spectrum159
Managing E-Business Value164
E-Metrics: Summary of Evolution and Methods172
Chapter 9Competencies and Capabilities: Staffing the E-Business174
What Stays the Same175
Shaping Forces: What Doesn't Stay the Same176
Contrasting Profiles178
Technologists in E-Business182
Leaders in E-Business185
The Human Resources Management Challenge186
How Do We Get There?189
Chapter 10Linking Business Imperatives to Human Capital Strategies: The Case of Encyclopedia Britannica192
A Framework for Understanding the Human Capital Lessons196
Conclusions and Take-Aways for Managers216
Chapter 11Personalization in the New Digital Environment222
Thinking Strategically about Personalization224
Consumer Personalization229
Business Personalization233
Personalization and Privacy234
Personalization and Profitability235
Organizing for Personalization235
Future of Personalization239
Chapter 12Collaborative Commerce: The Agile Virtual Enterprise Model242
Internet Strategies242
Agile Virtual Enterprise Model245
The Case of Agile Web255
Race to the Future260
Chapter 13E-Learning Solutions: Aligning Critical Development Factors263
Five Domains of Alignment265
Strategic Alignment: Issues and Examples279
Chapter 14E-Government: An Executive Road Map to the Digital Frontier283
E-Government Defined284
A Road Map for Executives: An Implementation Guide to E-Government289
The Reinvention of Government Movement291
The Future of E-Government and Digital Democracy303
List of Contributors307

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