Pyramid Gravity Force: How the Earth's Pyramids Work

Pyramid Gravity Force: How the Earth's Pyramids Work

by John Shaughnessy


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This book will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that mans past and present destructive penetration into planet Earths pyramid's has been the cause of many natural disasters around the world; The below mentioned damaged pyramids were built to prevent and or control, tectonic plate movement, volcanic activity, tidal waves, major earth quakes, land movements and the magnetic field movements here on Earth. If I told you that every large pyramid on Earth has a sister volcano and Island located 180 degrees from said pyramid on the other side of the planet and located at the approximate same latitude of said pyramid would you believe me? This book will prove this up until now, little unknown fact.
This book herein will describe a perpetual energy machine that works on gravity. It's not a perpetual motion machine as nothing is in motion. The ancient pyramid architects refer to gravity as the divine energy source not electricity as some scholars would have you believe. The Egyptian hieroglyphs depict the snake as divine energy gravity, the Sun disc is colored red and the snake's body encompasses the sun disc, the energy that powers the sun is gravity. The Great Pyramid of Giza has one major energy output and that is a condensed gravity beam that shoots straight out the bottom of the pyramid to the center of the Earths solid iron core, this graviton beam then ricochet out to the exact opposite side of the planet approximately 180 degrees from said pyramid and roughly at the same latitude, this gravity beam lowers the gravitational fields roughly at the same latitude on the exact opposite side of the Earth or 180 degrees from the pyramid. For instance the pyramids in the Nile Valley reduce the gravitational fields in the magma chambers under the Pacific Ocean, under the Hawaiian Islands. In essence the pyramids of the Nile Valley are responsible for volcanic activity in the Hawaiian Islands by lowering the gravitational fields in the magma chambers on the Pacific Ocean floor. Every major pyramid on the planet has a sister island with volcanoes on the exact opposite side of the planet and at the approximate latitude of said pyramid. The chief and primary purpose of Egypt's Nile valley pyramid systems gravity beam, is to lock in the Earth's magnetic north to true north and stop the periodic shifting of the magnetic north and south poles, thus stopping the movements of the tectonic plates and preventing natural disasters from occurring.

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