Q and A: The Mass

Q and A: The Mass

by Dennis Chester Smolarski, Dennis Smoiarski



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ISBN-13: 9781568543581
Publisher: Liturgy Training Publications
Publication date: 01/01/2003
Pages: 119
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Table of Contents

Introductory Rites
How should the entrance and communion antiphons be used?1
Which direction should the processional cross face?4
When should the rite of blessing and sprinkling of holy water be used?6
How should the third penitential rite be composed?8
Liturgy of the Word
Should the reader hold up the lectionary?10
What are the pros and cons of using a separate gospel book?13
What is the best way to introduce silence during the liturgy of the word?15
Should the readers be blessed before proclaiming the readings?17
From where should the psalm be sung, and should the cantor be vested?19
When should the "seasonal" responsorial psalm be used?21
What is a sequence and how should it be used?24
Is it a good idea to proclaim the gospel in parts?27
Is it appropriate for one preacher to preach at all weekend Masses?29
What are the regulations for writing the general intercessions?32
Can people offer spontaneous intercessions, and what order should the general intercessions take?36
When should the catechumens be dismissed?39
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Should the money collected be presented at the altar?42
Are extra large hosts a good idea?45
What is the role of music during the preparation of the gifts?48
Where should the priest receive the bread and wine?50
What prefaces can be used with which eucharistic prayers?54
How do we choose a eucharistic prayer?56
How should the plate and cup be held during the doxology?58
What are the pros and cons about joining hands at the Our Father?61
Is it permissible or advisable to skip the sign of peace?64
When should the communion song begin, and when should the eucharistic ministers receive?68
What is the posture of the assembly during the communion rite?70
Should priests not at Mass come to give communion?72
Should non-communicants come forward for a blessing?77
Concluding Rites
Should the book be carried out at the end of Mass?80
What are the rules regarding the recessional hymn at Mass?83
What are the proper liturgical roles for the deacon?85
What are the qualifications and responsibilities of servers?87
Where should the servers sit during the liturgy?88
Can communion ministers cleanse the vessels?91
Can everything be done from the altar?93
Should we schedule a communion service instead?97
Should we celebrate small weekday Masses in a smaller place than church?100
Are paper purificators a good idea?103
Is it appropriate to applaud during the liturgy?106
How might we solve the problem of overcrowded Saturday evening Masses?109
When do we use votive and other special Mass texts?112
What is the best way to seat latecomers?114
Should we have a secondary tabernacle in the sanctuary?116
What is the significance of the vestment colors, and is blue a liturgical color?118

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