Qigong for Treating Common Ailments: The Essential Guide to Self-Healing

Qigong for Treating Common Ailments: The Essential Guide to Self-Healing

Paperback(2ND ED..)

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ForeWord's Book of the Year Award FINALIST - 2000Wouldn't it be nice to stop common ailments before they happen? We can prevent many of them once we have the proper knowledge. This book,
Qigong for Treating Common Ailments, provides a system for maintaining overall health while addressing specific problems with exact treatments.
All natural, safe, and easy to learn, these exercises provide a life-long path to wellness! This re-edited edition, originally published by a university press in China, is essential for the home health library!
• Protect & Strengthen the Internal Organs with Qigong Exercises.• 26 Simple Qigong Exercises.
• Improve Circulation and Overall Health using Qigong Massage Methods.
• Discover a Wide Variety of Breathing and Relaxation Techniques.• 19 Specific Treatments for Common Ailments.
• Easy to Learn and Easy to Practice!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781886969704
Publisher: Ymaa Publication Center
Publication date: 09/19/2000
Series: Practical TCM Series
Edition description: 2ND ED..
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 1,193,042
Product dimensions: 6.18(w) x 9.05(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

Xu Xiangcai is President of the Great Wall International College of TCM, Associate President of Shandong University of National Culture, Standing Deputy Director of the All-China Society of English about TCM, and Professor at Shandong College of TCM. Hi is the chief editor of all twenty-one (21) volumes of The English-Chinese Encyclopedia of Practical TCM. Xu, Xiangcai resides in Jinan City, China.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1An Introduction to Qigong for Treating Common Ailments
1.1Concepts and characteristics1
1.2The Development of Qigong2
1.3Basic Principles of Qigong6
Being Both Dynamic and Static
Being Relaxed and Natural
Coordinating the Will and Qi
Combining Active Exercise with Inner Health Cultivation
Proceeding Step by Step
Chapter 2The Three Regulations
2.1Regulation of the Body (Adjustment of Posture)9
Sitting Postures
Lying Down Postures
Standing Posture
Posture Essentials
2.2Regulation of Breathing14
Natural Respiration
Abdominal Respiration
Reverse Abdominal Respiration
Other Breathing Methods
Essentials of Respiration Training
2.3Regulation of Mental Activities16
Basic Strategies for Regulating the Mind
Essentials of Training Mental Activities
2.4Points for Attention in Qigong Exercise17
Chapter 3Various Qigong Exercises
3.1Psychosomatic Relaxation Exercise (Fangsong Gong)19
3.2Inner Health Cultivation Exercise (Ne jyang Gong)21
3.3Health Promotion Exercise (Qiangzhuang Gong)22
3.4Head and Face Exercise (Toumian Gong)22
3.5Eye Exercise (Yan Gong)25
3.6Nose and Teeth Exercise (Bichi Gong)26
3.7Ear Exercise (Er Gong)27
3.8Neck Exercise (Jingxiang Gong)28
3.9Shoulder Arm Exercise (Jianhi Gong)30
3.10Chest Hypochondrium Exercise (Xiongxie Gong)31
3.11Abdominal Exercise (Fubu Gong)32
3.12Waist Exercise (Yaobu Gong)33
3.13Exercise of the Lower Limbs (Xiazhi Gong)34
3.14Heart Regulation Exercise (Lixin Gong)35
3.15Spleen Regulation Exercise (Lipi Gong)38
3.16Lung Regulation Exercise (Lifei Gong)40
3.17Liver Regulation Exercise (Ligan Gong)42
3.18Kidney Regulation Exercise (Lishen Gong)44
3.19Automatic Circulation Exercise (Zhoutian Zizhuan Gong also Fu Lun Zi Zhuan or Xing Ting)46
3.20Circulation Exercise (Zhoutian Gong)47
3.21Exercise for Soothing the Liver and Improving Acuity of Vision (Shugan Mingmu Gong)48
3.22Exercise for Nourishing the Kidney for Rejuvenation (Yangshen Huichun Gong)51
3.23Exercise of Taking Essence from the Sun and the Moon (Cai Rijing Yuehua Gong)53
3.24Filth Elimination Exercise (Dihui Gong)54
3.25Daoyin Exercise for Ascending and Descending Yin and Yang (Shengjiang Yin Yang Daoyin Gong)55
3.26Daoyin Exercise for Dredging Ren and Du Channels (Tong Ren Du Daoyin Gong)56
Chapter 4Emitting Outgoing Qi
4.1Training of Qi59
Static Exercise for Training Qi
Dynamic Exercise for Training Qi
Double-Nine Yang Exercise
Exercise of Kneading the Abdomen to Strengthen the Active Substance in the Body
4.2The Guiding of Qi71
Standing Vibrating with Palms Closed to Guide Qi
Single-finger Meditation to Guide Qi
Palm-pushing and Palm-pulling to Guide Qi
Making Three Points Linear to Guide Qi
Making Three Points Circular to Guide Qi
Jumping to Guide Qi in Bursts
Guiding Qi in Fixed Form
Guiding Qi Spirally
Cold and Heat Guidance of Qi
4.3Emission of Qi77
Hand Gestures for Emitting Qi
Hand Manipulations in Emitting Qi
Manipulations with the Hand Touching the Area Being Treated
Manipulations with the Hand off the Area Being Treated
Auxiliary Manipulations
The Forms of Qi Emission
The Sensation of Qi
The Effects of Qi in Patients
The Closing Form of Qi Emission
Chapter 5Treatment
5.1Deviation of Qigong85
Deranged Flow of Qi
Stagnation of Qi and Stasis of Blood
Leaking of Genuine (Vital) Qi
Mental Derangement
Management of Temporary Symptoms Emerging during Qigong Exercise
5.3Common Cold91
5.8Hypochondriac Pain97
5.10Bronchial Asthma99
5.12Seminal Emission102
5.16Pain in the Waist and Lower Extremities105
AppendixDiagrams of Acupressure Points112
Glossary of Terms122

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