Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook

Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook

by Gary A. Shulman


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ISBN-13: 9780735514799
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Publication date: 04/28/2000

Table of Contents

  1. General Introduction To QDROs
  2. Brief Analysis Of Required QDRO Criteria
  3. The Separation Agreement
  4. Drafting QDROs For Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  5. Coverture-Based QDROs (The Recommended Approach)
  6. Separate Interest and Shared Payment QDROs
  7. Survivorship Considerations
  8. Early Retirement Subsidies, Supplements, and Buyouts
  9. Model QDROs and When to Use Them
  10. How to Draft QDRO if Participant is Already Retired
  11. Drafting QDROs for Defined Contribution Plans
  12. Handling the "Executive" Divorce
  13. Detecting Deficiencies in the Company Model QDRO
  14. Understanding Cash Balance Pension Plans
  15. Using QDROs to Obtain Past-Due Child Support
  16. Errors, Omissions, and Problems
  17. Attorney's Checklist on QDROs
  18. Questions and Answers on QDROs
  19. Dealing with the Plan Administrator
  20. Department of Labor QDRO Guidelines: Obligations of Plan Administrators
  21. Dividing IRA Benefits
  22. Role of the Plan Administrator in Reviewing QDROs
  23. "Model" Company QDRO Compliance Manual
  24. Plan Administrators' QDRO Review Checklists
  25. Common Flaws in Defined Benefit Plan QDROs
  26. Common Flaws in Defined Contribution Plan QDROs
  27. Testing Your Staff's Knowledge of QDROs
  28. Streamlining Administration Techniques
  29. Guide to Outsourcing QDRO Burden
  30. Dividing CSRs and FERs Pensions
  31. Dividing Military Retired Pay
  32. Dividing Railroad Pensions
  33. Dividing State Government Pensions When QDROs are NotPermitted
  34. Model QDROs Issued by the PBGC
  35. State IV-D Guide to Drafting QDROs to Obtain Past-Due Child Support
  36. Introduction To QMCSOs
  37. Impediments to the Enforcement of QMCSOs

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