Quantum Christian Realism

Quantum Christian Realism

by Rocco Boni


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Classical Christianity is rooted in a historical event: the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. This is the central tenet of the Christian Faith. However there are a good number of tenets of Christianity that aren't historical at all. Rather, they are ontological. In other words, they are grounded in the nature of reality itself.

In this work Rocco Boni shows how the dozen or so ontologically-based tenets of Christianity derive from the very foundations of reality; being grounded in the theistically-friendly ontology of quantum phenomenon. These tenets seem to have been built into the cosmos at the ground floor, their realization deriving from the indeterministic, immaterial, abstract nature of quantum process.

This is not simply a book, it's a discovery. One that shows that the true ontic status of reality is not simply theistic, but Christian. The structure of this theistic ontology is elegant and economic, both hallmarks of scientific truth. If there were such a thing as a Theistic Unification Theory, this would be it.

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