Quantum Communication, Computing, and Measurement 3 / Edition 1

Quantum Communication, Computing, and Measurement 3 / Edition 1

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Quantum Communication, Computing, and Measurement 3 / Edition 1

This volume contains contributions based on the lectures delivered and posters presented at the Fifth International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCM&C-Y2K). This Conference is the fifth of a successful series hosted this time in Italy, was held in Capri, 3-7 July, 2000. The conference was attended by more than 200 participants from all over the world. There was also a high level of participation from graduate students, who greatly benefited from the opportunity to attend world-class conferences. The Conference Hall was hosted in La Residenza Hotel in Capri, where part of p- ticipants where housed, while others where housed in various cozy nearby - tels. All enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere offered by the island of Capri. There were 59 invited lectures given as oral presentations of 30 minutes and 94 poster papers. The major topics covered at the Conference where new experimental and theoretical results in quantum information. They were divided in five parts; i) Quantum Information and Communication, ii) Quantum Measurement, - coherence, and Tomography, iii) Quantum Computing, iv) Cryptography, v) Entanglement and Teleportation. We were lucky in that almost all major - perimental groups in the world working in this area were represented, as were the major theoreticians. There was very active audience participation. A n- ber of graduate students and post-docs were able to present their contributions in four after dinner poster sessions.

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Table of Contents

Preface. Part I: Quantum Information and Quantum Communication. 1. Additivity/Multiplicativity Problems for Quantum Communication Channels; G.G. Amosov, et al. 2. Universal Copying of Coherent States: A Gaussian Cloning Machine; N.J. Cerf, S. Iblisdir. 3. Quantum Random Coding Exponent of a Symmetric State Alphabet; K. Kato, O. Hirota. 4. Information and Distance in Hilbert Space; L.B. Levitin, et al. 5. Superadditivity with Mixed Letter States; M. Osaki. 6. Quantum State Recognition; M. Sasaki, A. Carlini. 7. Superadditivity in Capacity of Quantum Channel by Classical Pseudo-Cyclic Codes; S. Usami, et al. 8. Property of Mutual Information for M-ary Quantum-State Signals; T.S. Usuda, et al. 9. Performances of Binary Block Codes used on Binary Classical-Quantum Channels; P. Wocjan, et al. Part II: Quantum Measurement, Decoherence, and Tomography. 10. Entropy and Information Gain in Quantum Continual Measurements; A. Barchielli. 11. Experimental Quantum State Discrimination; S.M. Barnett, et al. 12. Spontaneous Intrinsic Decoherence in Rabi Oscillations Experiments; R. Bonifacio, S. Olivares. 13. Quantum Tomography, Teleportation, and Cloning, G.M. D'Ariano. 14. Decoherence versus the Idealization of Microsystems as Correlation Carriers between Macrosystems; L. Lanz, et al. 15. Quantum Measurement, Information, and Completely Positive Maps; M. Ozawa. 16. On the Number of Elements Needed in a POVM Attaining the Accessible Information; P.W. Shor. 17. Einselection and Decoherence from an Information Theory Perspective; W.H. Zurek. 18. Reconstructing the Discrete Wigner Function through Complementary Measurements; R. Asplund, G. Björk. 19. Statistical Noise in Measuring Correlated Photon Beams; S. Castelletto, et al. 20. Reconstruction Technique for a Trapped Electron; M. Fortunato, et al. 21. Quantum Mechanics without Statistical Postulates; H. Geiger, et al. 6 Additional Chapters. Part III: Quantum Computing. 28. The Representation of Numbers by States in Quantum Mechanics; P. Benioff. 29. Towards Quantum Computation with Trapped Calcium Ions; D. Leibfried, et al. 30. Physical Limits to Computation; S. Lloyd. 31. Realising Quantum Computing: Physical systems and robustness; A.M. Steane. 32. Information Analysis of Quantum Gates for Simulation of Quantum Algorithms on Classical Computers; S.V. Ulyanov, et al. 33. Quantum Probabilistic Subroutines and Problems in Number Theory; A. Carlini, A. Hosoya. 34. Theory of the Quantum Speed Up; G. Castagnoli, D.R. Finkelstein. 35. Quantum Gates Using Motional States in an Optical Lattice; E. Charron, et al. 36. Quantum Error-Correcting Code for Burst Error; S. Kawabata. 37. Non-Dissipative Decoherence in Ion-Trap Quantum Computers; S. Mancini, R. Bonifacio. 38. Optical Qubit Using Linear Elements; M.G.A. Paris. 39. Atom Chips; J. Schmiedmayer, R. Folman. 40. Decoherence and Fidelity of Single Qubit Operations in a Solid Qua

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