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American Mathematical Society
Quantum Computation, Quantum Error Correcting Codes and Information Theory

Quantum Computation, Quantum Error Correcting Codes and Information Theory

by K. R. ParthasarthyK. R. Parthasarthy


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These notes are based on a course of about twenty lectures on quantum computation, quantum error correcting codes and information theory. The topics include a comparative description of the basic features of classical probability theory on finite sample spaces and quantum probability theory on finite dimensional complex Hilbert spaces, quantum gates and cicuits, simple examples of circuits arising from quantum teleportation, communication through EPR pairs and arithmetical computations on a quantum computer, more sophisticated examples of such circuits in the context of Fourier transform and phase estimation, a detailed account of the order finding algorithm as well as the celebrated Shor's algorithm for factorising a positive integer into its prime factors. There is a leisurely discussion of quantum error correcting codes with the Knill-Laflamme criterion for error correction and a number of examples of such codes whose construction is based on the Weyl commutation relations for finite abelian groups. The reader may find here a brief introduction to the basic ideas of classical information theory as developed by Shannon,properties of von Neumann's quantum entropy and relative entropy as well as a proof of Schumacher's noiseless quantum coding theorem. The Holevo bound for transmission of classical information through encoding by quantum states followed by measurements is derived. The only background assumed of the reader is linear algebra on finite dimensional complex vector spaces and elementary classical probability theory on finite sample spaces.These notes are aimed at mathematicians and computer scientists who are curious to know the mystery" behind a quantum computer and the possibility of communicating information using the principles of elementary quantum theory.

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